Social Media Marketing – Creating an effective social media plan

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Creating an effective social media plan that suits your business and serves your clients the best way possible is one of the most common marketing strategy of small businesses these days.

Do you struggle in creating your social media marketing plan, that both fits in your schedule and still provide massive information to your target clients on a daily or consistent basis?

Are you just starting out your socialmedia marketing and you feel overwhelmed with the endless possibilities and strategies, but you just cant figure out where to start?


Well do not worry, you are not alone in this ride, on this post we will share how top advice for creating a highly effective marketing plan that works no matter which social media channel you primarily choose for your business.

Step 1 Determind your vision and goals



You should not approach your social media blindly. Without knowing where you want to go or what you want to accomplish and how you will get there. You need to set your aside time to determine what is your goal, visualize on how you can reach out to your potential clients in the most effective way, by looking at the their interest and the time they spend on social media or how you can you fulfill their needs.

One of the best things you can do before you get started on your social media marketing, is to sit down and really map out exactly what it is you want to accomplish on socialmedia.

Are you looking to generate more leads?

Do you plan to use social media for customer outreach?

Or do you want to increase your brand awareness?


The thing you have to keep in mind is, is the goal measurable in some way?  If you want to generate more leads, what is your daily or Weekly or even monthly goal?

If you plan to use your social media for customer outreach, will you use feedback or rating system to measure your results?

Or if you plan to grow your audience and brand, you might want to measure your results through the amount of new fans, followers or clicks to your website.


Step 2 – Define your audience and the solution to their problem


Defining your audience is a great way to truly understand who you are creating your content for will help determine where you should be promoting, create more engagement and increase conversion.

Some of the questions you want to ask yourself about your target audience are:

* How old are they

* What are their occupation

* What are their income level

* What are their interests or personal business

* What are their struggle points

* What are their objections

* What motives them

The more clear you get with the answers, the more you can fine-tune a marketing plan that perfectly suits your potential clients needs. This helps determine the perfect type of messaging to put in front of your customers, as well as gives you great information about where these people tends to hang out online.


Step 3 – Choose the right social media channel for your business and target audience

One important thing to think about when choosing your social media channel, is where you target audience likes to hang out. If they spend a lot of time on Facebook, it would be a great idea to start there. If your target market is young adults, you might want to choose SnapChat as an effective marketing channel.

You want to factor in both your personal preferences and the preferences of your target audience, to find a winning social media channel. If it is something you enjoy doing you are more likely to stick with it.


Step 4 – Create social media content strategy



Now that you have researched and brainstormed, it is time to map out a social media content strategy. Creating content without purpose is a lost cause for any business. You might get likes and shares, but if you want to get measurable results it is crucial to create content or post with purpose.


Same on Step 3 with which social media channel you choose and want to master? Now choose some leaders in your industry who rock the social media content strategy effectively and start to follow and engage with what they do on their channel.

* How often do they post?

* What kinds of posts do their audience like?

* What kind of image and videos do they like?

Take note of everything that stands out and use them ass inspiration for choosing and creating your own unique content.


Step 5 – Set up work flow to get things done


This is the area where most people fail or struggle simply because we often feel like we need to do what everybody else is doing, where in fact we all have different life styles, schedules, and responsibilities. It is most important to figure out a workflow that suits you and your family, even if it does not fit the mold of everyone around you.

Do you have a job that keeps a good part of your day? Or do you have children at home to keep you busy in a certain time? Do you find your work best where you are uninterrupted long stretches of time?

You need to find or set a time where you can work best on your content, with full focus and attention, you will find it easier to create fresh and creative content daily if you work within your best time. It is easier if you create a plan for the week of which content or topic you want to work about so you already have planned on what you should research about instead of browsing on the internet for house looking for topic

Here is an idea on how you can create a content plan.



For example if you plan to post on Facebook 6 times a day, you know that you need 42 Facebook posts a week. You can separate those posts into different types such as quotes, image, promotions, videos, blog posts, or depending on the niche and then you can create the posts all in one sitting.

Last but not the least – Measure and Track your results

Remember Step 1, where you need to create a measurable goals? Well the last part is about measuring and tracking  and optimizing those metrics. If your goal is to get new fans, lets say your goal is 50 fans a week, you can easily use Facebook Data to ensure you are reaching your goal. Same thing with all other Social media platforms, they provide data for your business. For example social media channels such as Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram, make it all simple to see your growth and analytics.


However for things like website clicks,  new leads, and sales conversions you want to make sure  you have a proper tracking in place before you go into full blown promotion mode. For Socratic SBC Website design, those are already included in the package, whether you use custom links or system campaigns, you are able to track your impressions, leads, clicks and sales.

If you are using your own sites you can use link trackers such as BitLy, in order to track your dates.

Most importantly – Engage, Convert and Grow

Remember that creating content and posts in advance is not meant to replace real human interaction. You need to engage with your followers, encourage them through link sharing, question and answer, or encourage them to give out a feed back about your services and products, as well as giving them something to look forward to such as contests or give aways. This way they get to share your content and you also get to be noticed on their set of friends. Your audience will grow in no time if you keep being socially active during the day or set out a time where you really spend time with your audience, this means picking out the best time of the day where most of your followers are online and ready to interact.

Remember there is no plan which is permanent, flexible marketing plan for your social media is very important. Therefore it is very important you notice what are the trends online and which unique way you can use them for your customers.


We would love to hear from you comment below or if you need help creating a social media marketing plan we offer that service for a very affordable rate. Let us know what you think.


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Entrepreneurs and advertisers Social Media Ethics

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One out of hundreds of benefits we get from the internet is that we now have limitless access to information that we need either about history or real-time news and happenings.  However, despite that no one could 100% police what we share, we are still held responsible on whatever we post and share hence we should always be mindful of our social media ethics.


As an avid user of internet I have included here few of the things that i see important to practice everytime; sort of simple code of ethics in using the web that should be practiced not only by individuals but also companies who uses social media. Let’s start with the simplest one which is Respect. As we go through the internet we should always put in mind that we are entering a virtual community that is diverse who has different norms, beliefs and nationality. We should be mindful of what we post and comment as this could be taken against us later on. Yes the internet is free- zone, limitless and gave us the privilege to share our thoughts which we should not abuse.  One example of this is using photos other internet users; these photos are somewhat copyrighted unless otherwise stated free or allowed for public use.  We could not just grab them and use them as as company logo nor banner of any sorts.


Second principle I practice is integrity; integrity coincides with credibility. This is a key in building relationships to the virtual communities, we should always need to make sure that we post what is true just so we won’t mislead our page’s followers/supporters.  If you are a company who uses social media to promote your products and services, then you should practice integrity with transparency. You have to be transparent on the the true value/ condition of what you offer by presenting the information completely and accurately. By doing so, would would help prevent possible issues to arise either grave or small.  Lastly, since I’m making this article short I am cutting the principles down to three. I deem independence as the third important principle to practice when managing a page.  As mentioned at the early part of this article, we are privileged to use the internet with freedom but shouldn’t be abused. We should first question ourselves few simple things before postings such as;


– Is this important?

-How should I post it?

-When and where should I post it?

-What will be the impact of this post?


We need learn as to when we need to post our thoughts and when not.


Entrepreneurs and advertisers need to apply these set of guidelines in their daily business operations in order to smoothly manage their social media pages. We should always be reminded that we are accountable and responsible on whatever we post publicly as this could be the reflection of your company that could be passed from one person to another in just one click.



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How to use social media to promote your campaigns

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Besides the content marketing, social media is one of the most common marketing tool for most businesses may it be large or small. The reasons are clear, 93% of marketers use social media for business, 70% of brands have presence on social media, 70% of marketers used facebook successfully get new leads, 34% have used Twitter to successfully generate leads, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are the 3 most popular social media sites. So do Social media increase your ROI the answer is YES.


Think Mobile when running a promotion

According to recent data 78% of users browse social media on mobile; therefore it is so essential to pay attention to mobile compatibility. By default Facebook can’t display apps on mobile, however there are some developers or app which can help you with that like for example Anvato, where they can share mobile compatible link of your promotion. Your promotion will look more appealing and professional to your visitors after they click the mobile compatible link.

Initial traffic – Use your newsletter

In order for your promotion to go viral, it needs initial traffic. You can send out promotions on your newsletter email to your subscribers, this will also ensure the viral boost       of your campaign. Make sure that your newsletter about your promotion can easily be seen or viewed from a tablet or mobile device as well.

Optimize your social media sites

You can use your social media sites, by optimizing your Facebook and Twitter cover photo announcing that you have a new campaign. If your photo resembles that of your promotion’s header then it will highlight more of your promotion to your followers. Post the mobile compatible link to your newsfeed with engaging copy and promote it within facebook for a larger reach.

Edit your posts so it looks more attractive and encourage interaction use words that will catch your visitors attention like “ Click here if you want to WIN……”you are also allowed to tag other Company if the prize are from another company. This way your post will also appear on their page.

Update about your promotion

Keep your visitors up to date with your promotions on social media, you can update things like how many left before the promo ends, how many people have subscribed till that point, the top X entries etc.

It pays to promote your brand on social media, read on!

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Social media has been aggressively used b business owners to promote their brand, it is valuable and free. Further if you are not using social media you are risking your own potential clients/customers, to those smart business owners who are using social media.


Social media is cost effective marketing tool

The current most popular social media platforms are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Google+ and Pinterest. This is today called relationship marketing, where you use social media marketing to build a trusting and long term relationship with your potential clients. Social media is definitely FREE and cost effective, however needs dedication and commitment, this means you need to engage and interact with your potential and current clients as much as you can. That would not be a problem for small business owners who have smart phones where they have the possibility to interact with their customers anywhere and at any time.

Reach globally with social media

The World is your global market place, and then why not reach out to them? Most of small business owners with online store or business try to reach out to their potential clients from all over the world. Therefore Twitter, Facebook and Google+ has a magnificent feature to support your needs in accordance to your target market.

Target your group, age and location through social media


Social media enables you to join a group, community and network with the same interest and goals, on LinkedIn and Facebook you can join groups varies from Book writers, artists to Marketers. If you choose group based on your niche, you will be putting yourself in front of people you want to reach out as potential customers, this can increase your sales and call it Return on Investment, although you have not invested a dime on social media.

Use social media to establish your expertise

People like to do business with people they know, like and trust. By sharing your knowledge online with your social media group, you can easily establish yourself as an expert in your field. You can do so by inviting your group to your blog, webinars and more.

Use social media to cross- promotion

In the world of social media, people would like to consider competitors in the off-line world are teaming up to provide products and services to their combined clients. This cross- promotion is often called Joint-venture, and clients are very responsive to this action, especially when introduced to second expert from a first expert. You and your cross-promotion partner can each get access to other person’s lists of clients, and creatively support each other’s business.

Use social media to announce updates, deals and promos


Use your Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts to announce to your followers what you are offering or what you are interested or on trend at the current moment.

There are even online applications that allow you to update your status across several social media accounts at one time.


Once you have become active on social media, you will find many more reasons to promote your brand. You just need to be creative with your social media marketing plan, you need to define your goals and you need to establish policies if you have employees handling social media and how you can always improve your customer service.


Social media risks for Small Business

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Social media has a very real presence that can make a huge impact on your small business. Social media is expanding far beyond any marketers expectations. Unlike traditional marketing, social media needs presence, interactions and engagement. Although companies have different social media policies, they all share the same goals when it comes to online visibility through social media. Here are some ways you can manage all your social media accounts without having to stress out about it.


Social media risk


At time there can come some risks in social media marketing, by simply blocking their employees from using these sites at work. As time progressed, companies began to realize how valuable social media can be in marketing their brand; therefore most companies organize a group of marketers to handle their social media sites.  What are the risks when letting employees handle social media marketing.

Reputation risks

  1. It is important to understand that the public can interact with one another and provide a negative feedback about your Small Business for anyone to see.


The best way to address to this type of situation is, you can apologize when applicable and follow it up with a solution. If you have employees handling these types of issues, review it first as company owner and discuss with your social media handler what solutions can be given, it is important that you set your rules about social media and your employees.


  1. An employee can post information about your Small Business that can harm the image of your organization.


If this happens, the action to resolve such issues should be immediately and re-establish social media guidelines to be reviewed by everyone in your business.

Information risks

Too much postings on social media by employees can post problem for the organization, therefore it is important to define a schedule and social media marketing plan.


Construct a social media confidentiality statement so all employees know what is and is not appropriate to post about work online, may it be on their personal social media accounts or the company’s. Evaluate company’s policy to make sure it includes safeguards against social media risks.

Legal and employment risks


Lots of companies have been known to use social media marketing as a way of attracting potential clients and employees as well. Legal risks include discrimination and litigation cases, social media platforms can contain an array of information about clients and candidates for employment which should be considered thoroughly.

Some people use social media for their job tasks, employees can directly correlate lack of productivity to their employees social media use at work.  If you want to cut back on social media usage on your employees you can suggest 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon for their personal social media usage, other times can be for work purpose to address to clients and potential clients inquiries.

It is important that your employees know how to cautiously share information on social media when you are connected to your co-worker or using your company’s social media account and to know when to use both.



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Social media strategy: Word of mouth worthy

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The best marketing for a brand is word of mouth marketing, once you have established your business online and have gotten a good reputation. You still need to go thoroughly with your posts, tweets and branding strategy. Word of mouth marketing can spread faster than any marketing techniques in social media. Which means that word of mouth marketing can either break or make your business?

What is word of mouth marketing


Word of mouth marketing is using your happy customers to promote your business, the aim in word of mouth marketing is to provide customers with such amazing and life affirming products and services that they can’t help but share with their friends, family and co-workers. Imagine how it will boost your visibility is one client share your brand to their friends and their friends share it to their friends and so the cycle goes on. Word of mouth marketing can be found in:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Online reviews
  • Blog posts
  • Brand mentions
  • Forums
  • Old school Chatter

Word of mouth marketing statistics


These numbers are pretty solid case for word of mouth marketing and it’s kind of cornerstone of every marketing strategies out there.

  • 20 to 50% are results of word of mouth marketing
  • 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends, family and co-workers
  • Only 10% of consumers trusts brands without reviews
  • 70% of consumers read reviews online
  • 80% of consumers are influenced by friends social share about a brand

5 steps to improve your word of mouth marketing

Social network

Word of mouth marketing isn’t magic, begin your journey with these simple 5 steps to improve your word of mouth marketing.

  1. Give people reasons to brag about your service and friendly staff

Word of mouth is about customers promoting your business to their set of social network, which means that you need to give your customers something interesting to share, might it be an informative article that you write on your blog or simply a product that that have changed their lives. With this obviously your products needs to be strong, and it is important that your staff interacting with your customers and clients is on top-notch.

  1. Be unique

One way to generate word of mouth marketing is to be unique and different from your competitors, you can do this in such a number of ways, and here are some examples:

–          One of a kind product

–          Happy staff

–          Unique company culture

–          Creative marketing ideas

People appreciate what is out of ordinary, if you have a bizarre brand identity you need to be proud of it.

  1. Be an industry expert

It is important for people to trust is you first establish yourself as industry expert through articles, podcasts, webinars and video tutorials. Being an expert requires a lot of effort from you as the business owner.

  1. Create a good name for yourself and your brand

People appreciate a business that is honest and fair, grow your reputation by being respectful of your customers and treating them right.

  1. Be active and engage on social media

Your business, brand, products and services may be well known on social media, but what people really appreciate is having the owner of the company to be seen on social media as well. You can develop a community by:

–          Encourage dialogue

–          Host contents

–          Host webinars

–          Organize events offline and online

–          Loyalty programs


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Exploring social media advantage and disadvantage

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While there are lots of risks on social media marketing, there are also lots of benefits for Small Businesses. Social networking can provide new opportunities for new relationships whether it is for a new client or current clients. It is important to be vigilant when it comes to your business being involved on online social networking, but it is also important to encourage positive relationship through various avenues like internet.


Social media advantage

Too many businesses enter into social media because; it’s simply trending to be on social media. They feel they should have a presence simply because their competitors do. There are number of benefits and advantages in using social media for your Small Business:

  • Sharing your fresh and relevant content will grab your target clients attention and increase your brands visibility
  •  You can respond easily and quickly to your audience or potential clients inquiries
  • It is much cheaper than traditional advertising and promotional services
  • Social content can directly increase links to your website
  • You can deliver better and improved customer service
  • Customers can find you through multiple channels, which can improve your leads
  • Increase loyalty and advocacy

Social media disadvantage

When you decide to execute social media marketing campaign, you are also committing yourself to social media presence engagement and interaction. Social media can be of your disadvantage if you do not have the time in the world to engage with your customers and potential customers. It can be difficult to have a return of investment if you as a business owner do not have time to handle your social media channels.

Possible disadvantage:

  • Opens up for possible parodies
  • Increase risk of people falling prey into online scams
  • Potential loss in productivity

Social media Creativity

Social media can be a great way to reach out to both existing and potential customers, using a creative way to market your products and services. There are 2 ways to involve your small business in developing new social media strategies online.

  1. Crowdsourcing – asking your current network for possible improvements, or solutions that your company is now facing.
  2. Open innovation – Allow people to submit their own competitive ideas and innovations for your company

With so many minds to give you an idea on how you can improve your services outside workforce can benefit your business from :

  • Wisdom and creativity
  • Increase livelihood of people
  • Perspective of customers and potential customers who may have issues that you are not aware of
  • Lower cost when developing products or enhancements

Advertising on Social media

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google offer a number of advertising options including PPC, PPV, banner ads etc. Advertising can be targeted against a variety of demographic criteria like Facebook adverts, which can give your business a relating tool for your valuable customer profile information. This will allow you make informed decisions about whether which social media platform is appropriate for your marketing campaign.

Guide to social media branding for small business

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Social media is no longer what it was a year ago; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn were the top of our minds when we say social media. Then came Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and many other to keep your business socialize.

Strategic guide-social-media Social media marketing for Small business

With more social media to cater to different target clients and posting different things, you have to choose your social media carefully. On this blog you will find how to choose the right social media platform for your small business Which social media platform fits your business.

How to make these top social media work for your business



Facebook was founded in year 2004, today there are more than 802 million users daily, and approximately 82% of daily active users are outside Canada and US.

Small and large businesses are fighting their place on Facebook to get the target clients they need, with all the features’ that Facebook presents to businesses it is essential that you should also explore the opportunities you have on this social site.

Create a fan page that will serve as your customer service, where you can interact and answer inquiries from your clients. The best part of advertising on Facebook is that you can choose your budget rate to gain the visibility you need.

Facebook is ideally for B2C companies, Businesses offering deals, non profit sharing, photo sharing of your products and services.



Facts: Founded in 2007 with approximately 255 million active users and 500 million tweets per day. 77% active users are from Outside US.

Twitter and Facebook is great rival, but with their collaboration feature of post sharing twitter is one of the most in demand social media site to have for businesses. Twitter is a great place where you can share events, short messages about your business, interact with relevant businesses and share your contents to drive traffic to your website or blog.

Ideally for : Sharing content, events, webinars, products and links. Suited for any type of businesses.


Facts: Founded in 2003 with 300 million users over 200 countries territories and 67% of Linkedin users are located out United States. 300 million users are students or newly college graduates, Linkedin is the fastest growing network demographically.

LinkedIn are best for B2B businesses, employee recruitment and seeking for professionals.

LinkedIn is a site where you Business can add their skills, and complete description of themselves as a business owner and their network can add recommendation which is a great way to prove to your potential client you are reliable and trust worthy.

You can also grow your network through LinkedIn by joining communities or add contents.


Facts: Founded in 2003, today there are 70 million users and 80% of them are women.

Pinterest is ideally for businesses which h target clients are female, this network requires as well a woman to handle as men does not have the right patience to go over and over and start building boards and followers where most of the shared items are images of either products, ideas of DIY, recipes, fashion tips, make up tips and more.

Ideally for business to consumer reaching females from 25 above, Pinterest is highly visual on topics such as mentioned above.

Google +

Google + is founded in 2011,today Google+ is one of the most active social media on the internet where there are more than 540 million users most of them have a business or part of a business related community. Google+ is essential for your small business where you can collaborate your blog, website and Google profile.

Content marketing works well with Google+ as well, posting your content on Google+ will more likely increase your website traffic than other social media sites.


Construct your social media strategy based on your audience and the social media sites, here on this blog; How to build relationship with your customers. You will learn on how you can build relationship with your clients and new potential clients using social media.



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Mobile Social media marketing tips

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It is no secret that mobile is the next frontier of online marketing,  80% of world population uses mobile devices to search for products and services. Research says over the next few years a bulk of internet usage with shift from desktop to mobile and any business who are not ready with mobile marketing will be left behind.

It is a challenge for most to come up with Mobile social media marketing strategies that will keep your business mobile user friendly. It is very frustrating for potential customers trying to interact with companies that are not mobile ready.

So here are some few tips on how you can make your clients satisfied and happy.

Start with your website


Your website your 24 hour sales person, it’s there and its open it works 24 hours, 7 days a week. Your website is your business personality makes sure that your website is up to date and viewable from any kind of devices and browser. It makes potential clients happy to be able to view a company website perfectly from a mobile device; research says mobile optimized websites get more conversation rate and sales.

This also means that your blog must be mobile ready as well; your company blog is the key part of social media. Blog allows you to interact with your clients and you also get a chance to address issues and concerns so that you can improve your marketing and customer service.

You need to hire website designer to move your website into responsive website, this will ensure you that no matter where your readers or visitors come from they will get the best browsing experience. Make sure to run a lot of tests using free online tools to check you are optimized it correctly.

Social media marketing on the go


Social media has become increasingly mobile pursuit, wherever people are they have their mobile ready to share their life events and all. This is the reason why business owners should adapt this actions, social media should be a part of your daily and hourly routine to answer questions and address concerns in timely manner.

Here are some ways you can improve the way you can manage your social media.

  1. Share the social media responsibilities: IF you have more than one employee in your company share the responsibilities by having each person handle one social media account, this way there is always someone to answer inquiries, post updates and share relevant info.
  2. Address concerns immediately on social media: When your employees have their part on your social media marketing you can always assure that you address to clients concerns immediately and you will have more satisfied clients.
  3. Use social programs: Monitor all your social media feeds together, it is too time consuming to check your social media account one by one. You can use Hootsuite or social search monitoring tool such as Mention.
  4. Mobile flexibility: Take advantage of mobiles flexibility, a site like instagram and Google+ allows you to document your events, take photo of your day and your new products and connect with people while on the go.
  5. Pay attention to Location: The biggest advantage of mobile social media marketing is that you have the opportunity to look for potential clients by location; you can start using Foursquare and have your business listed there.

Location services for your business


If you have a physical store it is best that you add your business location to local listing sites such as Foursquare, Google listing, Yelp and many more. Location based ads are one of the best ways to catch your potential clients attention and let them find your store online. Here are other ways you can use location services through mobile devices.

  1. Twitter locations services, help you target clients in your area
  2. Facebook and Pinterest also allows you to add location on your posts or status updates.
  3. Use localation based tools such as Localmind, BrightLocal and other Local listing SEO services.


Do you have any tips for mobile social media marketing? Please do not hesitate to share with us, comment ahead and share your knowledge. You may also want to share your content with us, we welcome guests bloggers as well.


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Track your social media marketing

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We all love social media, its features and options to let us promote our brand and business in a fun and exciting way. The real challenge is to measure your success on Social media and how you can improve your social media marketing campaign. As much as you are having fun connecting with different people and trying to gain their trust to choose your products and services over your competitor, you still need to focus on your sole goal for your marketing campaign. One way to measure success on social media is metrics and ROI. Here are some few other things on how you can measure your success on your social media marketing campaign.

Social media is more than just strategy


Social media marketing is more than just a marketing strategy to promote your business and brand; it is more of interactions, engagement and information sharing. Do not forget this is the main goal of social media marketing; a good marketing will create integrated tools to support your overall business goals.

In order to have a successful and effective plan for your social media marketing, there should be more than just one person to handle your social media campaign.

How to track your success on social media


Some people call it metrics and others may call it measuring marketing efforts, whatever you call it, it is an important part of any type of marketing campaign. How do you start measuring your social media marketing?

  1. Goals – first of all you must understand your goal when running social media marketing, and how are these social media channels helping you grow your business.
  2. Increase visibility – Are you using your social media to gain more exposure? You can measure your exposure through mentions, hangouts discussion, tags etc. You want to make sure that you get positive feedbacks and impressions.
  3. Increase sales – Measure your sales through your social media marketing campaign.

Tools to track your social media marketing success


There is lots of software to use when tracking your social media; most of these tools are expensive. If you want to track your success on social media manually here is the guide:

  1. Have a Google Ananlytics, log in to your google analytics every month and view your page views, Social vs. organic, your top content of the month, your top pages of the month, which social media channel has brought you most traffic for the month.
  2. Social site number – track down your social media sites, which of the social media has grown or lost fans, which posts or campaign has gain more attention than the other. Write down all these things so you later on can manage and rearrange your plan.
  3. Blog – track blog subscribers and email newsletter sign ups, this number are important and because this is where people are interested in have a deeper connection with you. This number is your big chance of converting into sales.


Social media is a powerful tool to use to attracting people into your business and improving your relationship with your current customers. The secret of social media is ENGAGEMENT, social media is not just another advertising board, If you approach social media this way success will rarely be yours.

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