Social business hit the target today

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Businesses are running their promotions during this year like never before, the internet is filled with lots of promos and discounts. Product sharing has been popular online most especially on social media sites, this is the best time for small business to get their piece of sales pie. Social media has become a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness and sales. Christmas is the best time to increase your revenue and it is the best to push you campaign while the internet or consumers are hungry for more discounted products.

Prepare your Social profiles

You might think that business are going slow during Christmas season, because employees are taking their Holiday vacations or preparing their own Holiday events. Therefore it is important to let your social media work while you have employees taking their Holiday freedom. Prepare your profiles with Christmas backgrounds, coverphoto and profile pictures. To let your target audience know that you are also marketing for Christmas season.

  1. Use Social media scheduler – hootsuite are great for scheduling your promotions and product sales. Post atleast few times a day with different sales pitch and photos on Facebook, several posts on Twitter or connect your Facebook to your Twitter account.
  2. Engage with your audience – this is the best time to ask questions to your target audience, for your own benefit, you will learn about their interested, their daily needs and the products that they need the most in special occasions such as Christmas
  3. Create special offer – Do not forget the special features that each social media platforms offer, such as Facebook, you can create contests, promo codes etc. take advantage of these free features.

How you celebrate offline


If you also own a local store, show your customers, that you are really into Christmas season, by decorating your store and giving away small gifts for the walk-in consumers. Do not forget to share your store photos and location on social media, create a Foursquare account if you do not have that already, the best way to create contests from Foursquare is to ask the shoppers to check in whenever they are in the store and then you can offer them discount card when they do so.

Share your Holiday preparations with your followers, take photos of the store before and after you have decorated, or before and after photo of products on sale etc. Whatever you can think of creatively, do not forget to share every business venture you take to your social accounts.

Keep the interactions going


Through your social media interactions, the most important part is that you take into a personal level occasions like this, such as contacting old costumers for discount offers or free gifts or even loyalty rewards. You may also want to offer referral discounts, this is also great way to enlarge your network and to get new clients in.




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Small Business seasonal marketing tips

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For many retailers sales fun starts around Thanksgiving, following with the events Black Friday and Small Business Friday, next comes Cyber Monday, and there comes the Holidays marketing campaign. For some it is a season of fun sales and increasing revenue, some small business struggle competing with their competitors. The most successful businesses during Holidays are the ones who have prepared their marketing plan as early as October and November, but there is still time to get your holiday marketing running now. Here are some few tips to achieve the success your business needs.

Top 3 holiday marketing tips


  • Do you have a retail business? Then you need to promote your products and services on Black Friday, if you own a small business grab the opportunity to present your brand during the Small Biz Saturday. It will also a good reason to have a sale on Cyber Monday, special sale is to entice customers to purchase their items early. Advertise your products on social media and most of all on your website.
  • If your 30 to 40% off does not seem to be successful try to invent more interesting sales that will attract your consumers such as : half off, free gift, buy one take one. The trick is to be creative and make it limited time offer to give your consumers sense of urgency.
  • Take advantage of email marketing this season as people are more approachable with promotional emails this season. Do not put all your marketing campaign in one basket, try to mix media marketing, social media marketing and content marketing together along with a creative email promotional marketing campaign.

Do not forget Mobile marketing


This is a very important part of your marketing campaign for Holidays, lots of people love to shop using their mobile phones, because they can shop anytime and anywhere they may be. View here ShopGate great mobile marketing infographic especially for the Holidays season.

Video marketing

Video is highly expected part of shopping experience, see big brands invest on TV commercials, as a small business owners like you, you can simply create promotional videos on Animoto or any software alike.

Other ideas to market your business during Holidays


  • Social media marketing

If you already have social media presence, contest and promo or even give aways on facebook and twitter is often a popular tactic to engage with your consumers. Create contests with a very few simple rules and simple hashtags and incentive such as prizes or discounts, you can attract into your business.


  • Rewards

This is the best time to reward your loyal customers, to make them extra special this Christmas. The reward may bounce back to you as return customers and referrals.


  • Special events

Create simple events, such as charity events, or buy and support a certain charity or hosting an open-house and showcase Christmas gift ideas, Christmas recipes and merchandise so consumers can get a glimpse of your seasonal goods. Do not forget to invest on buffet or snack for your event and present a simple show such as local band to play on your event or whatever that you think can fit into your budget.


  • Holidays helpful tips

As you are going around looking for marketing ideas and tips online, you could also create content which is relevant for your consumers, such as helpful tips or products for Christmas or Must have items for your loved ones etc. Blog about Christmas topics as the Christmas is a few days away.


buy 1 take 1

Survival guide for the Holiday marketing

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Christmas comes once a year, and it is a very special event of exchanging gifts, greeting cards, family photos and holiday vacation. Consumers are opt to stretch their budget for the month of December to make their loved feel special through gifts and special preparation for Christmas eve. All this is a great opportunity for business small to large, to get increase their sale. Here are 10 useful marketing tips that might be useful for your marketing campaign.

Planning your marketing campaign

Santa Claus pushing at a big gift

Action # 2

First you need to decide your target audience for this season, and categorize them:

  1. Gender
  2. Age
  3. Location

Action # 2

Next is prepare the products to set on sale, such as most popular products and less popular products mixed together as a package deal. You can make your less popular products on sale to get the publicity the product needs.

Action # 3

Another thing to remember is to edit your list of keywords, as to promote the word Christmas, presents, sale, deals, gift ideas, bundle promos, package deals, etc.

Action # 4

Create some images that you would like to post for your holiday marketing campaign. This can easily be done through picmoney app, where you can decorate your current product images and add some interesting and unique banners. Create as much as you need and save to your computer.

Action # 5

You blog content must be about Christmas tips and ideas, and from time to time add some promotional contents on your blog. Edit your website design into something festive. Something simple as Christmas header, Christmas social icons, menu bars etc.

Planning your content marketing


When promoting your Holidays sale through blog you need to focus on what interest your readers, alternate Christmas ideas and tips and promotional content. Your Promotional Content marketing for Holidays can be planned accordingly:

  1. Thanksgiving promos Nov 28
  2. Hanukah sales nov 27 to Dec 5
  3. Advent Dec 1 to 25
  4. 12 days before Christmas promos
  5. On spot Christmas deals dec 25
  6. After Christmas sale

It is up to you to add the market holidays such as Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday into your Editorial calendar. These could also be days where you can host a dialogue about sales and getting back on track with the holiday spending.

Other important things to remind yourself during holidays


Make Christmas shopping easy and convenient for your consumers; consolidate your message throughout your social media accounts. Other important things to remember when marketing during Christmas season:

  1. Offer free shipping
  2. Add shipping calendar, to make sure that your consumers items will arrive on time
  3. Sweeten the deal, it is not enough to give your consumers the regular 10% to 30% deal, you have to make them feel that they have saved a huge amount of cash getting your product deals.
  4. Be sure to add add-ons for your products
  5. Create shareable product wish lists
  6. Extra special offers such as free gift wrap, free Christmas cards etc
  7. Think like a customer, create vouchers and discount cards
  8. Give social media the bigger slice, meaning you need to promote on social media as much as you can
  9. Offer loyal customers free gifts or discount cards
  10. Finally send Thank you emails and Christmas greeting cards through email



Marketing trend for the Holidays

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Marketing campaigns are running wild this Month and it will continue until the Christmas and New Year is over. There is lots of Holiday marketing campaign that is out in public as early as September, to target the early Christmas shopper. Have you started your Christmas marketing campaign yet? If not here are some few Christmas marketing trends that you should not ignore.

Smart Christmas Social media marketing campaign


There is no secret in marketing campaign for the holidays have changed over the years, this is due to the technology we are presented and staying current with the trends is often frustrating. To make it all easier for you this article will divide the different marketing campaign that you can attain this Holidays.

  • Hot Social Brand – There are lots of competition on social media, everyone wants to gain the audience they am for as their followers and to do that you need to interact with your followers, invite target customers to follow your brand online. Nevertheless you need to give your target audience what they need and collaborate with their interests. For instance this Holidays, you need to be specific with your target audience by gender and age. You can create packages or gift ideas accordingly to the gender and age.
  • Campaign begins in 3 2 1 – when starting to market on social media with your products, you need to be creative first such as, redesigning your product image that will give it a merrier look and invite Christmas shoppers into your products. Next is begin to create bulk orders or Package deals, next is prepare your products can be in the discounted category. All your products need to be relevant to the Christmas theme as you are about to attract Christmas shoppers. You do not have to worry about your specific products to be sold out, but you need to prepare to be able to ship your products on time. Therefore it is important that you inform the customers about the shipping period and also now that it is time for giving you can add free shipping as a Christmas limited offer.
  • Redesigning your Social accounts – Before you do all of the above you need to redesign your social media cover photo, profile etc, to make sure that your target audience understand you have started your Christmas promos.

Simplicity reigns forever


There is no need to overhaul your product image, website and social media accounts with graphic, simple extra Santa hat on your logo will do the trick, background redesign on your website and some Christmas bells on the sidebar are simple yet attractive. If you check out big brands on how they market their products, take note of the things that are really effective and the ones that are discouraging for the customers. Notice all the small details and list them down as you might get some ideas from their marketing tactics.

Take a break

Now that you have launched your Christmas marketing campaign, take a little break and do the usual marketing campaign, you need to alternate your tactics as not to bore or overwhelm your audience. As you come close to Christmas add extra campaign such as 12 days before Christmas sale. Remember to save some products promotions till after Christmas and close to New Year.

Mobile gets all the good products


There is an advantage in shopping through mobile devices, you get to catch the latest promotions and get discount cards too through QR codes etc, this is the newest trend from Large companies to small businesses like yours. Make sure to learn the mobile shopping way to extend your products to your mobile audiences.

Mobile should be integrated with your overall marketing campaign, this means that you need to create images, messages, contents, product views, mobile payment option for your mobile audiences.




Christmas is a part of the tradition wherever you are in the world, therefore there are lots of people who are willing to invest in gifts, presents, gift cards and greeting cards. Christmas also means big sales for businesses, but without the proper marketing plan to start with, there will be no sales to your company. Planning your marketing campaign is very important, therefore Socratic SBC offers 10% on marketing and business plan package this Holidays, 50% on short term marketing plan which means marketing plan for Holidays and up to New Year.

If you have not started redesigning your website into Christmas theme yet, Socratic SBC offer Website Design Package with free mobile website with 10% discount up to Dec 31, 2013. Other Graphics, image, logo and product image presentation is also offered. All you need to do is email us at or contact us through our social media accounts. You will also find out promos there as we are already marketing our services for the Holidays.

May you have a merry Christmas sale!