Social media marketing – tips to improve your marketing

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Constantly marketers are looking for new tactics to improve their social media, so here are some new information about the trendiest social media techniques.

#1 Competing against big brands


Social media has made it possible for small businesses to be competitive online, its playing fields has provided small to medium enterprises the chance to compete with big brands and attract their chance to attract target audience.

#2 Using traditional marketing


If you have been using traditional marketing to market your products and services, you know exactly how expensive it is to advertise on TV, billboards and prints. While traditional marketing may still be effective, you may consider alternative that is cost effective and quick to deliver results. Such as social media which allows you to promote your products across various social media platforms. Spending a few hours a week to create content and publish them on social media is minimum investment to get your brand seen.

# 3 Get on mobile


Today where the technology is advancing and more and more people are turning to their mobile devices searching for products and services, it is a good idea to have your website mobile ready. If your target audience are spending countless hours on social media you should jump in the wagon with them. You as a business owner must find a way to be visible on social media platform.

# 4 Traffic to your website


Social media is a good way to drive traffic to your website, where you sell products and services. You can promote your products or offer assistance to consumer or you can even share your valuable content. Introduce your storefront to your social media followers.

# 5 Building your brand recognition



You can build a brand recognition and reputation over time, the key is to be consistent. It is up to you what content you share on social media and how you will present yourself to your existing customers. The key is to be consistent with your message, this will help establish trust in your brand and gain your leadership in your industry.

# 6 Improve over time


Social media allows you get insights of your customer’s daily activities, interests, demographics and this gives you the ability to adjust your marketing strategy and activities fitted to your target audience.

# 7 Connect and engage with your followers


The difference between traditional marketing techniques and social media is how easy it is to connect with your target audience rather than traditional marketing there is really no target audience. From the word “social” itself, you can facilitate interaction, respond to comments, shares and inquiries. Basically your social media accounts could and should serve as your customer service platform as well, as this is real time and your followers could see how active you are on your social media which will make them interact with you more with questions, inquiries and perhaps more sales.

# 8 Covert your audience to customers


The ultimate goal to social media marketing is to convert your followers to consumers, your social media marketing investment should bear fruit once you see actual interaction and engagement comes in which turn into sales. With a good social media marketing strategy, implementation and diligence this will be at your reach within no time.

It is very important before you start to market your brand that you have a marketing plan, and you take your time to research your target audience. For more info about Small business Marketing Plan you can reach us anytime for inquiries.


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Content marketing – tips to get the most out of your blog post

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Business blogging can sometimes be overwhelmed task, if you do not get the result you want. Crafting awesome content isn’t easy so it is best that you maximize everything to ensure it gets the attention it deserve. Here are few tips to check out if this could help your content get the attention it deserve.

Headline Headline Headline



Headline is very important, we can’t say this enough. You need to win over your readers with interesting and unique headline. You can lose 90% of your target audience with your headline and intro alone.

Inspiration and interesting perspective


Get inspiration from other small business owners on how they get the attention they need with their content. You can get ideas from co-workers, team, friends, family or even those with interest in your niche.

Seen, read and shared content



Readers only get attracted with a content if the headline and the few lines after that are of interest to them. A few lines are all the shot you need to get your content read and shared through social media channels.



It is important that you are well updated with what’s going on, on the outside world. This means that you constantly have to be aware of new products and services or updates relevant to your business niche. You may also deliver content with news about how to promote your products and services, and how you can gain new customers with new advertisement ideas. This is one way that you will create credibility and trust from other businesses owners similar to yours. And you may gain new set of network by creating contents that are interesting and new. Newsjacking means that you are always ahead of what is new.


It is important when you create a content that it is conversational if you want to gain social media visibility, one way is to change the headlines or intro and still point directly to your content. Fresh headlines, same content will definitely get more people to read your blog. Some are more visual than others, therefore it is important when you post your content on social media that you have several content image which are interesting.

Overselling and over promotional


Overselling your products and services will not get you new friends, this will only push more people or network away. Your audience already assume that you are thinking your products and services are great, so there is no need to overblowing the horn. People will only lose interest in your business but think that you do not have anything new interesting to share.

Keep your photos real


Visual marketing is a tricky technique, the most effective visual marketing ads are the ones that awaken the feelings of people. Look at Coca Colas advertisements or Mcdonald’s they use real people, real event and real feelings. There should be more of these kinds of advertisements, they do not only catch the viewer’s attention but they also leave a certain feeling and this makes people remember your products and services even more.  Drive engagement and boost traffic with inspiring visuals.

Invite guests for new inspiration


Guest posts are really great for increasing your network, getting new inspiration, but it also shows the readers that you are welcoming new perspective which is a highly attractive trait. Whether it is a guest post or comment or simply an invite to share a few views.

Honesty policy

Do not pretend that you know what you are talking about, get some extra expertise in your content, quote the experts and so. So may also want to stick to what you know or get a friend to testify your content if you are writing a promotional content.

Research is a must

You always have to do your homework, before adding facts on your content. If you want to add statistics to your content Google it and be sure you are putting correct information on your blog.




Content Marketers can never say it enough, make your blog clear, easy and fast for the readers to find more of your content. From the homepage you should have a clear view of what else you are writing about and with a photo you will catch your readers attention. Marketers say it only takes 5 seconds to make a reader interested in your blog or make them go away forever. So get rid of heavy images or flash which will make your website load slower and make your blog mobile friendly as there are lots of people reading and browsing while on the go.



Get organized on your blog by keeping every topic separated, one reader might only be interested in a certain topic while others might want to check out other topics written by you. It is important that you give each topic its own landing page, this is a great way to conveying its importance to readers.

These are the few important things that you need to know when creating content and sharing it to your social media channels. If you have no time to create contents for your blog. We have professional blog writers, copybloggers, ghostwriters or the like to take care of these for you, along with posting contents we also offer customized images that will fit your blog, your social media from facebook to twitter images. We also offer these services in an affordable rates. Let us know below what you need and we can help you out. We are a small business too, so we know what you are going through.


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Social media marketing – The importance of Facebook ad and segmenting audience

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Client research and target audience is no-brainer. Choosing appropriate objective for your Facebook marketing and utilizing target audience is essential for successful ads. This makes it possible to reach out for your potential client, who would likely take action you are seeking. To ensure that you get what you want for your marketing budget, here are some of the few moves you can make.

#1 Your target audience



Facebook advertising gives you a feature that allows you to target certain group of people, take advantage of this. You have the option to target audience who have already been identified as being engaged with your brand or the type of products and services that you offer. You can send the same messages to people across all devices or you also have the choice to narrow down to only people who are on IOS devices for this instance.

#2 The importance of placing a message


When it comes to direct response, no matter what level of sophistication of Facebook user, concise and relevant message which align with someone’s interest will always win rather than casting a net and hoping the hoping the right audience is somewhere amongst millions you try to reach.


#3 Targeted ads to segmented audience



Mass marketing messages generally doesn’t work, in fact it is seen as spam. It is super important that you get your ad content right, since relevance of creativity and audience ‘engagement with your ads are Facebook indicator as whether or not you are advertising to target audiences. Using clear and to the point ad is half the battle in improving conversion rates. However with particular audience that’s being targeted that is of specific importance.


#4 Effective target audience


While there are lots of business owners who waste their money sending out mass messages to a large unsegmented audience, it is most effective to target cohort of people who are similar to your customers.


#5 Facebook Custom Audience

Facebook has always offered targeting options based on detailed data that is gathered from its billion users. Aside from the typical info that Facebook gather such as age, location, gender, education status and platforms other enhanced targeting options should be tapped into in order for you to reach your highest value customers on Facebook.

Using Facebook Custom Audiences in combination with LookaLike Audiences, you can easily reach specific types of individuals with more relevant messages. These tools allow you to pinpoint new audience based on similarities of your existing customers.

Whatever your goal is you always get the most out of your advertising when you segment your audience instead of generic and copy a blanket audience of varied types of users.

Marketing plan is a must before starting out advertisements on social media, to clear out the unwanted results. We offer Marketing Plan for Small Business at a very affordable rate. Contact us today to get more information.

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Social media marketing – How to build your social media community

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You see some businesses with 20k followers or more, this could be paid followers or years of hard work connecting online and building social media community. Social media is such a powerful marketing tool if only done right. Here are 10 tips on how you can build your social media community.


#1 Keep your brand consistent


Social media is a powerful marketing tool, if used correctly. However social media cannot fix broken business, you will need to social media marketing strategy in place. One of the best tip for small businesses is to keep the brand consistent. It is so important that you keep your biography and visuals on each social media channels as well as on your website.

#2 Blogging in a natural way


Blogging is one of the most used method to market a business and introduce new brands, it is a great way to build your community, turning you and your business into a credible and a leader in your industry. It is also a very good idea for your small business to contribute articles to websites such as Social Media Today and Business2Community or other social blogging sites. This means that these sites will help you tweet about your submitted articles, and you can get a lot of mentions and perhaps followers. Think of platforms that could be useful to distribute your content online.


#3 Misspelling is a big discouragement


Misspelling happens to everyone, make sure that your social media content is grammatically correct before posting it. Spelling and grammar errors can ruin your credibility online.


#4 Follow an be followed



Twitter is the place where you focus on getting people to follow you, but you have to be polite and follow back or follow relevant people as well. It is important to attend to your mentions as well, a short gratitude message would be appreciated from people who follow you.


#5 Get engage in two-way conversation


Since it is digital world, social media activity should hit high all the time if you make it a priority to respond to everyone who tweets you even if the person just stopped by to say hi. Make sure to make your social media your customer outlet as well, encouraging two-way conversation.

#6 Take it personal


Show your social media network that there is a real person behind your social media account. This is really important for gaining your networks trust, start a conversation to build trust and credibility. You do not have to share your personal life, but show your community that what they say matters to you.

#7 Networking


It is very important that you keep your network intact, by engaging in two-way conversation with your existing followers as well. Increase your social media network by getting involved with Twitter chats or Facebook Group.


#8 Personable yet professional


It is important to be personable yet keep the professional side into it. This means personal posts are not ideal for your business social media accounts, keep them on your personal accounts. Most Business owners have a business phone apart from their personal phone to make sure they don’t post inappropriate status updates to their social media accounts. We have seen this too many times before and sometimes this will be the reason for a business to disappear and building the same network and credibility is harder the second time around.

#9 Over-sharing


The same with other marketing, quality over quantity always. Don’t just share information for the sake of sharing or updating status. Sharing relevant and valuable content even if it is from your opponent. It is important that you share valuable, high standard and worth sharing.

#10 Share regularly


Lots of business owners have signed up for twitter in 2010 but have not recently been active, have you been one of them? The key is to create content regularly and share them on social media site and also distribute them on blog submission sites. Keep sharing interesting and relevant content to your Facebook Group and keep the conversation going by creating interesting questions.

Social media marketing is one of the most used marketing for small business to increase brand visibility. But without proper social media marketing plan none of your marketing efforts will last in this digital competitive world. This is why you need to plan your social media marketing before jumping into promoting your brand.

There are lots of tip and tricks online which will help you grow your social media networks and how you can manage your social media accounts. However with a proper social media marketing plan nothing will go wrong. Therefore we offer social media marketing plan for an affordable rate, which will help small business in budget rate. Contact us today.



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Visual marketing – get more action, less conversation

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Do you want to get more action on social media channels? Have you consider visual content? There are some easy ways to create visual contents which will attract viewers and engage them. On this article you will get more ideas on how to boost engagement using visual content to get more action and less conversation.

Animated GIFs from YouTube videos


Here are some of the greatest tools which you can us

Generation GIF – Expands your marketing channels and increase your chance of your content exposure on 3rd party channels such as Tumblr or Reddit and from there content are often picked up from major publications such as blogs.

MakeAGIF – is a free online tool that lets you create animated GIFs using photos. You can also modify YouTube Videos, Webcam videos or uploaded videos.

GIFYT – allows you to create high quality GIFs from Youtube videos, forgot to mention this is a free tool. This free tool, you can select a certain part of the video, turn it into GIF and add a caption.


On-Hover Buttons to share the image to social media sites


There are lots of blogs that I have been through that does not enable readers to share the image to their social media account, which is a great shame if the reader is interested in sharing a piece of information. To encourage readers or followers to you will need to have a mild mouseover sharing, with this tool you can easily place buttons to all your blog images making it easier to share. It is very effectively way to increase engagement.

Here is a page where you can learn more about mouseover share buttons in action.

Connecting your audience on an emotional level

To create a long lasting impact, you need to connect emotionally with your audience, when something sparks in. Visuals are great for that, humans respond more to what they see as image rather than what they read as text. If connecting with emotionally with your audience, they will start to associate that emotion with a brand. The more you make them feel what your products and services is about the more they will remember your brand.

According to Fracit research, the 2 most engaging emotions in terms of sharing are positive feelings such as joy, interesting, funny and provocative.

Celebrate Holidays even the most uncommon ones


Create unusual holidays from National Burger day to National Book lovers day, to create or form an advertisement that will surely make your audience interest on what you are to offer them. Coca Cola does a great job using unusual Holidays for their social media marketing, they published these image of cute animals to celebrate National Polar Bear Day. To find other unusual Holidays for inspiration click on this link Unusual Holidays.


Let your viewers contribute

When you ran out of ideas, you can let your viewers contribute visuals, flip the script and ask your viewers to contribute their image. Like Google, they have asked their searchers to design their Logo for them in chance of getting their name or business exposed as Graphic Designer or some sort.


Caption Contest – You can also run a caption contest, publish an interesting image and ask the readers to come up with a fun caption, this will definitely make your viewers be more engaging plus it helps generate new leads as they share and comment on this caption.

Selfie Contest – Selfie contests are being embraced by many, buying new products taking a selfie and winning is a great way to expose your brand to new networks.



Visual Content is popular on every social platform, from YouTube to Twitter GIFs, and these are also great for visual-only channels such as Intagram and Pinterest. If you want to boost your social media tactics visual marketing is one of the best way to do that since most people are more attracted to image nowadays than just plain text.


We can help you create images that will fit for every social media channels that you have or your business have. We can create banners or whatever you would like for your visual marketing for an affordable rate.

Contact us today and let’s get you started.


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How to create engaging content with the Rule of Three

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It is no accident that the number 3 plays a major role in our history, fairy tales, myths and more. It is also no coincidence that some of the most popular quotes or poems are structured in 3 parts, it is also not surprising that the rule of 3 also works wonders in terms of comedy. It also says human process information a lot better when it is structured in 3 pattern. This pattern can also be used to create a content that will surely make your readers want to engage.

The rule of 3 : 1. Storytelling

Have you ever wondered what  3 Blind Mice, 3 Musketers, 3 Little Pigs, 3 Wise Men and 3 Stooges have in common? Why 3 act-structure is a dominant approach to Hollywood’s screenwriting? Why 3 bullet point is more effective than 2 or 4?

The rule of 3 works in stories due to the presence of concise, memorable patterns mentioned above. Even if this wasn’t the case, the number three has been used widely throughout some memorable work from childhood. It seems that our mind is more preferable to the group of 3.

Think in terms of 3 when creating your content, you will definitely end with more engaging content. Here are some few ideas to start with, if you don’t succeed the first time, remember 3rd time is a charm.

Information that are presented in group of 3

  1. Mind, body and spirit
  2. Stop, look and listen
  3. I came, I saw, I conquered
  4. Faith, Hope and Charity
  5. Father, son and Holy Spirit


Even the US Marines, are big believers in the Rule of Three, when get things done, if you want to have something stuck in someone’s mind put it in a sequence of 3.

The world of Comedy

The best example of the use of the Rule of Three, is in the world of Comedy. Comedians exploit the way are minds perceive expect to throw you off track with the 3rd element. The rule of Three fits the classic joke structure of set-up, anticipation and punchline.

Other use of the Rule of Three

Marketers also believe that the set of three choices or bullet points is the most effective use of the format. When it comes to pleasing human brains, it seems like 3 is simply a magic number. Here is a short funny video of Schoolhouse Rock – 3 is a magic number. Which is a really great example of the Rule of Three.


<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


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Visual marketing – Visual content is your marketing weapon learn to use it

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As you may have picked up by now Visual marketing is the ultimate marketing weapon, because people are naturally attracted to images than text, to get the most shares on social media sites you need not only to say it you need to show it. Social networks are increasingly jumping into the visual content bandwagon. Here are few tips on how you can jump in with the other small business owners.

Cropping image to fit certain social media channel

One of the most updated social media network regarding image sharing is Facebook, they have already updated their feature with larger and clearer image upload, whereof its competitors such as twitter, Instagram and vine image sharing should be at its correct size.

So what does most marketers do?

The first step is to invest in visual content creation, but as we assume you already have that covered, we will take further then specifically focusing on visual content for your blog. Once you start to incorporate more visuals you increase your shareability. How? Here are some few ideas below:

  1. Make content easy to share


The best way to increase in shareability of your blog posts is to have share buttons installed on your photo and at the end of the blog post. Share buttons are call-to-action to motivate your readers to share the blog to their social media accounts. Also add social proofs to these social media buttons showing share counts.


  1. Add pin button for Pinterest lovers

One of the buttons that cover visual sharing is Pinterest’s Pin it Button, but this is to be called out separately. Pin it buttons make it easy for Pinterest users to share visual content to their Pinterest account.


  1. Create a Pinboard for your blog contents

In additional to Pinterest, if you want to give your visual blog a jumpstart, create a Pin Board on Pinterest and categorize the contents according their topic, for users to easier find and follow their interest. Just make sure to add compelling and interesting images within the post.


  1. High Quality Image for your blog posts


The image that you choose is very important, especially when social media automatically pull image when a link is shared. As a result high-quality image in your blog content shouldn’t be an over sight. A great high-quality image is a great way to catch your audience attention and increase click-through to your contents. So spend time on image selection and choose an image that is both relevant and appealing.

  1. Facebook sharing

Use Facebook’s Photo Sharing feature rather than status update for your blog content, this is why the image of your blog content is very important. See below the difference between photo sharing and status update or link sharing alone. Facebook features visual content much more prominently in Timelines and in News Feed. What you do is upload an image and include an link to the content image and in the image descriptions for more wow affect.


There are many ways you can increase your visual content’s visibility on social media by adding more exciting and interesting content or status along with a photo. You need to create unique and original image, which can be frustrating sometimes, and therefore if you should need a graphic design package for your image creation needs. We can offer the most affordable service for you. Here is our contact details, email or call us today to hear more about it.

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Online Marketing – Actions to improve your brand awareness

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Brand awareness


Branded Traffic happens when a website enjoys a wealth of brand awareness, expressed on brandejdkaa2d keywords. In order to achieve this, marketers have to consider an online strategy which deploy all possible online marketing tools. Here are some few of the marketing strategy tips that will help you improve your brand awareness.

On-page actions to improve your brand awareness


Each page on your website is considered as a landing page, keep in mind that using branded design and to include branded messages with each landing page on your website. This will affect the heading tags, the logo, colors and most importantly the content of the page. Pay extra attention to page titles as well since you must find balance between SEO, CTR and branding.

Off-Page Actions to increase brand traffic

Along with On-page actions one should develop a solid off-page action plan as well. Off-page action plan which will enable you to increase your brand awareness. Here are list of combined successful campaign.

  1. Display ad – Ad banners are measure and impactful way to tell your story online, it is highly recommended especially for brand and product launch, a crucial point to take into account in consistency between all the static or interactive banners.
  2. Branding search – branding search campaigns with a focus on brand awareness, requires a careful selection of keywords and related websites to aim target keywords.
  3. Social media marketing campaigns – Communication in social media involves shareable content and a large network to support it. That means to optimize and be active on your social media accounts. Add your team to participate on discussion around topics related to your field of business.
  4. Link building – Using the traditional way to enhance quality traffic to your landing pages, such as SEO using blogs, press release along with other forms of link exchange with quality contents website is a great way to generate traffic and bring visitors to your landing pages of your choice to enhance brand awareness.
  5. Online reviews – One of the most effective way to gain your audience trust is to have a great online product reviews, guest blog posts or just get connected with influential bloggers. As a small business expert in your field you can easily right engaging content and share your expertise and experience with your audience.
  6. Blogging – you can activate blogger relations and seek product reviews, guests blog posts are also one of the many ways you can have new audience and connect with influential bloggers.
  7. Sponsorship – sponsorships are good Public Relations field that creates positive publicity. Website or mobile application sponsorships are practices of associating a brand specific contents that will generate traffic and off course back links.

Your main motivation here is genuinely enjoy sharing products and services information and always look for new things to share and new ideas for brand awareness campaign. We can help you out with your marketing needs, we offer marketing plan, client research, content creation and curation as well as website update.


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Social media marketing – Instagram the new traffic-driving platform

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If the old social media was about connection in 2015 social media is about conversion. Over the past 2 years LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter has been small business tools to introduce products and services that gives brands and publishers the ability to drive traffic and conversions.

The notable holdout with Instagram is that the users has only one place where they are allowed to put on link which is their profile or bio, even with this feature Instagram has grown like gangbuster. As a result Instagram has become a quandary for brands, the platform is great for engagement and brand building but it hard to drive conversion and revenue from this platform.

Instagram offer clickable ads

Over the past few months Instagram has offered clickable ads which leads users to external landing pages and content, however on limited basis with selected partners. These clickable ads utilize the power targeting capabilities of Facebook Sponsored Posts which has become a favorite social media ad format of most marketers, which efficiently drive traffic to their website or blog. Clickable Instagram ads can be just as effective as Facebook ads for driving traffic.

Instagram evolving ad format


Instagram worked closely with hand-picked businesses before and used traditional advertising, however now according to Instagram’s blog has launched the long awaited API to allow brands to run their own marketing campaign, although API is only open for selected partners, Instagram plans to open API for anyone just like other social media platforms which offer the same feature.


New photo sharing app for marketers

Along with the development, Instagram a photo sharing app rolled out new features such as “Buy” and “Learn More” buttons. Soon the company will launch ad features for marketers to have common advertising goals, generating brand awareness, website visits, offline sales, product buys and app downloads. With this feature marketers has a good reason to predict huge revenue.

Instagram increases in users

34% of US advertising agencies identified Instagram as a social media platform to use for client campaigns far ahead than Pinterest, snapchat and LinkedIn, that was even the advertising capabilities were release. Instagram predicts a huge increase in users. Here are some of the few advertising tips and tricks to remember.

  1. Carousel Ads

Instagram introduced Carousel ads on limited basis, photo sharing, link in the bio and 15 second videos for ads. Carousel Ads can advertisers include up to 4 rotating photos accompanied by caption on their sponsored Instagram post.

  1. Direct response buttons

Gone are the days where your captions have un-clickable links, with direct response buttons, companies can now enable follower to take a specific action after seeing an ad. Advertisers can choose 4 different Call-to-action buttons ; “Learn More”, “Install Now”, “Sign up” and even “Shop now”. Each button will open a browser that takes users to the advertiser’s website or to location within the mobile app store.  Instagram is being a little less aggressive with call-to-action buttons than Facebook, it means that you have to have the user hooked on the first photo before you can ask them to take an action.


  1. Targeting audience

Instagram has been great in targeting audience from age, location and gender. However Instagram has been working close with Facebook to reach users based on their interest and connections on both. Instagram has also pulled effective custom audience tool from Facebook, which allow advertisers to upload their own information about their consumers.


Instagram isn’t just for premium brands, soon enough small businesses can advertise on this photo sharing platform without a fuss. You should always remember that you should connect all your social media accounts so to create a better online visibility but remember each social media platform serves differently from each other.


If you need to know more about marketing strategies, Socratic SBC is one of the most trusted companies for your marketing needs. We offer different marketing plan visit our website for more info.


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Visual Marketing – Ways to boost your social media image

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Visual marketing has been a critical component in reaching the customers attention. Marketers have proven that virtual marketing has been twice as effective as content marketing. Visual marketing can be power if you share and use image tagging properly. Here are few tips on how you can make visual marketing work for your business.

Your overall reputation and visibility plays a big role

It is off course a big factor that you have a great reputation on social media as well as visibility, to make every marketing technique work for you. If you just started social media marketing, the best way for you to start is build your online presence and gain trust from your customers. Here is a great blog post for your social media start up marketing techniques.

Research is the key

Like every other marketing strategy, it is always best to do your research first, research related keywords to find the best options for your company. Keyword research is vital for both content and visual marketing, the keywords that you identify is part of your research effort is your image file as well. This is very important to remember, as Google image search can identify image keywords and if you use proper keywords your image will appear on search engines.  It is also a great idea to include keywords on your hashtags.

Trending hashtags


Research trending hashtags on twitter and Instagram and use some related hashtags, it is important that you understand the context of the hashtags or else you will find yourself in unwanted controversy.

Tools for image tagging


A number of tools has emerged as the image tagging has become a vital marketing strategy for small business. One of them is FYuse, which offers dynamic image tagging features. With this tool you can do everything from tag prices in image and promote links, you can even take advantage of the opportunity to tag image according to location. Which is one of the best options for local small business who targets local searchers.

Image tagging can create value

Image tagging can create incredible value and context to your images. Make sure to use proper tags to your image, an image without the use of proper tags are meaningless, this can particularly be true to small business who uses a large number if images not only on social media but on their blogs as well. In such case image tagging can be essential to convey sense to the customers and to ensure that your images are not misleading.

If you should need to create images for your visual marketing on social media or on your website, we have the right package for your graphic design package also includes services as proper image creator for different use for example for banners, social media image for Facebook group, Faccebook business page, Twitter image having the correct size and for Instagram, for advertising needs , you name it and we will create it for you. Contact us today :


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