What does social media marketing look like in year 2014?

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With the Christmas marketing campaign is close to its end, the next thing you need to prepare is your Marketing Plan for 2014. It is a good thing to reflect on your marketing campaign in the 201, to be able to recognize the successful campaign and the ones that need improvement.

Make a budget for Content Marketing


In this case, content marketing will always be trending, quality content is the star in social media marketing, without a good piece of content you will have nothing to share on your social media sites. To improve your visibility online you need invest in content marketing and combine it with social media marketing.

Image sharing will increase

In the year 2013 Pinterest and Instagram plays the major role of photo sharing online, which we will see more of in the year 2014, again with the mobile devices, tablets and even cameras that has social media sharing features. Smart social brands recognize this, and clearly share images of their products, even better a before and after photos of their customers if they have a beauty/health/salon online shop.

Video Sharing will increase

Let’s take a look at the Vine, YouTube and Flickr, the video sharing statistics has increased as the smart phones are continuously upgrading their quality video apps. Even Small Businesses create their short promotional video, which can increase online visibility.

Top 7 Video Sharing sites (except YouTube):

  1. Vimeo
  2. Daily Motion
  3. Vevo
  4. Flickr
  5. Metacafe
  6. Break
  7. Veoh

Social media marketing

social trends 2014

Social media sites will evolve to be a customer service app, where you can interact and answer inquiries from your clients/customers and businesses alike. Twitter has promised 2 features on its site, Customer Service and Live events. Twitter is real time big component for Small to Large businesses, people who cannot find a company on twitter is seen to be untrustworthy.

Facebook on the other hand tries to make huge changes on its platform to attract or make more money out of its captive audience.

Youtube Major companies still see Youtube is the place to be, introducing new products will be done on Youtube more and more this year 2014. Which makes it more popular with a combination of Google+ sharing.

Social Sharing will be the billboard of events, meeting will be done through Google hangouts and other platform that allows multiple user to be in one place.





Big brands will think differently this year upcoming year, about the way they collect data, and how they better can use all forms of data. Even with all the free resources online, still lots of companies will experience failure regarding marketing campaign, make huge and catastrophic mistakes. But as long as lesson is learned these misshapes won’t be a thing to worry about. Keep learning throughout your marketing campaign and you will soon master what your target audience desires and interests.




Efficient Digital Marketing for Christmas season

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Companies today upstream their activities such as outsourcing marketers, productions and logistics, to reduce the customers cost to emerge the value of competitive advantage. Down streaming business activities might save you a huge amount of money, but if you are way out of your marketing plan and business plan you can say good bye to your revenue in a month or so. So to start out with, you need to conduct a marketing plan, especially in a high season such as Christmas.

Major elements in digital marketing for Christmas

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For efficiently designing your digital marketing strategy, without these 5 elements your strategy will not be successful:

  1. Loyalty

You focus on your customer’s loyalty, what makes them come back for more? Good service? Quality products? Digital marketing can focus on customers trust on brands, so make sure that your brand is trustworthy and you can make sure of that by giving them the best experience through great customer service and quality products.

  1. Customer Centric

Since people today are centered in advanced technology such as mobiles and tablets, and not to mention all the apps that will make every day life easier. The businesses should then focus on reducing the customer and the brand, to truly tap into their interest and present only what is relevant.

  1. Metrics and measurements

You should also focus on advertisement and customer visit by tracking and analyzing the data to have a clear image of effectiveness in your marketing.


Digital marketing on Christmas season


Christmas is not only a huge opportunity for Companies to increase their sales, but to reinvigorate relationships with customers. Communicating with your customers, will renew the insight on your products, valuable information, develop loyalty and rebuild relationship for increasing repeated sales.

December is a great time to increase last minute sale for the year, this can be done off course through online advertisements, promos and discounts. People and businesses are extremely busy in December, so communication is a little tough. But you can do all the communication you want through your digital marketing campaign, send straight forward and clear messages as well as friendly reminder of shipping dates.

Your digital marketing should include the following:

  1. Website redesign – use your website for your seasonal offers; this is your personal platform which can allow you to be really creative by rearranging the products and redesigning the photos and creating a seasonal theme.
  2. Banners – if you are not sure about changing your whole website, you can add banners of your promotions or slideshow on the products which are for Christmas sale.
  3. PPC – you can still add PPC ads for your Christmas campaigns, which will attract more customers to your website.




The beauty of online marketing is that you have large option of free resources to use for your marketing campaign, image editing and social media features which can be really useful. With the Christmas to be expected the busiest time of the year for both parties, this is a season on contemplating festive sales and a chance to push your sales with bold and direct messages without being judged to be pushy or promotional.


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