How to update your competitive analysis

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Learn ways to update your competitive analysis, to know your business position with your competitors. In this way you can possibly have handful of good ideas you can use to either combat challenge or improve your business status. The thought of doing this is sure exciting that we might lose track if we cannot come up with a thoroughly studied plan. Written below are some good ways you can make use of if you need to update your competitive analysis.

Lesson # 1: Be the market! To know what you might probably need.

This is the most typical way on how you can assess competitive analysis. You surely would want to avail and be served with what is best for you. This is under strategic marketing wherein you ask yourself what are the things you need for the moment and what are the things you need for long term processes. Of course such way is depending on the niche you are in.

Lesson # 2: Research on trends and know how will this be applicable to your business

In today’s modern world studying the trends are not as difficult as it was before. There are various mediums you can be updated with trends such as movies, fashion and events. For instance there is a very popular movie about to be shown worldwide; some businesses make use of this as theme for their marketing campaign. Furthermore, trends could give big marketing impact such that some food chains have freebies of things with prints of the movie as theme. Make sure though that these new trends are applicable to your business, there should be a smart way to execute this so as it will be relevant to your business and to your prospective customers as well.

Lesson # 3: What to put in your marketing plan for competitive purposes?

Every good idea that pops in your mind should be documented; this is to primarily avoid such from being forgotten. What are the things you should include in your marketing plan?

  • Ways to promote your products and services using social media sites.
  • What are the things you should do to get an edge against online competitors – SEO tools to use?
  • Where to find your prospective clients. Depending on your offers whether you would sell it locally or globally. Be specific with locations to target not only your clients but as well as competitors.


The above mentioned are just the common competitive analysis you should live by as an aspiring business owners. Remember the rule of the thumb, do not just settle on the basics but go beyond it by constantly updating.

Marketing campaign – how to organize your marketing campaign

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Marketing campaign here and there and everywhere! Yes, it becomes a global asset for many aspiring online businessmen. Why so? This is because it advances the business opportunity unlike before where it seems harder because internet accessibility has not been introduced yet. The mere fact that you can do almost everything over internet usage then your business means became reachable even to the farthest point of the earth. This article will guide you on how to organize your marketing campaign.


Targeting your Audience to increase leads M2_CH3_PT2_Who_is_your_target_audience

There should be the right way and the right timing to execute marketing campaign. Just like establishing a business, you cannot conclude that all business types are for all to avail. That is why you need to target the ideal audience for the business you have. This then you need to set up your marketing campaign. Research on this as to who, where and what your probable audience needs.


Knowing your Niche

The easiest way to execute marketing campaign is when you have fully understood your niche. For instance, you want to establish a restaurant business. Know what are the foods you would likely want to offer to your potential client? Is there particular cuisine you would like to serve? What is the theme you that will best suit your culinary services.  If you can able to determine your business niche and the contributing factors for its growth then it will be a lot easier to set your marketing strategies.


The use of Email marketing – get contacts from newsletter sign up email-marketing-branding-tool

Another effective marketing campaign being done by active online marketers is the use of email marketing. The idea is too simple that you wouldn’t believe it to be effective marketing strategies. One has to simply search for contacts over the internet from similar business niche. Afterwards, sign up for newsletter wherein you will send out emails from a given period and designated contacts.


Competitive analysis – compare competitors strategies

This has to be understood well, it says to compare and not to copy it. You can see from successful competitors what the marketing strategies that are effective. Assessing this by seeing to it how it has created great impact for the targeted market. The aim for competitive analysis is to learn from other’s experience through either their success or failure.


Blogging, sharing and responding   rock-your-blog-

There is no easier and more convenient step when it comes to making your business popular. Blogging with interesting contents are the best way to have a responding market. Here is where your prospects can actively voice out their insights and even feedback towards your offer. Publishing blogs with a designated area for social sharing like comment box portion.



Time frame

Set a time-frame for each of your marketing campaign objective. This is to help you fairly manage your other business responsibilities.


Seo tools for small business

Now this factor cannot be learned in a day or two researching. This is primarily the reason why business starters turn to SEO experts when it comes to website ranking tasks. This speeds up your marketing campaign especially if you position your company website ideally in the search engines.


It is best to consult a business consultant who can create an analysis plan for you. Aside from saving yourself for all the hassles, they can guide you to be in the best track when fulfilling this task.

Essential Changes that will improve your online marketing system

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We all have hoped of getting into our loved career with a sustainable income. Here is where we make sure that our marketing plan will help to increase stability of our business. Furthermore, as it goes on we cannot assure that the marketing plan will still clicked for your current and prospective customers in the days to come. So here are some essential changes that will improve your online marketing system.


Build a well-timed Marketing Campaign – the do’s and don’ts dos and donts

If we mean marketing campaign it has to do with how you can relate to your target market. In this sense it should be timely so as your business wouldn’t be left behind in the competition. Here are what you can do:


  • Consider media marketing and if you cannot afford one then social media marketing concepts that free of charge should be taken.
  • Create an official account in each of your social media networking sites. Remember to be consistent with creating your account name and description. This will assure that this is your business’ legit account.
  • Perform strategic marketing through setting promo days and let it be posted ahead of time in each social media sites.


What you should not do:

  • When executing competitive analysis, NEVER cite down comparisons from your competitors. This will sound like you are bragging and no consumers would want that.


Studying the basic needs to have an efficient content marketing 40987330


Having multiple social media accounts will be a lot interesting if you take content marketing. Here is where you need to have an official blog site to where you posts interesting contents that are relevant to your business.


Common mistakes there are when doing content marketing: images.jpeg w=461

  1. Sounding pitchy or composing contents that are for advertising cause. Google would never rank up contents like this because it is not right to post something as advertisement without paying for its condition.
  2. Contents without SEO executions – This thing is done by professional marketers and in some other times hire the services from an SEO company. If you do not understand the concept of SEO then it will be harder for your business to be seen by others.
  3. Without peers as first based consumers. Your friends, relatives and acquaintances are your best and cheapest medium to help your marketing plan work well. Through their referrals using again social media sites and shareable blog posts rest assure that your business will continue to improve each passing day.

Use strategic marketing to increase your revenue

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Are you one of the 91% business owners who are missing the opportunity and benefits of strategic marketing? According to Digital Journal, David Scarola, Vice President of The Alternative Board. “The time investment required to write and regularly review strategic plans pays off big in the form of increased sales revenues, higher profits and more opportunities.”

Read more:

Let us review the different marketing campaign that you should have

Integrated content marketing approach

Costumers move differently across internet, therefore it is important that you have a strategic approach in your content marketing. Marketers share the same goals; other marketers focus more on products, services and business to business interaction. But all businesses have content marketing to deliver their audience the kind of information that is within their niche.

The goal with integrated content marketing with strategic approach is to connect with costumers, through direct contact or indirect contacts. Marketer usually integrates their content marketing with their social media marketing. This is a usual strategic approach that is seen throughout different social media platforms.


Business branding with strategic marketing plan

The goal with business branding is to let prospects know that you exist. So you organize your marketing accordingly to your prospects interests and needs. Strategic marketing starts with a plan to empower you to tap into your desire to build the business of your dreams.

A marketing plan to brand your business online and offline will allow you to build an online marketing that will fit your lifestyle and your persona. Branding your business is easy but building the reputation for your business is a tough job, first you must plan in advance, to attract the people to know your business.

Few simple steps to your strategic marketing plan


  • Self Analysis – One important thing to do is ask yourself few question why you want to start a business, and how are you going to run your business, what are your goals in this type of business, how well do you know your business etc. What part of marketing campaign that you can do on your own, and what type of marketing campaign that needs an outsourced help.
  • Target Market – You need a marketing outline, list your ideal prospects, by categorizing these prospects into age, gender, family, employed, unemployed, what are they interested in, how can you offer them your services without scaring them away.
  • Knowing your business and giving it an identity – every business big or small needs a logo, for the customers to easily identify them in the crowd. Let your logo speak the business you are in, through a short and direct business slogan.



Strategic marketing is important increase the revenue in your business, analyzing your prospects actions through internet and your competitors as well.  You can always outsource these types of tasks, but it is also important that you are willing to cooperate with your online marketer, for there are constant changes on online marketing, you need to be aware and you need to stay up to date with your marketing campaign. Reviewing your marketing campaign from time to time, and be involve on your own social media marketing will take you further.



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