Mobile marketing strategy for Small Business

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Now that you have a mobile optimized website, the next you should do is to plan your mobile marketing strategies. You should have all your digital marketing strategy adjusted accordingly; here are few tips on how you can get started.

Your Mobile optimized website


Your visitors expect everything to be mobile optimized from page to images and forms. Poor navigation and improperly sized images can make a different from leads to sales.

Check your mobile optimized website

  1. Easy navigation
  2. Easy to find the products
  3. Click to action button works well
  4. Loading time
  5. Image should fit the any mobile device screen

Your Mobile ads

A call to action that is appropriate for mobile should be paired with your mobile ads or mobile landing pages. Use this check list to make sure you have your mobile ads right.

Check your online ads

  1. Short and direct
  2. Designed for mobile
  3. Include mobile interactions
  4. Mobile features (click to action)
  5. Mobile optimized pages

Your content should be mobile optimized too


You cannot expect someone to share your content if this is not optimized for mobile users, a proper mobile strategy will consider their audience in every aspect.


Check your online contents

  1. Viewable on small screen
  2. Image fit in
  3. Forms are optimized
  4. Avoid lengthy content
  5. Loading time


Define the mobile apps your target audience use


Although apps is not an options for every business, understanding the apps that your clients use can give you an idea on what to include on your website, such as Pinterest button, Instagram sharing feature, Snapchat, Wechat and Yelp.

Check your mobile apps

  1. Apps may be useful for customers
  2. Identify the apps that your clients use
  3. Consider partnership with app
  4. In-app advertising
  5. Only build an app if this is useful for your small business

Mobile friendly emails

Huge emails and over formatting images can be hard to read from a mobile device and one of the reasons emails get deleted instantly. Review your email formatting and test all your emails on a mobile device before you send them out.

Check your email

  1. Optimize your email
  2. Simple and streamlined
  3. Mobile optimized page
  4. Avoid inserting large images
  5. Minimal formatting

Bottom line evaluates all your content and images so it will fit any mobile devices.


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Mobile Social media marketing tips

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It is no secret that mobile is the next frontier of online marketing,  80% of world population uses mobile devices to search for products and services. Research says over the next few years a bulk of internet usage with shift from desktop to mobile and any business who are not ready with mobile marketing will be left behind.

It is a challenge for most to come up with Mobile social media marketing strategies that will keep your business mobile user friendly. It is very frustrating for potential customers trying to interact with companies that are not mobile ready.

So here are some few tips on how you can make your clients satisfied and happy.

Start with your website


Your website your 24 hour sales person, it’s there and its open it works 24 hours, 7 days a week. Your website is your business personality makes sure that your website is up to date and viewable from any kind of devices and browser. It makes potential clients happy to be able to view a company website perfectly from a mobile device; research says mobile optimized websites get more conversation rate and sales.

This also means that your blog must be mobile ready as well; your company blog is the key part of social media. Blog allows you to interact with your clients and you also get a chance to address issues and concerns so that you can improve your marketing and customer service.

You need to hire website designer to move your website into responsive website, this will ensure you that no matter where your readers or visitors come from they will get the best browsing experience. Make sure to run a lot of tests using free online tools to check you are optimized it correctly.

Social media marketing on the go


Social media has become increasingly mobile pursuit, wherever people are they have their mobile ready to share their life events and all. This is the reason why business owners should adapt this actions, social media should be a part of your daily and hourly routine to answer questions and address concerns in timely manner.

Here are some ways you can improve the way you can manage your social media.

  1. Share the social media responsibilities: IF you have more than one employee in your company share the responsibilities by having each person handle one social media account, this way there is always someone to answer inquiries, post updates and share relevant info.
  2. Address concerns immediately on social media: When your employees have their part on your social media marketing you can always assure that you address to clients concerns immediately and you will have more satisfied clients.
  3. Use social programs: Monitor all your social media feeds together, it is too time consuming to check your social media account one by one. You can use Hootsuite or social search monitoring tool such as Mention.
  4. Mobile flexibility: Take advantage of mobiles flexibility, a site like instagram and Google+ allows you to document your events, take photo of your day and your new products and connect with people while on the go.
  5. Pay attention to Location: The biggest advantage of mobile social media marketing is that you have the opportunity to look for potential clients by location; you can start using Foursquare and have your business listed there.

Location services for your business


If you have a physical store it is best that you add your business location to local listing sites such as Foursquare, Google listing, Yelp and many more. Location based ads are one of the best ways to catch your potential clients attention and let them find your store online. Here are other ways you can use location services through mobile devices.

  1. Twitter locations services, help you target clients in your area
  2. Facebook and Pinterest also allows you to add location on your posts or status updates.
  3. Use localation based tools such as Localmind, BrightLocal and other Local listing SEO services.


Do you have any tips for mobile social media marketing? Please do not hesitate to share with us, comment ahead and share your knowledge. You may also want to share your content with us, we welcome guests bloggers as well.


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