What experts have to say about setting your Business Plan for a Profitable Outcome

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Many of those businessmen who would want to start their firm the soonest may seem to have an allergy for business plan. This is normal most especially that the excitement seems to overcome the right track for business taking.  But if you just take time to analyze and do personal research to its advantages, you will see how incredible the power of planning. Bouncing from one step to the next is as well a common mistake when it comes to planning so I found it very convenient to simply refer to what experts have to say.


Know you Mission

Client focused

The title may seem direct but it’s not, mission should be focused on the market – specifically their response to your business offers. Quality products and services for queries or shipment options are two factors that can determine your mission.

  • Place in your marketing and business plan how you commit to your mission with excellence. Some fail on this since that they tend to drive for the first phase for planning and never did become consistent to their mission.


Reserve a Room for Creativity

Client focused 2

Planning matters and so is a room or allowance for creativity. To simplify this concept you can basically offer the standard and soon enough when the market’s respond became overwhelming then you can add creativity to it.

  • For instance, new variations of your products for more options you can offer to the market. You can as well extend your services such as going global and not just relay on local marketing. With this creativity addition, you can pretty make a good impression towards your consumers and they will look after it in the coming days.


Experts Include Planning Ahead – Marketing Calendar


Make a list of events that your followers and loyal consumers are looking after. Add to your business plan some doable offers and list them down in your marketing plan so you wouldn’t miss a thing for follow ups and updates.

  • You can post over your online accounts these upcoming events so that your customers will spare such time to look over it on due time.
  • Marking events can be done on known occasions like Christmas offers or holiday treats.



Target Expansion – plan for growth



Lastly, when you have reached the point where your small business became a profitable firm then it is time to plan for an expansion. There are many options for this such as franchising, distributors and new branch opening – this depends on your business type.

  • The profitable outcome of your business will become twice or more with target expansion so as early as possible include it in your business plan.


Roderick Hunnicutt

Socratic SBC | Small Business Consulting

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How to establish your small business legally

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Whether you are in a present business or would want to start it out it is very important to take a step back twice to see if you have taken the proper legal business steps. Many beginners to a business find it dreadful to deal with the legal aspects there are when managing even a small business. This is because they fear of so many things like the consequences down the road once it is not established well. Now is the time to know how to establish your small business legally.

How to choose the correct business online offline business?

This is the part of any business taking for an individual and at times those with years of experience still struggle to get this right. The idea is to put something that you are passionate about without thinking off too much personal interest. This means to say that you have to be in a legal business that the market would appreciate. It is like give and take relationship, you are able to get your dream career and at the same time you help people by means of offering for their needs.

Seek Consulting package including legal package for best convenience

If you worry so much about how you can pull out all the legal entity there is when starting a business then perhaps consulting package is your best guidance. They can absolutely give you details with regards to establishment of business legally. These service provider companies are expert in small business start up plans including package with legal help for business.

On making your business plan and financial plan

While you are in the adrenaline on pushing to that big day to launch your business be mindful of other very important things including your business plan and financial plan. These two works hand in hand with each as there are business plan that wouldn’t be possible if there is no exact weighing of your financial capabilities. It is therefore important to plan this well and in as much as possible seek for professional consulting services.

Considerations when it comes to Business location and Insurance

Your location is a contributing factor when determining your sales impact. Location wherein there is presence of busy market like nearby schools, offices and other establishments. These are ideal spots to where you can effortlessly increase clients since that your business location is convenient for them. However, a downtown establishment of business legally needs insurance options. There is good possibility of accidents that may occur like fire and other natural disasters. So it is best to apply for property insurance.

Strategic Development of your Small Business

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You are now living the life you have always dreamed of; a dream business and a sustainable income. But this should not be settled here, still there are lots to learn about especially that competition drastically changed because of various modern accessibility.  A smart investor would not settle as being smart but aims to become smarter. This is the prime reason why there is a need for strategic development of your business. The demands rise and so as your market would go for something new to update on. Here are some good points you can relate to if you also aim for this improvement.


Starting business on your own 24173075-start-up-success-book-cover-with-new-business-strategy-advice-and-instructions-as-a-manual-for-a-bus

This is the phase of your business taking wherein you need to let go of the usual. You might have considered professional consulting services before but you need to work on the goals independently. It is of the prime reason why there are business package offered by business start up firm. The package targets beginners to become potential business tycoons. You as an owner would surely want to work independently in the future. Therefore, the package should be equipped with the right amount of tools so as you can succeed and go beyond what is just.


 Legal package is the most important part of establishing a small business

Before the grand opening of your business legal requirements are expected to be complied on. What are the common legal requirements when starting a business?

  • Business permit – As law of commerce requires and to protect your legal obligations as well. Business name and all other ownership that only legal documents can testify.
  • Legal establishment – This may include property ownership and even the rights of the tenants.


These two are just the foundation of what legal package is all about. The more specific elements are being resolved too.


 Demonstrate realistic goals what_are_your_goals

This is perhaps the most practical strategic development. One can assure perfect assessment on this just by simply looking unto himself as a customer. What are the needs of the customers for a specific business type? In purchasing, do you mind about the legitimacy of the seller or not? How can you protect yourself if you are the seller or the buyer?  These questions should be answered with full understanding. Realistic goals will always pertain to long term good relations.


The objective here is not to increase clients but to assure that they will stay for good.


What does your business require, plan financially to avoid bankruptcy? Financial freedom

Reaching the peak of success wouldn’t be all you need. A good sign of progress and development is to be able to run a firm that has a strong foundation. A business that is a proof of various battles won.

Financial management is the last and the only thing that should not be forgotten. Avoiding bankruptcy is always attainable if there are thorough listings of your business needs. The said needs should be used to run the business in cycles.

The impact of Social media with humming bird

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Another new search algorithm from Google, The Hummingbird, what does this mean for marketers? Humming bird is responsible to answer complex queries and more search knowledge for users in terms of search. Google announced that this new member of their large SEO algorithm is a preparation for mobile searches.

How does hummingbird help social media marketers today?

Google Hummingbird What You Need To Know

As mentioned Google are preparing for a future of phone users, where your recent and most used searches will be used to give you wider and more precised answers. How can you keep up with your small business with this new algorithm?

  1. Mobile web search

Improve your mobile web search, keywords and your mobile website. Google’s main focus this year and the upcoming years are for mobile users to completely search through internet like they do on their desktops. This means small to large businesses should prepare their website to be responsive and optimize their page. This also means that you need to have a redirection to a mobile version which will make it easier for your mobile visitors to view your business website.

  1. Google + and page major changes for you

Update your Google Profile, which also means you need to update your Google+ and page, to get a better search results for your visitors. The Google Authorship would be the most common appearance for marketers and small business owners. One click to be directed to your Google page will give you the best traffic to your website.

  1. Create and publish through Google+

Even though that Google did not mention the Google+ and Humming bird connection , it is through common sense that you need to follow the simple unify all of Google’s social platform and the new algorithm.

How can you improve your Business presence with the new algorithm


As social media marketer, your daily tasks and routine is to improve your presence on social media with consistent updates and posts. Whereof with the new algorithm, more effort on being social is needed; here are some few tips below:

  • Active Google+ and page – be active daily and try to interact through sharing and comments on the newest posts in your circle.
  • Be a part of communities – be active on communities that are related to your niche and follow the people who are member of these communities
  • Share share and share – share multimedia, photos, videos and audio. You should share at least 3 relevant posts per day
  • Hang out with people – use the feature hang outs, or join some relevant discussions through hangout
  • Do not ignore Hummingbird – In the Google conference, Google mentioned that Hummingbird should give precise and fast results. Conversational results are mainly the reason for creating the Hummingbird, and this is for all mobile users and Hummingbird bird is focused on the meaning behind the words, it is paying more attention to the way a user uses words to search and give back a more precise search results.

SEO and traffic from Google


Your question now could be, is SEO dead now? Or will you lose traffic from Google? The answer is NO, the SEO remains the same, create unique contents, use your keywords and URL wisely, Hummingbird just helps people get more of what they search for.






Roderick Hunnicutt

Socratic SBC | Small Business Consulting

2 Wisconsin Circle Suite 700 Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Office: (410) 929-6395
Fax: (202) 318-0689

Tricks and tips to maximize your social media marketing (The Basics)

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People want solutions to their business problems, to maximize social presence, content marketing strategy and overall promotion. But problems and solutions are different for every small business. The key is to find your goal and do your best to achieve them. Here are some few things that might help you maximize your social media marketing.

The different forms of social media


  • Blogging

When you think of social media, the first thing that comes into your mind is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, but in reality the first form of social media is blogging, social media platforms are just secondary to your social media marketing. Before you even start your marketing campaign on social media, you need to create blog to illustrate your expertise to your target audience. Business is around the concept of blogging or content creation.

  • Social media sites

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+/pages etc are also form of social media. This is the places where people share their stories, business success and failure and for small business this is a place where they can communicate and interact with their prospects as well as loyal customers.

  • Social media 2.0

Secondary sites to social media sites is social media 2.0 which are Reddit, StumbleUpon and Tumblr, the main thing these social media 2.0 do is enable everyone to share cool contents, bookmark certain blog, keep their blog follow in one place. For small business this is where you can get idea on the newest topics and customers interest etc. It is important that you dominate these sites and you will surely be found on Search engines.

The different form of social media always change and evolve around the newest internet trends, you need to get yourself updated with these changes all the time. As a small business owner and marketer for your products and services, you need to adapt these changes and develop your own marketing style.


Save time while maximizing your online presence


Social media marketing is hugely time consuming, but highly effective marketing strategy. So here are some basic tips on how you can save time while you are maximizing your business presence on social media:

1.       Time saver

Time is Money this is the old saying, but time is not entirely ours to control. What we can do with time is, to use it efficiently so we can be productive as much as possible. Managing a small business and marketing your products and services can be overwhelming; you would wish you had more than 24 hours a day to achieve all your tasks. Fortunately, there time has been kind to us that we have been given efficient marketing tools to save our time so we can do more.

Tools that can help you save time:

  • Hootsuite
  • Buffer
  • Sprout Social

2.       Create valuable content

Blogging is important, social media is about chatter and therefore you need to create informative content that will virally spread on social media sites, such as Facebook and twitter. Optimize your content through video, images, presentation which you can submit to various content submission sites. You may also want to create an e-book a short summary of all your content put together. Make your e-book available on your website with newsletter subscription. You can later on use your subscribers as contact list for email marketing or email product promotions and deals.

3.       Set your schedule and be social


It is easy to fall into trap of sending promotional status, posts, images and content across your platforms, but too much promotion can kill your business. Be yourself and be social is the key to building online credibility and trustworthiness. Set schedule a day where you spend at least 2 hours on your social media sites, blogs and interaction, to address to your potential customers. I will also be helpful for your business that you take a look at your competitor’s behavior online.



Final words

Marketing can take a lot of time and effort, but it is essential to all types of business whether large or small can benefit from preparing goal oriented marketing strategies. The main point to your marketing is to deliver customer satisfaction, branding awareness and most of all contribute wealth to local businesses. Starting a small business can be achieved if you are focused and have goals. Anyone can start a business, you do not need to know it all, you can learn through experience and research and while you face the challenges that you might encounter you will learn new ways to manage your business that fits with your personality and goals. Good luck!





Roderick Hunnicutt

Socratic SBC | Small Business Consulting

2 Wisconsin Circle Suite 700 Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Office: (410) 929-6395
Fax: (202) 318-0689