What does the new Panda means for your marketing?

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What does the new Google Panda means for the marketers? The new Google Panda 4.0 is a major update to the algorithm against date refresh. The new Panda 4.0 is changing how Panda identify sites. So the question is how will that affect you and your business website page rank? What are the ways or new strategies to implement on your marketing campaign?

Panda and SEO industry


With the new Panda 4.0 worries the SEO industry, how it will affect their sites and their clients sites, with panda affecting  7.5% of English search queries and 0.2% of English searches, what are some of the more permanent strategies that SEO can begin to implement.

View from the experts:

The same strategies still is recommended and it still holds true even with the new Panda update, the focus on content which provides value for the searcher and the user friendly sites are still top priority to rank higher on search engines.

You need to look at your site with an objective eye, part of your SEO strategy should include audit. Get rid of duplicate or thin content and review your back link profile and bad links.

Panda update and mix of 2 components

The most interesting about Panda 4.0 is the mix of 2 components:

  1. Content – Panda 4.0 has improved finding thin contents online and reports said many sites has been hit.
  2. Site performance – The site with low performance has panda made a move to lessen and or decrease traffic back to the site.

Creating unique site experience is going to be a challenge for SEO and business owners, Panda are focused on increasing website rank for Website with great unique and high quality website. If you have not updated your website yet, this is the time to do so.


Clutter free web

One of first observation with the new Panda 4.0, is a clustering effect. This means lower ranked site of similar domain IP block. Panda updates reducing the value of quality content.  It takes days for Panda 4.0 to hit of all the data, it may take weeks before the valid analysis to come through.



With the new Google Panda update, it is time for marketers and business owners to be really creative with their marketing strategies to only give quality sites and contents to searchers.  This is a new innovation for most businesses where they can start up new with their marketing strategies that did not work before might come with greater and more unique way to market their products and services.


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Website creation: Tips for small business website design

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Finally! You are about to open your dream small business officially over online accessibility. And it is no big joke to get the right timing since that there are hundreds to thousands other competitors striving just like you. So for every business taking venture the challenge is to stay on the completion. Here are some valuable tips for small business website design that a beginner might eager to know.

What are the different ways in creating customized designs?


Even without experience, a wise businessman would care to know the important elements there are in small business startup. Website creation is very much considered nowadays since that most people are dependent with what the internet has offered.

  • Finding a company offering Graphic design package – This is a step forward towards having the best suited website for your small business. Graphical representations will give initial impact to your potential clients and as it is included in online marketing. A company website with attractive designs and relevant colors and all other points to follow can best describe your niche.

Getting professional website design means hiring a professional graphic designer. This is the most convenient action that you can offer for your business. For one, there are experts with this task taking and will spare you enough time to focus on other important things. You can as well take part on this by giving ideas on what you want your company website to look like. This includes logo creation, task bars for easy navigation and all other features for an effective website.

Colors, themes, business profiling and much more


As mentioned, these elements completing website creation is vital. Customized website will make your business more legit and official. Most of the time websites within the same business niche look like all the other competitors. If you belong with the same business type then tendency is that concepts can be copied. This is why turning to professional graphic designer will give your small business an edge. Also, adding your small business for profiling in to business listings will pull you more opportunities.


Company website that drives traffic with website maintenance


Lastly, establishing a company website does not have to do with just “you” liking the idea. It is a step by step task to attain progress and should not stop when the website done. It drives traffic when you imply website maintenance. This is to let your company website be consistently running the competition. There are search engines that will only acknowledge a website basing on its features. And some other times, your company website design is efficient now but not in the future. This is to assure as well that the tabs there are in your website still works.