What are your mobile marketing strategies for Holidays?

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Business all over the world has already unleashed their Holidays marketing campaign, what are your marketing strategies for these Holidays? While mobile is the main media for the moment, every small business simply must have mobile marketing strategies for the Holidays. Here are some few recommendations which will help you get the most of this big yearly event.

Engage mobile media solutions for Christmas season


With the display of season, Christmas is just right at the corner and mobile is on the midst of brand and consumers. Marketers therefore need to know the latest mobile trend for them to make their mobile marketing campaign ready.

More and more consumers rely on mobile purchase, where turning to their smart phones and tablets to search for products showcased by mobile ads. With the newest technology of mobile payment it is obvious why consumers have little patient waiting in line to purchase their products.

So what does this mean for small business?

  1. You need to review your mobile website and give as much mobile web experience for your users as easy and effectively as possible.
  2. Create an app for your small business if it is relevant for your small business services.
  3. Do you own an online store? Then you need to get paid ads for mobile to get your products out in public.
  4. Socialize and interact through mobile – you need to download your social media app on your smart phone to interact anytime and anywhere with your consumers, especially in times like Christmas where shoppers are focused on getting every little thing on their wish lists.
  5. Get Passbook and Google wallet to get your consumer to purchase your products easily.
  6. Plan your sms marketing campaign well
  7. If you have an online store, purchase a in-store wifi, these are very popular now a days where consumers like to “Check-in” wherever they go, this way your business will be on location services and people will easily find your store.
  8. Get a mobile check out
  9. Specialized Christmas mobile app
  10. Holiday theme QRcode

Jump in with the rest of small business holiday marketing strategies, with the latest mobile marketing trends, where you can also provide a more integrated marketing campaign. During the holidays make sure to test several options and later decide which is best for your mobile consumers to use.

Push your revenue to the top this holiday


Here are the 10 reasons why your local small business must embrace the mobile marketing campaign this Christmas:

  • 90% of mobile shoppers use their devices to purchase items, whether they are looking for directions to this particular store or hours and promos, this searches will bring traffic to your website.
  • 84% of mobile users use their devices to purchase products even when they are in store.
  • Mobile shoppers are great at searching for coupons and discounts using their devices therefore it is important to reward your loyal customers with coupons and Holidays discounts.
  • 33% of mobile users read reviews and turn to online product descriptions instead of asking help from store employees.
  • Mobile users usually gives the reason for mobile shopping is that it saves them time, effort and energy



Holiday-Shopping-2013-What-Mobile-Marketers-Need-to-Know-300x285 (1)

The first thing you need to have is a responsive website, before you get started on your mobile marketing. Second thing is that you need to have mobile apps to support your mobile marketing campaign. Third is you need to create a short term plan for Christmas marketing strategies. These 3 fundamentals for your mobile marketing is important or else your effort and investment on mobile marketing will all be in vain.






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