Improve your social media marketing

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With social media constantly evolving, the number of strategies you can implement on your campaign has also increased. You cannot cope with the number of strategies unless you have a team to post daily contents and updates on social media.

Here are some tips on how to improve your social media marketing


Have you ever wondered what is the main factor of being retweeted and mentions? After a few minutes of researching it turns out it is a very important factor in improving your online visibility, it make sense when you see your social media data. As well know most people use full length of 140 characters when posting on Twitter, to be able to have more retweets 100 characters or less is better, as people who want to retweet your tweet will not need to edit/modify or delete some of the tweet.


From the recent studies comes alarming news for the ideal length of status on Facebook for having your facebook status shared across the platform. A 40 to 45 character status with link is likely to get more reshare.


If you have used linkedin for more than 2 years now, you must have noticed that twitter and Linkedin won’t synced anymore, because there is a huge social split back in 2012 so you can no longer sync your tweet on your Linkedin account. However there is another option, whenever you post an update on your Linkedin account you can choose to automatically sync and post it on your twitter instead. You can sync that update by selecting PUBLIC + TWITTER option or SHARE with and you will find a dropdown menu.


One of the most demand social channel today is Google+, but not everyone knows how to properly format their status updates to get more visibility on Google world. Did you know that you have the option to choose BOLD, UNDERLINED or ITALIC or even create a bullet list which of where you can emphasize the keywords or title of posts? This feature or visual appeal which facebook, twitter or Linkedin cannot match with, in additional you can share photos with link, videos and links from your website simply by dragging them to your share box.

Here are cheat sheet to Google+ formatting



Multimedia marketing tips


Sometimes YouTube is overlooked for content and info search, actually YouTube is a great channel to get more website traffic. Most people are mostly visual today, and would like to get a real idea of how a product or service works. It is therefore important for every Small Business to have a YouTube channel that clients or consumers can easily subscribe to for more info about a business. The most forgotten feature on YouTube is that YouTube videos can also be shared through social media or embed to your blog.


Pinterest marketing is one of the funniest and most creative way to share your product and service image and you learn how to add pinners to your board which makes it more of interactive social channel.


Slideshare is another way to create product or service presentation or guide and research information, which is shareable to all other social media sites. Here you can create a weekly post of topics that would interest your target audience. Do not forget to connect with other relevant people on SlideShare and grow your network from there.


To truly improve your social media marketing it is important that you are open to changes all the time, as social media is evolving every now and then and your usual marketing strategies might not work in the future. Therefore it is essential to have an open mind and also research for new strategies to use on social media. Social media marketing is about interaction and building relationship and therefore without these goals your social media marketing will not succeed.


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