How to update your competitive analysis

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Learn ways to update your competitive analysis, to know your business position with your competitors. In this way you can possibly have handful of good ideas you can use to either combat challenge or improve your business status. The thought of doing this is sure exciting that we might lose track if we cannot come up with a thoroughly studied plan. Written below are some good ways you can make use of if you need to update your competitive analysis.

Lesson # 1: Be the market! To know what you might probably need.

This is the most typical way on how you can assess competitive analysis. You surely would want to avail and be served with what is best for you. This is under strategic marketing wherein you ask yourself what are the things you need for the moment and what are the things you need for long term processes. Of course such way is depending on the niche you are in.

Lesson # 2: Research on trends and know how will this be applicable to your business

In today’s modern world studying the trends are not as difficult as it was before. There are various mediums you can be updated with trends such as movies, fashion and events. For instance there is a very popular movie about to be shown worldwide; some businesses make use of this as theme for their marketing campaign. Furthermore, trends could give big marketing impact such that some food chains have freebies of things with prints of the movie as theme. Make sure though that these new trends are applicable to your business, there should be a smart way to execute this so as it will be relevant to your business and to your prospective customers as well.

Lesson # 3: What to put in your marketing plan for competitive purposes?

Every good idea that pops in your mind should be documented; this is to primarily avoid such from being forgotten. What are the things you should include in your marketing plan?

  • Ways to promote your products and services using social media sites.
  • What are the things you should do to get an edge against online competitors – SEO tools to use?
  • Where to find your prospective clients. Depending on your offers whether you would sell it locally or globally. Be specific with locations to target not only your clients but as well as competitors.


The above mentioned are just the common competitive analysis you should live by as an aspiring business owners. Remember the rule of the thumb, do not just settle on the basics but go beyond it by constantly updating.

Small Business start up – You cannot copy success

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Everything about business taking may seem to boil down to one and that is to reach for your success! Success in itself cannot be copied. It is a natural force in us that we need to do this, we need to do that, I have to learn this; I should avoid that, etc.! Small business start up although can come with limits yet still very promising. It is indeed very inspiring to get into something you really love to have. And for this alone we cannot fail on with goal searching.

Overcome your fear of failure and focus on your way to success laptop

As they say tips are easy said than done! I beg to disagree on this, because fear on failure is manageable if there is focus! Tracking in your road to success wouldn’t promise you a bumpy-free ride. This is why you need to be prepared by expecting the unexpected.

  • Completing your start up legal establishment– Not all business takers are expert with regards to getting the right legal documents for starting up a small business. That is why legal package are introduced by service provider companies to help out beginners.


Competitive analysis –  stop fearing your competitors success images (1)

Come to think of this “your success is not anyone’s business” and so does “your competitor’s success is not your business”. These thoughts would only help you realize that having a competitor living in a fast lane is no fear at all! Instead make such success an inspiration to gather all your energy in putting up a good cause for your own business. Competitive analysis has ever been efficient since you got to learn from your competition in both ways (success and failures). How to step out of their shadow and make your own ways that set you apart from them and be chosen in the future.

  • Consult legal services to double check if you have complied all your small business needs. This will protect your rights as a trader and at the same time benefit in the future once you go about retirement.
  • Focus on your priorities. Do not chase after their success by copying their marketing strategies. This will only fool you and prospective clients would think that why would they need your products and services if it is already available from others.

 Business consulting and legal packages is one way to start your business right legal-services-business-law-firm

If in case you cannot seem to overcome your fears at the moment then business consulting is an option to take an edge in the competition. Consulting from experts will help you plan for your business in a more precise and advance level.

Plan ahead

When going after sustainable small business then do not stop planning once you already get thru the start up stage. Planning ahead will make things organize for you and your business. Writing down your objectives and how to attain those is your first step. Second, how you can generate leads and make your clients stay for good. And lastly, if a plan fails be prepared ahead of time and take in other options.

So how do you make marketing happen?

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There is so much to say and so much to read about marketing strategies. However, with all those handful information still some entrepreneurs find it difficult to execute these perfectly. Given your marketing ideas the real score here is how you put these in order in your marketing plan. How can you assure that these ideas are sustainable?


Marketing plan the hardest battle for small business owners business-strategy-resized-600

It is indeed the hardest battle because you either struggle for lack of knowledge or get overwhelmed with too many ideas you want to be considered. This is highly relevant especially to small business owners because the tendency is that with fewer resources to use then they offer less to the market. Basic inclusions there are in a marketing plan:

  • What is your main marketing message or tagline? This will be used for your future business description. Taglines are also tools to help a business become notable for its audiences.
  • What are your marketing ideas? This will be your objective to have goals met. Great ideas can be researched, thought randomly or through business to business marketing wherein you see good and bad points from other built businesses.

Learn from the experts, use strategic marketing and competitive analysis all at once ku-xlarge

And again this can be achievable through business to business marketing. Some of the best ideas will come out naturally when you are able to answer questions with regards to battling over marketing.

  • Strategic marketing is implied once marketing ideas you have gotten from other business will be customized. Strategically you create your very own version of that idea that will capture the heart of your target market.
  • Competitive analysis on the other hand, will not destroy other businesses’ reputation but make use of their venture taking for learning. This means to say that some of their executions can be used for effective marketing or otherwise must be avoided.

 Marketing is not a dead end road; it is a journey around the world

Getting ideas to ideas to ideas will make no sense if you are not consistent with its deliberation! Constant learning the market’s flow will help you build the freshest marketing ideas if by chance you have to replace the old one because it no longer generates leads. Some other time you study local market while some other time you need to identify your global market and competitors.

Ways to be successful with your marketing professional-services-marketing-success-resized-600

Whenever a plan is executed it must be documented too. This will help you keep track of your strategic marketing if it should stay or should be replaced.


This is why you have to be inclined with the power of constant research and flexible marketing plan. Changes might occur, when? And that is yet to find out, being ready for the future is far better than being successful at present.




How to Find a Reliable Branding Consultant for your Small Business Start up Plans

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Every business taker whether new to the industry or an expert would search the world for the most reliable employees to work for them. If you are deciding to hire someone who is a branding consultant then you need not to forget important aspects to be followed.  It must be clear that the earlier you pursue on business the more experience you can gain and for the years to come. Marketing strategies relating to the finest and latest innovations are made possible by effective new business consulting.  This will article will give you some brief yet effective details on what to look after in a reliable branding consultant for your small business start up plans.


The need to Established Organization Structure through a Company Website 



A way to well facilitate your company website is when a branding consultant include the idea of increasing public relations so as you can reach for more space that may give you additional earning capabilities. One popular option is when you promote through social media advertising especially if you have long had a social networking site with friends and acquaintances as this plays high visibility for your potential customers. Aside from giving information to future clients through your website, you can as well earn if you will ask other products to be advertised on your own website. Organization structure is an effective tool to execute business to business marketing strategies. There can be various revenues that can be as good as alternatives if you make use of your spare time like during weekends or non working hours to be involved with these people.


Branding Consultant: On picking for your Company Website Designs 



On the other hand, those who can personally pick  company website designs attest that the site does not solely offer effective publishing but as well as full customer services met visually. Aside from this they want to settle on a company long been running in success with its good reputation. Company website designs can truly contribute to this marketing impact. Any promoting website can get the most out of a free charge services from a hired branding consultant.




Provide alternatives if you cannot offer their demands

Business word cloud for business concept, Competitor analysis

Going about the idea of choosing your design, one thing must be remembered is to what you are the aspects to deal with. Evaluate the market’s needs through competitive analysis and provide alternatives if you cannot offer their demands. Outline your company’s products and services so as it can well feature everything it takes simply through creative designs. What is nice about company website designs offered by a branding consultant is that it can provide you samples you can refer to or else use. There are specific niche that will best describe in a way that it can be more appealing in most search engines.

The Importance of Website Maintenance for your Small Business Success

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There are various business ideas we could think of in this modern day living with having helpful internet access. This is a core reason why more and more small businessmen would go for online marketing. Aside from convenience, the business could be widely acknowledged without paying much. And so before jumping up to availing an official website we must first know the importance of website maintenance for your small business success. For the virtual industry, this is very crucial and must be planned ahead of time before execution. It must as well be understood that a website must always reach the expectation of customers according to their needs and deeds.

Well maintained website page

Firstly, errors or any website problem is a big turn off for people who’d be visiting it especially potential customers. Well maintained website page ensures ideal performance which justifies its general impact. There are varieties of actions to consider which can help identify how every part of it functions properly. One common example of website maintenance is double checking if there are broken links within the site. Correcting it the soonest possible will assure to avoid being seen by website visitors. Web developers are the ideal ones you can turn to when it comes to managing broken links as fast as possible.



 Formal and reliable website

Next find time to see if there are missing titles in your company website or else needed to add titles. It will make your company website appear more formal and reliable which therefore a first step in gaining customers’ trust. Also look out for website page that lacks title and titles that are improper. In this website maintenance function, a web designer is responsible for fixing such problem.
Now let us go with the basic part of website maintenance which is very important and that is to verify images within website content. Image size and design resolution must be closely related to your firm. Furthermore, it must be visibly attractive so that website visitors would be interested on reading more about your pages. If for instance the resolution might cause problems for the images to appear then let your web designer analyze the problem as soon as possible.

The above mentioned website maintenance steps must be considered in order to assure of getting the best website for your small business. Get your Website creation package today and get FREE mobile website, all packages from Socratic SBC | Small Business Consulting are 30% off grab your package now.





Social media marketing – evaluate your costumers and your market

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One of the biggest misconceptions of social media marketing is that you think it is only for big businesses.  If every small business do not have social media accounts and interact on social media, their business will end up in the trash bin. Small businesses today are great in sharing their knowledge as well as products online. So are you ready to update your small business social media marketing today?


Dedication – Does your business passion venture so far ahead of time?

Launching a small business is tough enough, and to think you need to market this business as well.  Dedication to your goals is very important factor to which you should consider marketing plan package, to help you with your business marketing.

Once you have established your goals, it is important you measure every aspect of your marketing plan. There are some great analytic tools online which are free, take good use them to know where you stand in your keywords, websites and audience.


Know your audience and market – Does your idea fit in the marketplace at the moment?

It is easy to forget that targeting clients/prospects can be difficult without the proper engagement with current clients.  Know more about your clients needs and ask for their opinion, where you can be better in serving their needs.

One of the easiest way to track your audience and business is to monitor online conversation about your business or services per say. You can either start your own discussion or take control of those discussions.


Optimize your content and share – a great and effective Page rank strategy for every small business


Yes! Your clients want to read about your services, about your products and mostly your knowledge around your niche. Not only your clients are interested reading your blog but bloggers alike are very interested in sharing new contents to their social accounts. Optimize your content with proper and relevant search terms, keywords and back links.





Which social media is best for small business?

Competitive analysis will tell which social media you should use, because your competitors are using them as well. Create social accounts; be on twitter, facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube, because that’s where everybody is.

Consider the audience you want to reach and where you can find them. Social media today sent out a statistical data which shows that facebook is still the most popular social media platform, sharing photos and contents, followed by twitter and Pinterest.

Each platform is different, and that’s the beauty of social media marketing. Take a look at facebook, Social Media today says that you will find teenagers spend more time on Facebook than twitter, while twitter is best for short messages such as Qand A and content sharing.

Linkedin is best for Business to Business interactions, where you have the opportunity to record your skills and educational background. Create a group on linkedin and invite people to join the group and discuss business details there. You will be surprised how much you can learn from other business owners.

Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube, gives you more visual marketing strategies, where you can share images of your products.


Use social media marketing effectively

Now you know your target audience, it is time to plan your posts, you can begin to connect and interact with your network.

Bu t be warned – lots of small business tend to get the social media wrong. Do not treat social media platforms as a way of advertising your business, and do not broadcast to people in your network to follow you because you follow back. Try as much as possible to interact by retweeting/reposting interesting contents, answer direct messages, comments and always greet with respect.

Start slowly on twitter and facebook, do not over like and promote the first few days, follow the social media marketing plan that you have. Get a social media tool such as hootsuite to schedule your posts, and do not forget to mention people on your posts, you may want to share others blog content and let them know by adding name tag e.g @rwhunni. Shorten the link to the blog post, and try to use hashtags as well, if you should be posting this post you can hashtag #socialmediamarketing.

Start a conversation on pages such as Google+, Facebook, linkedin, and twitter. Listen to what your followers have to say and try to answer their questions honestly. There is nothing more irritating than answering to robots.

Create advocate – be helpful, be informative and most of all be friendly.

Share relevant content – as mentioned above paragraph make sure to share others contents, look for your followers blog, make sure you comment there as well, and share the interesting newest post.

Do not post too much – Let your social media strategies be slow but effective. You do not need to be always on social media, give your posts some rest. And importantly find out the best time to posts, recognize when your network are mostly on social media, what time of the day.


There is no magic to social media success, you need to work it out, keep it running through sharing contents, sharing links and interacting. You must learn to approach social media marketing challenge with open mind, acceptance of constant change. Find out what other businesses are doing and differentiate your business from theirs, the thing is to stand out from the crowd. 



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Strategic Marketing through social media and content marketing

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Companies these days tend to work with social media and content marketing because of its social platforms that is efficient and can be free of charge.

One can easily put into link directing to the website you would want to promote. Aside from that, it is easy to publish too so your insights can be heard. The challenge however is if you can be able to build a consistent community by retaining audience.


This is where you need to find a good position online to attract the market at all times. Here are some good points about strategic marketing through social media and content marketing.

Strategic Marketing has many sides some of them are advantages some does not really benefit your website rank


In the past years strategic marketing is observed and followed by enthusiastic online marketers. This becomes a global need in order to manage the ever rising competition.

The somewhat advantage of this is to be updated by relating to the trends within your industry and niche.

However, this can be disadvantageous in a way that it might either make or break your website ranking. If you do not know how to pull out best suited marketing campaign for your firm then it will become misleading for your website.


Social media marketing must be done correctly in the right time

As mentioned, there are conditions required to execute strategic marketing just as social media marketing is. Topics to discuss in your social media sites should be chosen wisely too.

• There are topics that seem untimely and might not be relatable to the market. Once this happens you can create social media community wherein people and similar businesses can share some insights too.

• Introducing business topics that are not yet been known for many. This will give doubts to your audience therefore your marketing plan here should start from finding topics that could open new wave for marketers and then share it.


Content marketing with the sharing sense

Sharing sense does not only include topics relatable for many people but as well considering analysis plan. This means to say that you have to make it readable by producing friendly contents.

There are quite lots of techniques when it comes to the ideal contents to write about. This is why content marketing should take place and shareable buttons like RSS can make this task done conveniently.


Creating interesting content increases your social network

Social awareness starts from easy to swallow posts. These are contents that seem to be written for all or very interesting. Lingering one’s interest is not hard at all; you simply have to put yourself into this.

Ask, what are the things you would like to know if in case you do not own your business? Start from being an audience and research about the topics that first pop out your mind out of curiosity.

Make sure that this is pretty well relevant to your business topic.


Keep your content moving around the internet

This one boils all other above mentioned aspects for strategic marketing. Create an official blog spot where you update your blogs and with good keywords, link in the website best to direct your topic for the day.

It should not sound like you are promoting because the moment a reader felt like one they would not stay for more than four seconds.

When you have contents that are moving rest assure to obtain ideal website ranking.

Do you want to get the most affordable marketing plan? Click here