Improve your website with responsive website design

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If you are a business of any type, you cannot ignore that people will be looking for you online not only online but through different devices such as mobile, tablet and desktop. Therefore it is very important that you have a responsive website, which will cater every user interested in doing business with you.

Website And Logo Creation


Why bother?

Although it is a tiny part of having a business, getting a responsive design will cater your target audience no matter what device they are using and the numbers of website traffic will increase, not just that but the number of sales will also increase. Here are 3 reasons why you should have Responsive Website Design:

  • Mobile traffic is increasing incredibly fast
  • People check their email, products, social media etc through mobile device
  • People use high end and fast systems

Adapt the new technology

It sounds like common sense, business owners are tensed with the new trends online, but keeping yourself up to date with every detail to market your product and services is just the key to success. The market is constantly changing and lots of people are learning about responsive websites, the more they realize it could mean a big difference for their business. Responsive website makes your current website flexible for viewing from any device, giving the customer the same content but varying the look dependent on where it is viewed.

Why your business need a responsive website design

If you ignore the previous warnings and your business is not taking advantage of responsive website design right now, you should be planning in the near future; you will be in danger in going out of business in the coming year.

If the term responsive website design is new to you, don’t worry. Responsive website is simply a website that adjusts gracefully to fit desktop, mobile devices and tablet browser. How many times have we tried to view a website from a mobile without being able to view the content, image and products properly because this one Company did not mind to have a responsive website design, and how long do we really stay and use effort to maximize or zoom in to see the content of the website, I will say never, people do not have that kind of patience. From there you already lost a sale and that could happen million times a day. You are losing customers because your website is not optimized for their devices.

What does it cost for small businesses to have responsive website design?

If you already have a website may cost you as little as several hundred dollars to perhaps thousand dollars depending on the modification and editing that needs to be done. But if you haven’t redesigned your website for several years chances are you need to get through a whole complete redesigning process and the question is how much it will cost you, the answer again it depends. You need to discuss this with your website designer/developer and see what budget and design you both can agree upon.


Socratic SBC | Small Business Consulting, offers Graphic Design package which includes responsive website design, website content and graphic. You can contact us here


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