Effectiveness on Social media marketing

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Just like every other marketing plan and campaign, social media has also its own unwritten rules. Everyone is demanded to follow these rules to be part of the game, however there are newbie to social media marketing and might have missed out on the basics of Social media marketing.

For effective social media campaign


When starting Social media marketing, you assume there are some to dos and not to dos that are unwritten rules and only marketers are aware of. Just like in life there is no shortcuts, if you want great results you must follow rules step by step to achieve the online visibility you want for your Small business.

Here are some few rules that you might find helpful:


  1. 1.       There is no elevator to success

Social media marketing is all about investing time, efforts and energy and most importantly creativity. It is a commitment that cannot be avoided nor ignored.

  1. 2.       Be an expert in your filed and contribute

If you cannot contribute something valuable to your community, no one will be interested in following you or worst trusting our business.

  1. 3.       Engage and have a meaningful conversation

If you do not give meaningful feedback to your network do not say anything at all, remember first impression lasts.

  1. 4.       Avoid too  much self promotions

Constant self promotion isn’t interesting it is annoying; you are a needy business man.

  1. 5.       Keep it unique

Be true, be yourself and draw your crowd by our interesting knowledge.

What is trending today, might no longer be of interest tomorrow


If you are measuring your social media efforts through conversion, it is pointless. Measure your efforts and make the adjustments whenever needed. Engagement through social media should not only lead to sales but enrichment. Patience is a virtue, and you will need to wait to get into a business to business relationship with your crowd before you head on with your sales pitch.

Use trending topics to engage with your social network. Look for the most popular topic or discussions and add insight to that.

If you cannot describe it by word, use an image


As the saying goes “ a picture is worth a thousand words”, it is not enough to just tell  use the features you have on social media, add photos to your status updates. Do not ignore fans and followers who tries to make a connection with you with their comments or likes. Always follow up with your followers and make them feel special. Tag your friends on relevant and interesting images.


Social media marketing can and may lead to sales success if this is done with the right manner, if you are not enjoying yourself then you are on the wrong track. Social interactions should be fun and interesting.


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The basic needs for social media marketing

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Social media marketing for small business is one of the most essential marketing strategies, every small business owner should consider. Social media marketing include the following social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, instagram and Pinterest and many more. Social media platforms are huge and a great place to start searching for your target audience.

Social media marketing, what are they used for?Advantages of SMO

Whatever type of small business you have, you can benefit from social media marketing. Especially if you have a physical location for your small business, the geographic features on social media sites, can be the area where your customers can find you. You can also use these features to search for local people as your target audience.

You can offer promotions, discounts, sales and deals on social media, with image sharing. You can also use social media to increase your business brand awareness, or for many other small businesses social media serves as a wonderful customer service for them


The basic advantage of using social media for small businesssocial-media-marketing

Social media marketing allows you to interact with customers whether on the go on your mobile device or in your office. This method adds a personal touch on your marketing campaign; people love it when they can connect with the business manager through easy access platforms such as social media sites.

You can also create valuable feedback from your customer through social media sites, which is far better than reviews on sites; the feedback from social media seems to be more effective and trustworthy.

The disadvantage

Social media marketing is only effective if you dedicate yourself to interact with your followers, and deliver the needed maintenance.

How you can make social media work for your small business

As mentioned above, you need to attend to your social media sites few times a day. Although it may seem like a chore, to sign in to all your social media accounts, you can also choose to sign up for social media management tools such as Hootsuite, to deliver the posts to all social media accounts, you also have the ability to view stream feeds, mentions and follows from this platform.

Consider choosing the right time to posts your updates on your social media; you can do that by taking note of when your target audience spends most of their time on social media. You can then schedule your posts on that specific time range.

While you post your updates, consider to alternate the updates, such as relevant blog posts from other small business blogs and your blog posts and news.

Make sure that you mention the twitter account of the author which blog post you shared. Name tag such as for example @rwhunni Title: the basic needs for social media marketing, while you add the name tag you will inform the author or business owner that you just shared their valuable content and will surely be grateful and add you to their network, do not forget to thank them and follow back.


Final words

These are just the basic info about social media marketing. You can learn more about marketing tools for social media marketing here, and small business marketing tips here.







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