How to use social media to promote your campaigns

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Besides the content marketing, social media is one of the most common marketing tool for most businesses may it be large or small. The reasons are clear, 93% of marketers use social media for business, 70% of brands have presence on social media, 70% of marketers used facebook successfully get new leads, 34% have used Twitter to successfully generate leads, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the 3 most popular social media sites. So do Social media increase your ROI the answer is YES.


Think Mobile when running a promotion

According to recent data 78% of users browse social media on mobile; therefore it is so essential to pay attention to mobile compatibility. By default Facebook can’t display apps on mobile, however there are some developers or app which can help you with that like for example Anvato, where they can share mobile compatible link of your promotion. Your promotion will look more appealing and professional to your visitors after they click the mobile compatible link.

Initial traffic – Use your newsletter

In order for your promotion to go viral, it needs initial traffic. You can send out promotions on your newsletter email to your subscribers, this will also ensure the viral boost       of your campaign. Make sure that your newsletter about your promotion can easily be seen or viewed from a tablet or mobile device as well.

Optimize your social media sites

You can use your social media sites, by optimizing your Facebook and Twitter cover photo announcing that you have a new campaign. If your photo resembles that of your promotion’s header then it will highlight more of your promotion to your followers. Post the mobile compatible link to your newsfeed with engaging copy and promote it within facebook for a larger reach.

Edit your posts so it looks more attractive and encourage interaction use words that will catch your visitors attention like “ Click here if you want to WIN……”you are also allowed to tag other Company if the prize are from another company. This way your post will also appear on their page.

Update about your promotion

Keep your visitors up to date with your promotions on social media, you can update things like how many left before the promo ends, how many people have subscribed till that point, the top X entries etc.