Marketing Tips that will lead your Customers to your Firm: Become a Business Advisor?

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It seems so easy for us to discuss about tactics, marketing concepts for both local and online consumers and some technical tasks. But if you were in a small business owner’s shoes you’d know that the best element for a successful business with satisfied customers is the love for the craft.  There are so many claimed marketing tips but it rarely gives importance to actually loving what you are doing. So it’s time now to write down to your marketing plan some of the most practical  tips that will lead your customers to your business.


Become a Credible Leader


Make sure to exert extra effort to encourage your employees in giving a more personalized approach making your customers patronize your business services. To whatever business type you want to pursue customer service must be prioritized because it is a huge determining factor to increase repeat customers.

  • Become a business advisor and not just a boss by encouraging your employees to never miss out the effort of simple greetings. Addressing your customers some simple yet noticeable greetings like asking them “how’s your day” could lift their moods.
  • In terms of online businesses, make sure that your website is filled with friendly approaches such as starting out a post with a greeting. Furthermore, simple to navigate websites are appreciated by online prospects too.


Find time to Reward your Customers


This perhaps is the most common yet practical tips that should be included in your marketing plan. There are hundreds to thousands of ways you can give back to your customers which they would love to go for.

  • Posting to which you offer free item after every 10 purchased transaction. Or a 10% discount for the next item after you have bought items with minimum amount paid.
  • Another advice for business and marketing plans is that holidays should be meant special to your business and to your clients. Special holidays like Christmas and New Year wherein you offer good discounts and throw freebies.


Sharing Personal Stories and Business Success


Being personal to your customers is something that is usual these days. People would want to be extra sure that who they want to deal with are trustworthy and credible. This is why you have to create an “About Us” tab on your website so you can extend your reach to your customers wherever they are.

  • Common social media marketing tip is to include creating a Facebook account wherein you constantly update your followers of your hard work and milestones. This can further make your business relatable to your present customers and even to prospective clients.


One does not have to an expert business advisor to let these all happen for their business. Just as long as you have a marketing plan with a big portion for customer care then you are sure to go.


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Marketing ideas to attract repeat costumers

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Business as it is filled with challenges and completion while everyone else are busy increasing new customers they to forget the repeat customers. Expert marketers feel that there will be bigger loss if you will not be able to continually pull in the audience to become repeat customers. See this clear picture repeat customers are the ones who will spend a dollar to your business again and again while one-time customer would only spend a dollar once. This means to say that repeat customers are your top commodity and it will assure your business to keep going for as long as possible. Another thing is that repeat customers will only require you less effort to attract them compared to new customers that needed a lot of convincing powers to make them try on your products and services. So here are all other marketing ideas to attract repeat customers.


Tips to Keep Happy and Satisfied Customers

  1. Start from the simplest task and that is to know their names so as you will call them by name every time they will visit your business. Once you do this they will feel important and will soon develop sense of security to your business. While for online business, the names are usually given so the best thing you can do is to respond with their needs the soonest possible. Also if there will be upcoming events like anniversaries and promos take note of these people and inform them.
  2. Always be cautious to when is the last time you have talked to your clients. Build a healthy relationship with them by calling them or sending them out emails to check on how they are doing.
  3. Update your customers like discounts and freebies especially when there is a specific product they loved most in your offers this is part of marketing strategy too. Also if there will be new arrivals that they want to try on because this will make them feel valued. Lastly never forget to offer incentives for your repeat customers mind you even if they are in strict budgeting they will push through orders because of the incentives to receive.


What are the Efficient Customer Services?

Other than the discounts and incentives repeat customers would actually be attracted most in the services you will render. Providing them a comfortable and pleasant experience from the very first time they have visited your firm will make a big difference. This is achievable when you show politeness and address their concerns with simple options to provide will make them feel that they have been served way beyond their expectation. No matter how bad your personal life is for the moment set it aside and always brings out that sweet smile and approach towards them. Most often repeat customers will keep coming back not because of the best price tag you have but because of how well you treat them.


Does sex really attract more costumers, know the reasons here

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When getting in to any business we are fully aware that it is an activity wherein it requires serious method and system planning to assure steady cash flow. There are various marketing strategies being used and kept to be used in the future which provide forms of benefits to others.  Thus, there is no specific order to what to do and not to do in marketing but one thing are for sure consumers or customers are pretty impress with intriguing ads like those pertaining to sex. This might be because of curiosity and that people want topics that are exciting. Another reason is that it is relatable to common consumers.  But for every marketing strategy there is,  it could make or break your business so does sex really attract more customers, know the reasons here.


Short Overview of how is it like

Business nowadays has been hooked with massive social activities and it is clearly a reason why some business starters make it through the industry they are in, because they can well relate to the market. Furthermore, business is an entire organization of interacting people with one common purpose. Sex in itself expresses so many things that linger to one’s interest that is why sex and advertising blend in perfectly.


Introducing Sex themes for social media topics

Social media sites help in voicing out these great means of sex and advertising with little creativity it will surely click on the market. Some ideas may seem less or more original in taste and it will depend in a particular country as culture can as well interrupt. Nonetheless, most countries nowadays embrace sex creativity which is why it would not be a great shock to get a successful ad with a little twist of sex.


Counterfeiting Negative Reaction towards Sex Sale

Sex advertising and concepts is automatically judge as sexist or anything involved to it. This is why you must take full responsibility with this matter and only share what is necessary. Counterfeiting negative reaction towards sex sale is important so that there will be consistency. Getting naked is not about selling cheap women in public which could describe your products and services but the other way around.


How to apply sex and sale to Marketing;  A good sample will do

Sexy representations are form of art to others and how it conveys important message to the public. And this alone can give a good impression to branding and how it helps people in some ways. For instance, a photo of a well-built man with that oozing sex appeal wearing pair of jeans without his top on as he showcases his beautiful body. The picture is not selling that hot man but the jeans which of course might be noticed after that body. Men would then think that when buying that brand of jeans he could actually achieve that kind of look. On the other hand, women will think that if their partner will be wearing it then it could increase his masculinity and therefore seem to be more attractive for them.