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Socratic SBC provides clients with optimized security solutions. Our services include:

Security Assessment

Analyze all of your organization’s strengths and vulnerabilities with a holistic audit of your company’s current security posture. Build the foundation for recommended courses of action and improvement, as well as for setting and realizing security goals.

Security Surveys

Thorough, physical review of a facility and its operations, including examination of risks to assets and personnel. Consists of an initial, comprehensive assessment; follow-up surveys; and periodic, unannounced pulse-checks to ensure every element of your security plan is functioning optimally.

Security Overhaul

Reconfigure an outdated or inefficient security system.

Risk Analysis

Prioritize the most pressing internal and external security-related threats to your business, both natural and manmade.

Threat Assessment

Highlight specific vulnerabilities based on the unique threats to your business environment. The threat assessment considers both tangible and intangible assets such as:

  • Facilities and Buildings
  • Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Vehicles
  • Raw materials and supplies
  • Cash management and storage
  • Telecommunications and information technology capabilities
  • Infrastructure
  • Customer service and relationships
  • Brand reputation
  • Quality assurance
  • Third-party vendors
  • Intellectual property
  • Personnel safety, loyalty, morale, and retention

Background Screening, Security Training, and Personnel Management

Prevent loss of product and ensure employees are well suited for your company’s specific security requirements.