Social Media Marketing – Creating an effective social media plan

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Creating an effective social media plan that suits your business and serves your clients the best way possible is one of the most common marketing strategy of small businesses these days.

Do you struggle in creating your social media marketing plan, that both fits in your schedule and still provide massive information to your target clients on a daily or consistent basis?

Are you just starting out your socialmedia marketing and you feel overwhelmed with the endless possibilities and strategies, but you just cant figure out where to start?


Well do not worry, you are not alone in this ride, on this post we will share how top advice for creating a highly effective marketing plan that works no matter which social media channel you primarily choose for your business.

Step 1 Determind your vision and goals



You should not approach your social media blindly. Without knowing where you want to go or what you want to accomplish and how you will get there. You need to set your aside time to determine what is your goal, visualize on how you can reach out to your potential clients in the most effective way, by looking at the their interest and the time they spend on social media or how you can you fulfill their needs.

One of the best things you can do before you get started on your social media marketing, is to sit down and really map out exactly what it is you want to accomplish on socialmedia.

Are you looking to generate more leads?

Do you plan to use social media for customer outreach?

Or do you want to increase your brand awareness?


The thing you have to keep in mind is, is the goal measurable in some way?  If you want to generate more leads, what is your daily or Weekly or even monthly goal?

If you plan to use your social media for customer outreach, will you use feedback or rating system to measure your results?

Or if you plan to grow your audience and brand, you might want to measure your results through the amount of new fans, followers or clicks to your website.


Step 2 – Define your audience and the solution to their problem


Defining your audience is a great way to truly understand who you are creating your content for will help determine where you should be promoting, create more engagement and increase conversion.

Some of the questions you want to ask yourself about your target audience are:

* How old are they

* What are their occupation

* What are their income level

* What are their interests or personal business

* What are their struggle points

* What are their objections

* What motives them

The more clear you get with the answers, the more you can fine-tune a marketing plan that perfectly suits your potential clients needs. This helps determine the perfect type of messaging to put in front of your customers, as well as gives you great information about where these people tends to hang out online.


Step 3 – Choose the right social media channel for your business and target audience

One important thing to think about when choosing your social media channel, is where you target audience likes to hang out. If they spend a lot of time on Facebook, it would be a great idea to start there. If your target market is young adults, you might want to choose SnapChat as an effective marketing channel.

You want to factor in both your personal preferences and the preferences of your target audience, to find a winning social media channel. If it is something you enjoy doing you are more likely to stick with it.


Step 4 – Create social media content strategy



Now that you have researched and brainstormed, it is time to map out a social media content strategy. Creating content without purpose is a lost cause for any business. You might get likes and shares, but if you want to get measurable results it is crucial to create content or post with purpose.


Same on Step 3 with which social media channel you choose and want to master? Now choose some leaders in your industry who rock the social media content strategy effectively and start to follow and engage with what they do on their channel.

* How often do they post?

* What kinds of posts do their audience like?

* What kind of image and videos do they like?

Take note of everything that stands out and use them ass inspiration for choosing and creating your own unique content.


Step 5 – Set up work flow to get things done


This is the area where most people fail or struggle simply because we often feel like we need to do what everybody else is doing, where in fact we all have different life styles, schedules, and responsibilities. It is most important to figure out a workflow that suits you and your family, even if it does not fit the mold of everyone around you.

Do you have a job that keeps a good part of your day? Or do you have children at home to keep you busy in a certain time? Do you find your work best where you are uninterrupted long stretches of time?

You need to find or set a time where you can work best on your content, with full focus and attention, you will find it easier to create fresh and creative content daily if you work within your best time. It is easier if you create a plan for the week of which content or topic you want to work about so you already have planned on what you should research about instead of browsing on the internet for house looking for topic

Here is an idea on how you can create a content plan.



For example if you plan to post on Facebook 6 times a day, you know that you need 42 Facebook posts a week. You can separate those posts into different types such as quotes, image, promotions, videos, blog posts, or depending on the niche and then you can create the posts all in one sitting.

Last but not the least – Measure and Track your results

Remember Step 1, where you need to create a measurable goals? Well the last part is about measuring and tracking  and optimizing those metrics. If your goal is to get new fans, lets say your goal is 50 fans a week, you can easily use Facebook Data to ensure you are reaching your goal. Same thing with all other Social media platforms, they provide data for your business. For example social media channels such as Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram, make it all simple to see your growth and analytics.


However for things like website clicks,  new leads, and sales conversions you want to make sure  you have a proper tracking in place before you go into full blown promotion mode. For Socratic SBC Website design, those are already included in the package, whether you use custom links or system campaigns, you are able to track your impressions, leads, clicks and sales.

If you are using your own sites you can use link trackers such as BitLy, in order to track your dates.

Most importantly – Engage, Convert and Grow

Remember that creating content and posts in advance is not meant to replace real human interaction. You need to engage with your followers, encourage them through link sharing, question and answer, or encourage them to give out a feed back about your services and products, as well as giving them something to look forward to such as contests or give aways. This way they get to share your content and you also get to be noticed on their set of friends. Your audience will grow in no time if you keep being socially active during the day or set out a time where you really spend time with your audience, this means picking out the best time of the day where most of your followers are online and ready to interact.

Remember there is no plan which is permanent, flexible marketing plan for your social media is very important. Therefore it is very important you notice what are the trends online and which unique way you can use them for your customers.


We would love to hear from you comment below or if you need help creating a social media marketing plan we offer that service for a very affordable rate. Let us know what you think.


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Social media marketing – Tips and tricks for 2016

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Data driven data marketing means constantly testing channels, audiences, ad units, creative and discover the combination which attracts the best customers and return the investment. While you may think you have the winning configuration, it does not stop there. Here is a short insight on what is going to happen for social media marketing in the year 2016.

Creativity is mandatory

Everyone knows creative refresh is mandatory for keeping social media and mobile audience of interest. However coming up with new ideas isn’t easy as it seems.

Kickstart your new year social media marketing with these tips

Video marketing on social media seems to have grown over the 2015, which have also shown an increase in sales for most companies.  However there are few lessons to learn from 2015.

  • Retargeting doesn’t always mean to be confined to “Hey, did you leave something in your cart?”
  • Although attention span on social media is short, there is pain in contributing long-form video.
  • You ads do not appear in a vacuum, your ads has to be a long term on-going relationship with customers.

Effective sale strategy

While we have seen a share of “BUY THIS”, “Click here” and “Shop now” ads on social media channels, this may be an effective tactic. However when people seeing too much of these type of advertising they tend to look at different direction, knowing what will come next if they click the ad.

Therefore being creative is the ley to your social media marketing. If you have an online store, being creative would sometimes come easy, especially when it comes to big holidays such as just what we have celebrated. Having a count down on your items such as shown belong would be a great idea, it will not only let your customers know how many of your items left, it will give them a sense of urgency to buy your products.

Product sell


The new trend : 3D Image

A company has packed up a very powerful visual punch, New Balance has taken their Instagram image into a new level, 3D image of their new products.

When you look at this on a mobile device or tablet, it will seem as if the shoe is covering up the description or caption of the photo, however the text is simply part of the image. Nevertheless it is very eye catching to Instagram users. They got the attention they needed, they got more followers and everybody wants a 3D effect on their Instagram photos.


Carousel ad by Facebook has been popular lately

Facebook’s Carousel Ads has been a favorite among retailers with multiple products to sell, they have also been adopted by business looking to promote one thing but in many angles, whether the thing a car, financial service app, adventure kit etc.

At first glance Carousel Ad may look like ordinary visual ad, which other may see in the Facebook Newsfeed, however if you look closely the image from Carousel Ads are stills from a video.



Creativity and choosing your ads wisely still plays a major role for your business. When you have got the attention from your audience, their interest and their curiosity on your products, you have a successful social media marketing.



Social media marketing – The complete list of twitter marketing

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Twitter marketing



Whatever your goals are in your social media marketing, twitter or Facebook this will help you analyze your audience in a more specific way. Whether it is to increase your sale, have more followers or just increase your website traffic.

Tips on how to tweet effectively

Asking the right questions is the key to engagement, relevant questions to entice people to engage with your tweet or post. You can end your tweet with “Any thoughts?” or “What do you think?”. This way more people will be tempted to answer your questions.

Reframe your blog posts

Blog titles are very important, instead of writing “20 more ways to get traffic” you can be more creative and interesting by writing “Do you want more traffic? These 20 techniques will blow your mind”.  Using the right headline can get you further than you think.



Do not overuse Hashtags #

Do not overuse hashtags to get attention, here are some facts which will be useful the next time you try to use too much hashtags.

  1. Tweets with hashtags receive 2x more engagement
  2. Tweets with 2 or more Hashtags have 21 % higher engagement
  3. Tweets that use more than 2 hashtags actually drops 17% in engagement

Recent study shows that tweets with hashtags get 2 times more engagement than tweets without. Whenever you use more than 2 hashtags your engagement can decrease to 17% therefore do not over use hashtags.


Use some humor in your tweets


To make you brand more memorable use humor, in fact 80 out 100 people remember ads that make them laugh, according to some sources. Do not be afraid to be funny, or use funny images. Your brand won’t lose its credibility by adding humor into your marketing techniques.


However before you start making jokes, you need to see these facts:


Avoid controversial topics – what maybe funny to other people, may seem rude to others.


Don’t force humor – people can easily detect when you force humor into your tweets, let it come naturally.


Don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself – When you naturally make a fun of yourself and use humor naturally people will perceive your brand is human.




Stand out from the crowd, be unique use emoticon


You won’t believe that emoticon can be a part of your tweets or posts as well. When people sees emoticon on social media, the same parts of the brain is activated as if he or she is seeing a real human face. It is also proven that human face is an effective attention-grabbing mechanism.






Link location


Have you ever wondered what is the best location to include a link in a tweet to get the higher amount of clicks?


Dan Zarella, made an experiment a few years ago and found the best locations for click is 25% of the way through the Tweet. However it is always best to perform your own testing since results may vary.



Use the right image dimension


There is nothing worse than a blurred image in a cloudy day, so making sure using the right image is as important as using the right title or headline for your posts. Here are the optimal image sizes:


  • Tweets: 1024×512 px
  • Summary Cards 120×120 px
  • Summary Cards with large image : 280×150 px


Use this data to reach more people


It is highly encouraged you to find you optimal tweet, but in the mean time you can start sharing you content based on this criteria:


  • Monday to Friday 12:00 to 5:00 PM
  • Wednesdays at 5:00 PM
  • On weekends experiment with 2:00 to 3:00 am, 6:00 t0 7:00 am and 9:00 – 10:00 PM



Use the right words


The words that you use in your tweets have a big impact  in your audience. For instance, words are like great, please, retweet, and you can actually increase you engagement. On the other hands words like work, home, bored and sleep can decrease it. Below is the complete guide to which words to use.




Use shorten links


As you all probably know twitter has a limited 140 character to writing your tweet, therefore it is best to shorten your link to save more space.

By shortening your link, you do not only have more space for tweeting, but you can actually track how many people clicked your link. However that depends on the tool that you use to shorten your link.






Marketing is about simplifying your core message so people can actually understand it, and when it comes to Twitter Marketing, you can apply the same technique.



Content Marketing – B2B Content Marketing for 2016

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Content Marketing Institute’s annual study was recently released and as usual it brings more interesting insights for marketing and sales profession. Here are notable lessons for 2016 edition. This will be very helpful for your business this upcoming year.

Goal setting

In 2016 be very clear about your goals, a well-documented content marketing strategy and crystal clear mission are critical to a successful B2B content marketing  in 2016 according to the study.

Measure your content marketing effectiveness

Only 30% of the marketers that completed the survey, agreed that their marketing efforts are successful, this study already shows that there are still lots of marketers who are struggling with their content marketing.

When content marketers are asked how they measure their success in content marketing, the marketers measure their sales lead quality, revenue and conversion rate.

It is great to see marketer’s looks at the hard metrics, however the real measure is how you produce contents that are engaging, which also drives revenue.

Effective but underutilized types of content

Social media contents are the most popular types of contents today, but it is not the most effective. In fact the most popular contents are, webinar, case studies and whitepapers bring the most ROI, according to the survey’s respondents.

For this upcoming year companies need to consider more epic contents and use effective but underutilized content types. To determine the company’s effectiveness in content marketing, you must measure web and PDF analytics as well as engagement metrics.







Social Media – How to use social media to care for your customers

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Most businesses tend to care for their customers through social media channels such as Facebook, Facebook group and page, twitter or other social media channels, where their customers are found. This is one of the most effective and efficient way to connect with your customers.

Social Care – Social media Customer Care


Social care is the new concept, where you are providing care for your customer through your social media account. Social media can present real challenges for B2B and B2C companies large and small – as well as opportunities to positive impact sales and customer loyalty.

The reality is that customer care through social media is rising every year and consumers look for brand to look for seamless experience that spans the showroom floor to the Facebook Timeline.  However the social media presence is sometimes not enough, you need to be a social media rock star.

Social media rock star- Be where your customers are


One of the most challenging in running a business, is providing great customer service over social media. Social media is determining where to focus, time and resources. While marketing efforts may drive traffic to targeted social sites, customer services teams must meet their customers where they’re already socializing. For most companies, Facebook and Twitter are the primary focus for social media care, however some brands may find their customers on Google+, LinkedIn or Instagram or other social media sites.

To figure out where your customers are, search for mentions of your brand within popular social sites, whether this is something your marketing has already done, or your first step towards social media presence, it is a mistake to leave a dialogue about your brand solely to Google algorithm.

Listen to your customers – Social media monitoring


Lots of marketers are already familiar with social media monitoring tools that automate the process of searching for mentions of a brand name, or combing social media pages for specific keywords. Most costumers believe that you are already monitoring your social media mentions and expect a company to respond immediately or short period of time on their inquiries and questions.

Time is of the essence

Time is of the essence when it comes to social media customer care, you will need a team to handle your social care if you do not have time to do it for yourself. The faster you answer your consumer’s inquiries, the better your communication and the more they will trust your brand.

Social care is care for customers

The success for your social care efforts will depend, as ever, on the quality of care you provide, however providing great customer care over social media can require extra handling. Agent’s response must be timely, accurate, sensitive, brief and friendly. Agents must respond quickly but not so fast that issues are not resolved properly.

Content Marketing – How to write with clarity

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Are you not getting enough attention with your content Do you miss out on the shares from your blog to social media channels Perhaps your content creation need a little boost and some make-overs.

There is something missing from a lot of content, sometimes it is CLARITY. Clarity makes a content easy to read and understand, if people can’t understand what you are trying to say, then your content is not useful.


Here are 9 methods for writing with absolute clarity

Know what you want to say:

Perhaps it is about changing you whole perspective or your way of thinking, it means thinking before you start writing on your blog.

Before you start with your blog here are 3 important facts you need to list down.

  1. Your Subject – What your topic will be for this blog post
  2. Your point – What is your point in writing this topic
  3. Your Outline – This is the basic structure of your article. For this article for example there are 9 outlines.

Know your topic and audience:


First and foremost, knowing your audience is the key to good writing. The better you know your audience the better content you can create. You will have your readers interest in mind all the time such as: Interest. It is the key to communicate better with your audience if you know their interest.

To improve communication with your readers, write the way you would speak to a 5 year old child. It won’t offend them or insult their intelligence. Instead it will allow to process your information easily. Adults process new information as a 5 year old, with graphics more than text and perhaps less text and more images.

Unfortunately when explaining advanced topics, you will need to use big words and advanced concepts. However you should know the concept and topics your audience is familiar with and discuss such topic. You could include a link to a great blog familiarizing the topic, if you would not include a short explanation of the words you use.

Here are some few facts from customers themselves, when they are being informed with new concepts and brand.

  1. Speak slowly and clearly
  2. Ask one question at a time
  3. Only have one idea at a time
  4. Use easy words and sentences
  5. Give the customer time to think before you push for an answer.


Define unfamiliar words:


As mentioned above there can be times where you would need to use big words, however there is a simple technique. In the beginning the title even tells you that this is about how you can make a blog post with clarity. We assumed that you know, content creation, content marketing and the word clarity in writing.

If you choose a topic that focuses on particular concept or subject, be sure that you explain that subject or concept. That way the readers know exactly what you are talking about. You can then proceed to your next sentence.

Create outline:


What is a sentence outline anyway?

A sentence outline is an outline of your article using complete sentences. When your article consists of phrases or single word, it is not clear or helpful. Writing in full sentence makes you think through what you are saying. And also, full sentences helps the reader understand what each point is about.


Create one- sentenced paragraphs

Creating one- sentenced paragraphs are great, they make the content scannable. Most readers do not read each word your write, therefore it is important that the most important words or information is separated. One-sentenced paragraphs cause the eye to



And understand

It is simply a technique and it also increase clarity.

Make your sentences short:

Short sentences makes it easier to read and understand, if you pack sentences in one paragraph you lose clarity.


What kind of words tend to creep into sentences?

Adverbs : Actually, currently, really, literally

Adjectives: very, real, simple

Other words : perhaps, pretty, now, that, in order to, just, maybe

Here is an awesome video “10 words to cut from your writing”


Do not use long words :

Why would you use words like these?

Is it to impress people?

To flaunt your knowledge?

These words mean nothing to your readers, it will result to irritation and misinformation

Leverage your writing tool:

One of the most used app is the Hemmingway app when it comes to writing with clarification.

The benefits?

  1. Hemmingway editors cut the dead weight of your article
  2. Helps you write with power and clarity
  3. Highlighting adverbs, passive voice and dull complicated words

You can get the desktop version for only $9.99

Another great tool is Grammarly

Grammarly has both paid and free version, if you write article daily the paid version would be better and you won’t regret it.

Be consistent and unique

It is great to be predictable, it is one of the reasons people go back to your site. To get more information about your expertise. They know what to expect, great content, informative content and easy to understand content.

Once a reader find your content valuable, people appreciate same experience every time, so focus on delivering steady and consistent style.

Mastering clarity

Clarity is a lost art today, people think the more complicated the better. No! Nowadays there are too many business which offer complication in their marketing style, customer services, their expensive yet time consuming online stores.

Clear message turn heads, change minds and encourages action.




Local SEO guide for Small Businesses

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When people are in unfamiliar place and looking for restaurants, café, store or some other local businesses, most people tend to turn to their smart phones. Open up a search engine and search for a particular local business, that is called local search and it is for customers in particular area, who use local online searchto find a business in that area.

According to Google’s own research 50%of consumers who conducted local search on their smart phones visited a store within the day and the 34 % search are from Desktop or Tablet.

How to optimize your website accordingly

With local businesses competing for the top spots in those searches, knowing how to optimize your website accordingly is the key. Here is a check list for your small business SEO

  1. What is Local SEO?

Local SEO helps you improve your ranking and increase exposure on Search Engine geographically like cities or states.

64% Local consumers who use online search engines and directories as their main way to find local businesses.


  1. The anatomy of a Local Google Search Results

Most search engines will display Local results with a combination of the following:

  • Keywords based search box
  • Paid ads
  • Organic results
  • Map pins for results
  • Feature top results
  • New results
  • Image results
  • Related Searches
  • Additional pages


  1. How to optimize your website for Local search
  • Meta Title Tag – Every page of your website should have a title tag. Be descriptive, brief use keywords and most importantly use city, postal code and state
  • URL or web address – Create easy to remember or type URL or web address, the URL should describe the page.
  • Header – H1 header, H2 Header, it is important that you treat your Header 1 or H1 like a newspaper headline.


  • Write for users not for Search engines

It is important to keep your professionalism even through your content, your content should be unique, helpful and informative. Introduce your products and services in a short and direct description, use keywords naturally without abusing them.


  • Contact information

It is important that your area code match the city, where you want to rank. The phone number must be solely for your business and a permanent number. Use a true physical address.


  • Social media links

Make your website shareable to your readers social media, by providing social media links.

Quality image and graphic are very important

It is important that your image are unique and made especially for your small business, copy right images are important for businesses. When using image on your website it is important that you use image description, for search engines to pick up the location of the image which is your website.


Help optimize your webpages for search engines to help your customers find your website without any trouble.






SEO – Google’s new algorithm RankBrain

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Yesterday Google announced their new artificial intelligence system called RankBrain. RankBrain helps sort through its search result.


RankBrain is Google’s name for machine-learning artificial intelligence system that’s used to help process its search result that is used to help process its results. It has been confirmed by Google itself.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is where a computer teaching itself how to do something, rather than being taught by humans.

Artificial Intelligence

True Artificial Intelligence or AI, is where a computer can be as smart as human being, in the sense of acquiring knowledge from both being taught and building on what it know and making new connections.

AI exists only in Science Fiction novels or movies for instance the movie I. Robot. AI is used to refer to computer systems, that are designed to learn and make connections.

RankBrain and Google Ranks Search Results

The question most of you probably have in mind is; So RankBrain is the new way Google ranks search results?

The answer is No, RankBrain is part of Google’s overall search Algorithm, a computer program that is used to sort through billions of pages and it knows about and find the ones deemed most relevant.

Google’s Search Algorithm – The HummingBird

Over the years this search algorithm did not have a formal name, now it is called Hummingbird. Hummingbird is the overall algorithm, just like a car has an overall engine- The engine itself is made of various parts, such as, oil filter, fuel pump, radiator and so on. In the same way Hummingbird emcompasses various parts. RankBrain is one of the newest. As we know there are other parts such as Panda, Penguin, PayDay, Pigeon and Mobile Friendly. Each part plays a role for the overall Algorithm hummingbird.

You can read more about Google’s Ranking on SearcEngineLand




Online Marketing – marketing trends for 2016

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Each year a new hardware, new software, new companies and new preferences host sweeping changes which either get adopted or ignored by businesses. Early adopters get a leg up on the competition, appealing to the markets reputation as industry leaders. Therefore it is highly important that your business is up to date with what is trending when it comes to marketing your business. 2016 should be looking great for online marketing, here some 7 trends which will definitely be shaking up in 2016.


Video ads will dominate

Video ads are certainly nothing new when it comes to marketing your brand. YouTube dedicated to hosting billions of videos and advertising platforms like Facebook and Bing are already offering video ads options. It is a sign that users are more likely to accept video ads online popping up in the most unexpected places. And with Google’s ownership of YouTube, the possibilities are limitless.

Explosion of Apps

Google has offered app indexing for a while, but the ranking possibilities for apps become complex, 2016 will be a year where business owners realize the online visibility advantage of a dedicated app. A mobile optimized website works wonders for mobile users, but soon mobile apps will soon replace them. Apps can do everything a website can except in a more accessible, convenient and intuitive way.

Mobile will dominate desktop

2015 was a huge breakthrough for mobile, not only did Google announce that mobile traffic finally took over desktop traffic in 10 different countries. 2015 is also the year where Mobilegeddon algorithm was released to phase out sites that was not mobile optimized. It is also a year where mobile-only sites with no desktop site was acceptable.

These are the short version of what is trending for the upcoming year. If you need to implement new marketing plan for the upcoming year and be ahead of your competitors, contact us below.

Socratic SBC / Small Business Consulting

2 Wisconsin Circle Suite 700 Chevy Chase,

MD 20815

Office: (410) 344-7874

Fax: (202) 318-0689







Social media – Ways to engage with your customers

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Online life concept. Business Woman looking upwards while workin


Have you ever considered your social media marketing stagnate? Perhaps you are doing something wrong along the way and losing your customers interest. There is a proper way to make your followers engage on your social media accounts.  Part of the issue is knowing how to walk the line between maintaining your professionalism while engaging with your followers. Here we have combined some social media strategies that might be helpful for building your online visibility.


The art of Contests


Some companies are really creative when it comes to creating contests online, making it personalized, unique and interesting. This is a great way to establish lay back relationship with your followers, also this is a great way companies develop personality.

Provide tips

Everybody need a little hint or tips once in a while, provide related tips or video tutorials on your products and services. For instances a car manufacturer may give tips on how to stay safe on the road during Winter Seasons, while a clothing designers may give out hints on what is trending this upcoming season.

Get personal

It is evident that personalization on your posts on social media can attract more followers, getting personal such as diverting your products and services as daily routine or a daily need for your audience. As for instance, Coca Cola takes their advertisements to a personal level, as well as KitKat with a slogan “take a break” lots of people will remember a brand with a slogan and an interesting image onto it.

Be a part of the community


Join communities or create one yourself and be a part of it as an expert but open for conversation and discussion. Engaging customers directly on social media allows you to throw off the professionalism a tad more. Think of mirroring techniques on sales.

Nurture free bloggers

There are people out there who absolutely love your brand, then grab the opportunity to let them write you a little something on your blog, perhaps a review or if they are opt for it a whole blog. Or you can ask your followers to be your “Product Testers”, and allow them to spread their experience to their network, this will even give you new followers without much effort.

Relevant hashtags

Facebook may not have gotten the feature yet with hashtags, but twitter, Instagram and youtube has. So scour your social media with relevant hashtags.

Use multimedia


Videos and links are highly shareable, often retweeted and consumed at a staggered rate. Research says tweets are engaged twice as often when it contains an image link versus just plain text. Hashtags also double the amount, but research shows that using less and proper hashtags are better. Facebook posts with photos definitely get more attention than those with just link and text.


Stay consistent

The key to social media is to stay consistent personally across your accounts. Nothing will destroy the illusion of personality than shifting attitudes, wording and tone of voice. There are demographic considerations at play when choosing your social media personality, you can use these pointers to find the proper personality for your business on social media:

  • Does your language portray your products and demographic?
  • If your brand was a person who would you be?
  • Does your brand strongly identified as gender or neutral
  • Does your account speak a certain dialect, jargon or certain jokes?


When starting your social media marketing you need to be aware the things that you need to plan before jumping onto the wagon, for social media you meet real people, engage in real time and the slightest misconception of your brand can lead to negative feedbacks. For more info about Social Media Marketing for Small Business, you can contact us for free consultation. We would gladly help you out with your marketing tasks with the most affordable Marketing Plan for small businesses.

Socratic SBC / Small Business Consulting

2 Wisconsin Circle Suite 700 Chevy Chase,

MD 20815

Office: (410) 344-7874

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