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Your website design is crucial for getting your visitors to stay on your website, if you have a professional website design you can turn visitors into customers. Creating positive impression for the first time is the key to any situation, the difference with real life is you might get another chance but that won’t happen in the business world. You only 1/10 seconds to catch your visitor’s attention.


Factors to consider when designing your website

Although this is not as easy as it sounds, there are many factors to consider when designing your website. Yet, creating the big first positive impression online is something you should take seriously, since your website or online store may be the first experience of a potential customer. As the internet grows more people are looking for products and services online, customers can quickly compare things like products, services, customer services and prices. This means only that you need to get the edge over your competition you must pay close attention to your website.

Do not go for cheap and default template

If any website looks cheap and cluttered it all reflects on your business, as your website is often the first contact you have with your potential customer. Make sure you have a plan for regular website maintenance. This means that you will find problems or errors on your website quickly before your visitors find them.

First positive impression about your business is not just about your website design, they are also about the performance on your website. To make a positive experience for your potential customers go with clean, professional looking design that entices the visitors to continue to research on your products and services.

Website sections that draw the customer’s attention are:

Company Logo – The consumer spends about 6 seconds focused on this area before moving on

Navigation menu – almost as popular as company logo, visitors spend 6, 5 seconds viewing the menu

Search box – Some visitors look over the first page and see your products and search for them through search box make sure to have your search box visible on the top page

Main image – Users eyes are fixated for an average of 5 seconds

Written content – visitors spend only around 5 seconds on text written on the website, more focused on the highlighted words.

Bottom of a website – Where visitors focus on about 5 seconds, mainly to view your contact details and social media icons.


Poor interface will get automatic rejection from the visitors, great designs gets people to trust you and to stick around. Poor design creates mistrust and make people leave the web page immediately.


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