Holiday marketing tactics every small business should know

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Christmas is the time of the year for, festive decorations at home, office, malls and outdoors, it is time for sentimental songs, dinner with family and giving gifts and exchanging cards. For small business owners it means new goals, new resolutions, new ways to market their products and services. Competition for customers during Christmas Season up to New Year is high and stiff; your chance of getting noticed is how you market your business during this high season. Here on this article will you find tactics for marketing your small business during holidays.


Decorate your town with your Christmas promotions

Screen-Shot-2013-10-16-at-10.03.06-AMPrint stickers, posters and banners for your offline advertisements give it to your customers, family and friends which they can use for their decorations wherever they want. And off course you will need to have your company name and logo attached as it will appear more unique and original.

Some marketing campaign can better be used for holidays such as contests, surveys and coupons, to attract more customers. Combining sweepstakes and promotional offers during holidays will keep things interesting and will attract more clients. Use your social channels to promote your campaign.

Begin reinventing your marketing campaign


The key to creating effective and dynamic marketing campaign is to recycle your used marketing strategies and add some merry and joyful graphics, posts, messages and taglines. You can plan ahead but do not over promote and get trapped in the holiday clutter and get invisible.

Begin to review your target audience purchase history and process, counting and taking notes from purchase, general familiarity of your product and the final sale. Recognize holiday needs, and generate an online wish list app to get a chance to review what your customers need for the month of December.

Keep your marketing campaign and promotions online simple as you can and yet interesting and memorable. Christmas is not the time to market complicated promotions.




The secret to marketing for the Holidays is to give your customers something to talk about, give great presents ideas, letting your customers overcome the holiday shopping challenge and decreasing your consumer’s holiday shopping stress.