Social media risks for Small Business

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Social media has a very real presence that can make a huge impact on your small business. Social media is expanding far beyond any marketers expectations. Unlike traditional marketing, social media needs presence, interactions and engagement. Although companies have different social media policies, they all share the same goals when it comes to online visibility through social media. Here are some ways you can manage all your social media accounts without having to stress out about it.


Social media risk


At time there can come some risks in social media marketing, by simply blocking their employees from using these sites at work. As time progressed, companies began to realize how valuable social media can be in marketing their brand; therefore most companies organize a group of marketers to handle their social media sites.  What are the risks when letting employees handle social media marketing.

Reputation risks

  1. It is important to understand that the public can interact with one another and provide a negative feedback about your Small Business for anyone to see.


The best way to address to this type of situation is, you can apologize when applicable and follow it up with a solution. If you have employees handling these types of issues, review it first as company owner and discuss with your social media handler what solutions can be given, it is important that you set your rules about social media and your employees.


  1. An employee can post information about your Small Business that can harm the image of your organization.


If this happens, the action to resolve such issues should be immediately and re-establish social media guidelines to be reviewed by everyone in your business.

Information risks

Too much postings on social media by employees can post problem for the organization, therefore it is important to define a schedule and social media marketing plan.


Construct a social media confidentiality statement so all employees know what is and is not appropriate to post about work online, may it be on their personal social media accounts or the company’s. Evaluate company’s policy to make sure it includes safeguards against social media risks.

Legal and employment risks


Lots of companies have been known to use social media marketing as a way of attracting potential clients and employees as well. Legal risks include discrimination and litigation cases, social media platforms can contain an array of information about clients and candidates for employment which should be considered thoroughly.

Some people use social media for their job tasks, employees can directly correlate lack of productivity to their employees social media use at work.  If you want to cut back on social media usage on your employees you can suggest 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon for their personal social media usage, other times can be for work purpose to address to clients and potential clients inquiries.

It is important that your employees know how to cautiously share information on social media when you are connected to your co-worker or using your company’s social media account and to know when to use both.



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Reasons why Businessmen Became Social Media Believers

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Using strategies for your business correctly involves much more than just creating online profiles. Remember that every business has their own missions and visions even an objective to pursue that is why social media marketing must follow a consistent updating. Businesses open for changes are businesses that are worth fighting for since that an owner can assure that the firm could combat possible crisis in the future. So why does businessmen these days became social media believers?


Social Media Sites are the best Medium to Gain Attention

get social

One of the core reason why there is social media marketing is because it offers limitless strategies. These strategies are not solely for advertising but to gain attention and respect towards prospective clients.

  • Avoid too much promotional postings thus, it must be valued and be useful to your general audiences. Providing informative posts to your audience will drive quick view for them and will certainly build large audience if the post is worth sharing.


Frequent Updates but Free of Charge

Social media update

Unlike the traditional mediums for advertising such as television, news publication and radio announcements – social networking sites are free of charge. Updating frequently can start off a strong online profile.

  • Come up with topics that you will be able to maintain which means you can post it in a sequential manner so that your audience will have something to look forward to.
  • Remember that the worst thing in social media posting is that when you are able to build audiences then suddenly stops posting tendency is that the social audiences would have to quickly disperse. So it has to be consistent or else they’ll find other brands to follow and engage with.


Convenience Rounding this Strategy

social tool

Social media marketing enables your online company to use plugging that can automatically post on your different social media accounts. This can be done through scheduling such posts on time you would like it to appear on the accounts.

  • Write down in your marketing plan the lists of posts and topics to be discussed on a specific date or period. This will further ensure that you can achieve sequential form of posts and that to avoid repetitions at the same time.
  • On each platform test different kinds of contents and approaches, since that there are trending topics on some platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


Remember that social media marketing are built strategies for your company’s online presence. Therefore, it has to be planned ahead of time to avoid missed out information. Never let consumers slip away great offers and ideas that you can share up to because social networking sites are the fastest way to receive responses. You have to commit availability for inquiries and fast responses are again appreciated by prospects.


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Social media marketing: Focus on providing quality posts

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You should expand your business growth, by taking advantage of easy accessibility of social media sites today. There is nothing more enticing than free social media accounts, where you can market your business, share your stories and get quality results. But the thing is there are too many people on social media sites, and knowing where you stand in the crowd could be the greatest challenge in your marketing strategies. Below are few tips of how to focus on providing your audience the quality posts that they are looking for.

How do social media sites work for your small business marketing strategies?

The thing with social media is that you can do want you want within a certain limit. Social media is a great way to build personal and business relationship with your current clients and prospects. Thus, quality posts are essential!

  • Consideration of all possible channels – This requires a high level strategy, the important thing about social media marketing is to find out where your audience are, and focus on getting their attention by interacting and engaging yourself with their discussions through like and comment, retweet and favorite, g+ and share.
  • Attract specific viewers to your website – Your audience want to know if you are interested in their discussion, you can connect with them through agreeing or suggesting something related to their concerns. This way you can know what your audience needs are. Then you can narrow down your audience by categorizing them on your list of prospects.

Creating your social media posts


With so many messages flooding into social media feed section there is no way to secure that your audience will take notice of your posts. To attract the readers to either like or retweet, favorite your posts you need to compost a very attractive and mind tricking posts.

You can follow these guidelines

  1. Deliver a short and exact message
  2. Ask a question
  3. Each post should deliver a benefit for the reader
  4. Powerful attention getting words are How to , Why, Free, Quick, easy, great bargain, last chance, guarantee, results, and save
  5. Arouse curiosity, ask question or make a provocative statement


How to get more followers

Sharing your tweets is great way to get people to notice your small business, but have you noticed their small business? So how can you exactly get more followers?

  • Positive aura – stay positive when doing social media marketing, results may take a while but building relationship always do.
  • Provide information – share the blogs of your followers and don’t forget to inform that you shared your blog by adding their name to your posts. Make sure that you are aware of their social media accounts
  • Provide a link to your post – sharing links to your audiences’ blogs are great way to show them that you appreciate their content
  • Be available – do not spend your money on social media management tools, the word social means you need to socialize and when you decide to do social media marketing you made a decision to commit yourself to engage with real people online.


Know the difference between the social media sites

Facebook – you must know that the most appealing updates on facebook are the ones with, image, URL and the ones that offer something to the audience

Twitter – Give the audience a clear Call to Action tweets, make sure to use the mention feature on twitter, the favorite button and the retweet. On twitter you have limited words to tweet so make sure it is appealing to the twitter community

Pinterest – Images with no profile picture is big failure on pinterest, according to research accounts without profile image only get 26% shares. Use compelling background, as you have noticed Pinterest is about visual marketing, so make your background interesting!

Google+  – get involved on the most trending topics, make sure to click the +1 button if you like a post. When posting, it is important that you tag brands or people and making use of hashtags.

Instagram – mostly for smart phones! although you can check your updates on your desktop, but when you share your image it should be from your smart phone. Tip for you when using Instagram, is to put only 2/3 of the image to make it more interesting for the audience. Here you can create the curiosity method as mentioned above.

LinkedIn – Your business resume, here is where people look at your professional background. Make sure to make it professional as much as you can. Add the details you are asked upon signing up. Generate leads through LinkedIn is tough, this is a business 2 business community. Make sure to join communities that are relevant to your own.



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