Website content – How to create effective keywords to get a proper place in Google

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To get the most out of your website, creating list of relevant keywords are essential. There is nothing better to use than Google External keywords tool for your SEO. Place your keywords on the right places and you will create high ranking results for website. Here are few tips on how you can create effective keywords.

Apply proper keyword research:


One of the best SEO tool for starters is Google External Keyword tool, which is considered the best tool for marketers. You have to be wise when using keywords for your article or website content, always choose the low competition keywords.

The reason you should choose low competition keywords, is that the high competition keywords have already generated traffic back to their blog or website. Which means if you choose these high competition keywords, chances are you will get buried down by the others who have already placed their website or blog with those keyword and you will hardly get any traffic.

Long tail keywords


The beauty of long tail keyword is that you can get a good place on Google, which will generate enough traffic for a very long time. But you need to think twice as using these long tail keywords as readers or searchers usually just type 2 to 3 words when they search for something online. To get noticed or get the right amount of traffic to your website, you should also consider the repeated short keywords to use.

Learn to use Google keyword tool and do not use the keywords that are not worth or irrelevant to your website.

Other Google tools that is useful


Google provides lots of tools to best market your website or company,  you might want to learn more about these tools:

  • Google trends – These tools provides you the latest trend of words used online,
  • Google Insight – This tool is similar to Google trend, just with some extra useful features, which is the visual representation of regional interests.

Both of these tools will give you a clear idea of trending topic and words.



Before building your website content, you should give time to proper research on words and description to use for your website content. What are the common tools and other useful software that Business owners or marketers use. You try to search more about Google adwords, Cost per click and other useful advertising method so you can create the rank your corporate website needs. Overall you might want to outsource your marketing and content creation need to get outmost results.





Marketing Strategies: Making your Facebook Page Appealing to Potential Customers

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Are you a business owner struggling to increase your firm’s popularity and you have thought that perhaps social media sites could help a lot then this blog is for you. There is no easiest way to get business advantage than to be in popular social media sites such as Facebook. It is no longer a shock to us that most of the world’s population have a Facebook account others have multiple accounts and even engage into page creation. For business owners having an official Facebook page could help them increase business popularity or else constantly gain customers. However, millions of others have tried their luck on this which is it can be frustrating to reach fans effectively. There can be limitless interests to share about but  we cannot tell how would actually react to these. So here are marketing strategies to make you Facebook page appealing to potential customers.


Picture sharing – conveys message that is interesting for many


Business pages are now having great insight sharing just by pictures conveying message. These pictures draw fans in most especially if it is relatable and within today’s trending. It is an analysis plan wherein you get to consider plentiful of feeds to consistently get their attention. Graphic representations with little humor are top photo sharing concepts nowadays. If someone has clicked on the like button and shared it with friends then it will drive page visitors. They will search for other pictures that are as interesting as the ones you have shared.


Good branding through Timeline updates


If you are an active Facebook user you know then what people crave for in terms of idea sharing. Your marketing plan here would have to be in allowing images as parts of words which people would not want to hear or read. It will be easier for others to look into your shared images as is it voices out business branding without too much wordings.


Problems and Issues solving as strategic Marketing


Other great marketing strategies using Facebook is when you get involved with current issues. You can either give advices or give an opinion into some topics currently on hot issues. This strategic marketing will open good conversations and people sharing ideas with which a good chance for your Facebook page to be noticed. Setting up positive attitude will create an impact to your fans making you more reliable for them.






First of all decide the reasons why you created a Facebook page, just like any marketing methods, it is important to understand the reasons why you are marketing at all. Like Facebook marketing, what are your goals and develop a strategy around those goals. Your target audience will appreciate updated facebook page with quality posts and content sharing. The best way to get your audience to interact on your facebook is to make your facebook shareable and turning the fan activity into advertising.


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Increase your visibility through online marketing strategy

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When looking for ways to promote our business then perhaps online marketing strategy is a top priority for this. For one, it must always create highly effective tools that will give your business top performance especially on this modern time. This comes with a thorough planning and research which of course a broad concept to discuss. Good thing this article will tackle on a more specific side of business taking and this is through internet accessibility. Let us find out how you can increase visibility with online marketing strategy. How much you are willing to spend for the entire venture building? Where you want to locate this small business both online marketing planning and offline factors?


Getting the Right Startup Business Package


We are always caught up with a thought of earning money the easiest as possible but business success requires significant amount of effort and learning. That is to get the right start up business package as an opportunity for you to avoid risks. First, you need to consider consulting services to help start a small business. This is because as a beginner you need to be guided accordingly just like a child about to enter in school for the first time. Thus, it doesn’t mean to give you negative comment about your capacity in the firm you have chosen. Consulting services will allow you take business steps in the most efficient way since that not all ideas of yours can be done.

Ask help if possible get professional consulting service


If by chance your company is run by 2 or more shareholders it is best to include corporate logo. This can signify the formality of the firm and different avenues it can offer to the market. Business plan package as mentioned should be flexible and that online transactions are expected to be fast and accurate. Any professional service provider company can offer multiple customized logos from which a client can choose from. This is an essential tool since that any small business wants to get something that best identifies their firm.

Increase Business Popularity

Laptop computer isolated on white

Lastly, you cannot expect profitable return when you have not thought of taking steps to increase your small business popularity. Innovations provided many ideas for this valuable addition to a complete start up business package. For one, sending out company business cards, envelops and company letterhead. Let your visions be heard through these simple ideas. But all of the above mentioned ways would be more successful of you turn to a reliable and expert service provider company.




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Why most business website fail

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So you think online marketing is promising? Then think again because you might be included in the lists of business website failures. However, do not let worries conquer your aim to become successful in this kind of venture. Creating a business website does not guarantee profitable returns. Apparently, content marketing these days is the reason why some businesses maintain to increase leads. What is content marketing? This is a modernized marketing tool used over virtual practices for engagement. Most likely tips and advice are shared over social media websites and through blogging to get things done right.


How to get started on your content marketing


Jumble up ideas can be overwhelming there for find time to study content strategy. You need to organize the topics to write about and how to catch the interest of random online readers. Same topics written in one notion is definitely boring! Content marketing requires techniques to follow in order for it to become efficient.

  • In content creation it is wise to take keyword research. These are words and phrases that are likely researched in search engines. The higher its ranking is the better. Remember when doing keyword research it has to be best fitted to our business website and niche.


What you should you include in your content marketing

Contents like blogging is more appreciated if it is socially inclined. It has to be relevant and that it is essential to choose words that are easy to digest.

Tip in writing content or a blog: Big words and mind boggling ideas will only sound too impressive. No one would be interested to read on the entire content if they are off from a bad introduction.


* Costumer research – what does your customer need? Ask your clients; ask for a review on your services and products. How can you make it better and where should you focus more

* Competitor research – read learns and listens to your competitors failure and success


* Sharing is good – your business is your niche it is your treasure, but this treasure needs to be shared so it can grow.


Share your knowledge about your business that can be useful for your clients or potential clients


Small Business websites need a blog



Yes! Social media sites are not the only medium for content marketing! Content strategy is more pleasing and formal if you have a blog site. If you are active in blogging and you were able to analyze and make use of the conditions in content creation then it wouldn’t be hard to gain followers. From one interested reader comes referrals which make it easier for your main business website to be noticed.







 Why a business blog is important to have


The main goal why you use content marketing is to deliver your message in a more friendly tone (the image to the right indicates a sexy tone which is one of the most used for getting attention). That is the technique! Contents that are engaging and seem like concern with the reader can be done through striking tips and advice. Quality content is distinguished when you know you have captured the hearts of your readers.






When do you find the time and how often should you  write your posts?



To be able to generate leads you have to be consistent about sharing your posts. Writing at least one or two contents in a day is very important to let your followers be updated. Make sure that topics go in sequence and thoughts should not be repetitive.







So what if you do not have the time to blog?




If you are too busy doing what you do with your business, you can always outsource your content creation. Discuss with a writer what your content marketing is, and also get the writer to know your business inside out by providing some service and product info.


Also provide an admin access to your blog so your writer can easily access the posts and schedule posts as well. Make sure that your writer meets the content marketing plan that you have.

Outsourcing can be very efficient for you, but off course you still need to have your hands dirty with the contents that are delivered to you. This means that before your content creator publish them to your business blog you need to proof read the content and make the changes if necessary.

Ask your content creator to create a 1 week content plan that can be updated from both sides, the best thing about outsourcing your content is that most content creator do their research such as competitors content strategies, keyword research, meta tags and description. You save a lot of time but this by all means that you need to invest in a great content creator and you need to make sure that the contents are 100% unique.


We at Socratic SBC | Small Business Consulting, offer and guarantee you content creation with the best and most professional quality, as we only hire the most experienced writers from all over the world.


We can also offer package deal, which will be more efficient for you and your business budget. Let say you need marketing plan and business plan as well as content creation, we can make a package that will cover your needs.

Talk to us about your business desire and lets make a successful plan together and bring to action


How to establish your small business legally

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Whether you are in a present business or would want to start it out it is very important to take a step back twice to see if you have taken the proper legal business steps. Many beginners to a business find it dreadful to deal with the legal aspects there are when managing even a small business.


This is because they fear of so many things like the consequences down the road once it is not established well. Now is the time to know how to establish your small business legally.


How to choose the correct business? online/offline business?


This is the part of any business taking for an individual and at times those with years of experience still struggle to get this right. The idea is to put something that you are passionate about without thinking off too much personal interest.

This means to say that you have to be in a legal business that the market would appreciate. It is like give and take relationship, you are able to get your dream career and at the same time you help people by means of offering for their needs.


Seek Professional Consulting that offers Consulting package including legal package for best convenience

If you worry so much about how you can pull out all the legal entity there is when starting a business then perhaps consulting package is your best guidance. They can absolutely give you details with regards to establishment of business legally. These service provider companies are expert in small business start up plans including

package with legal help for business.

On making your business plan and financial plan

While you are in the adrenaline on pushing to that big day to launch your business be mindful of other very important things including your business plan and financial plan. These two works hand in hand with each as there are business plan that wouldn’t be possible if there is no exact weighing of your financial

capabilities. It is therefore important to plan this well and in as much as possible seek for professional consulting services.






Considerations when it comes to Business location and Insurance


Your location is a contributing factor when determining your sales impact. Location wherein there is presence of busy market like nearby schools, offices and other establishments. These are ideal spots to where you can effortlessly increase clients since that your business location is convenient for them.


However, a downtown establishment of business legally needs insurance options. There is good possibility of accidents that may occur like fire and other natural disasters. So it is best to apply for property insurance.






Do you have a business idea, but don’t know how to start? Have you always dreamed of starting a business, but don’t have any idea? Do you have a business that needs informative guidelines for further development? Then Socratic Investments is here to help you. We’ve been in the business from brainstorming ideas to implementation for quite some time now, and we can exactly help you get the right information you need.


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What is real time B2B marketing and how does it affect your business

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If you ever get into business taking just recently you might have found B2B marketing to be a top option when it comes to efficiency. However there are too many things needed to be considered prior to actually make use of B2B marketing advantage. The said advantage is to put your business into globally competitive. As B2B marketing has the ability to get a business type into its leads whether small or large-size enterprise you have. So what is real time B2B marketing and how does it affect your business?


Defining B2B Marketing

Curious enough to know what B2B marketing actually means, it is a practice of an individual or owners of a firm. This is to develop good working relationship on firms of same niche. Thus, approaches that will be used for B2B marketing may vary depending on the business needs and requirements.  Also, business types, location and trends should contribute to the tools in achieving this.




The Difference between B2B Marketing and B2C


Although without doubt, these two are actually different by approach which business package is all about and the name itself can be identifiable. B2B marketing which stands for Business to Business Marketing while B2C stands for Business to Community. B2B marketing covers larger and more complicate sales cycle.

This is because it can be done for both online and offline servicing while B2C focuses on traditional firms of those businesses requiring location and perhaps close contact with the market. B2B marketing include social media options to which they can post and interact through social networking sites for another way to be heard and to market. It is important to generate more leads as this will offer success and stability for a business. This is the core reason why B2B marketing and B2C are used in different ways.

Managing B2B marketing and which should be done first

There are various companies offering consulting services and one of the said services they have is to smoothly manage B2B marketing. B2B marketing actually focuses on answering the question of What do customers really need and want? This is to provide them ahead of time by relating to other similar business without copying their strategies. It is being discussed in business plan consulting and professional consultants know exactly how to manage this.  This should be done first so as to provide other options you need to take for a business in the days to come.


Professional consultant can help you out with the common to complex marketing ideas for your niche. They are important especially on term of beating against online competition more importantly if you do not have enough knowledge for B2B online marketing.



For all of this professional business consulting

will help you solve marketing start ups without hassles at all.

They are the people to turn to if you need to spare more time with

other important things like for completion of legal requirements.

For more info you can visit our webpage Socratic SBC



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How to Develop Strategic Marketing for your Business

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There are lots of firms that successfully execute ways to catch customers’ attention through seeking competitive advances. One good example for this is innovative strategies that do one thing in common which pursuit long term business success. The customer must serve as the primary reason for every action about to be taken in such firm. From planning to accounting and everything in between must be considered. When you are a beginner to any business then now is the perfect time to know how to develop strategic marketing for your business.

Oftentimes, successful businessmen knew from the start that they have an advantage over bigger companies. The way we see this picture then there will be increasing ideas till we meet creativity at it. Strategic marketing has the capability to anticipate clients’ present and future demands. However some business starters find better convenience in considering consulting services. They will ask effective plans from experts in the industry so as they can come up with ideal information about common clients to serve.

A good advice you can take is that most basically large companies often focused on wider market coverage as their target. Therefore, do not go this way instead make your customers feel special through attending to them for both needs and demands. Find out how essential it is to take time in getting to know your potential customers and everything about them. This is a part of your analysis plan wherein you need to think as if you are the customer and what are the things you might want to be offered with.

Every successful strategic marketing idea must encompass keys in answering business queries. The first one is what are the kind of products could meet the needs of your customers. This goes the same thing with the services you have. Next, as to how you can effectively distribute these products and services efficiently to generate more clients. Lastly, how you can come up with sales and marketing strategies through sending out promotional messages to maximize your business potentials.

Business Preferences for Consumers

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Our modern world can bring a lot of opportunities for everyone to grab for. But the quest starts when you have to take the challenge of outperforming your competitors especially if you would want to receive consistently from high yield businesses. Although you can be backed up by research tools providing guidelines of the ones worth investing for against those that are not so effective to have. Thus, learning is always worth keeping for even if it would mean a risk taking. This article will tackle about traditional businesses as an investment option and how one can learn from the business preferences for consumers.


·         The market suggests this particular taste which is commonly termed as fads, at times this can be ideal over some period and then fades away. On the other hand, there are fads that last almost forever or never run out as preference. Such taste is commonly termed as fads and these are highly influenced by the current trends and attraction.


·         If you want to have restaurant concepts, it is not enough to hire expert chefs. Thus, be a chef yourself so that you’ll have the experience to run such project and make use of your own food cooking creativity and apply it to your restaurant whenever possible changes should occur.


·         Nowadays, clubs are hot fads for an investment preference in traditional way. This is because clubs are a good illustration of modernity. There are individuals who even started out so young in clubbing, this means to say that the more you exert effort to make your bar known to the public the greater  chances of gaining profit. So do your research, most of the time young people are your target for this so provide latest songs to live up a party mood.


·         In fashion businesses, again, relate to the fads or what the market would want to dress likely. Sometimes celebrities are their biggest icon for fashion preferences. They see themselves like a true celebrity if they copy the fashion pieces; so include those in sale. Smart shoppers would have to do necessary comparisons from other fashion stores or your investment competitors. To do so, call out for day sale where you will display some discounted items. Don’t just settle with cheap items; rather have affordability and durability at the same so that customers will keep coming back to your store.

Seeking Capital to generate a Business

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It is believed that every investor has a clear mindset of what are their purposes in putting up a business as investment option. Such business will be the medium to raise capital which will be discussed in this article. Planning and dreaming of a booming business is not solely the concern because you really have to start from the scratch by means of seeking capital to generate a business. There are of course many options that will encourage you to push through your dreams but the quest enters when you can fully assess each of this option to which is the ideal ones to take.


·         While you haven’t started the business ideas it will be considered as a business struggling not till you can find a capital. This is the reason why many impulsive investors find better convenience in bank loans, debt funds and other lending possibilities. Do not get dismayed if you have chosen one of the aforementioned possibilities because many investors still make it through a successful business after they have decided to go through the idea. Although, you need to be reminded that these options will only be ideal if you know you can pay off on due time and wouldn’t let bloated interest to ruin your career. This means to say that before you begin using the borrowed amount you then know that the business you are about to establish will definitely boom because you are good at it.


·         Aside from seeking capital, you need to relate on the market’s status both locally and globally. You have to understand that inflation occurs even on the least you expect it to happen therefore you need to take precautions with the business you have established through loans.


·         Be persevering and never quit if things go wrong instead try on something that might work out by researching a handful of details about the venture you are in. Also, if you think loans aren’t good options anyway then research again to what will be the best for you. You cannot always expect lending institutions to automatically lend you money so be patient on finding other alternatives, in this way you can be on the right track in pursuing your dreams.

Ideal Businesses for young Professional

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Fresh graduates or someone who had worked at a prestigious company as young professionals might have experienced the eagerness to pursue more careers. Thus, this is definitely true especially that nowadays competency is an ideal option in order to aspire your potential beliefs. Since these young professionals still have a lot of energy and drive to do many tasks at a time then they can venture on any investment type successfully. Earning while you’re on the early adulthood can draw plentiful of other options to generate whatever assets you have then and if you are up for some good start today then here are the things to keep in mind on the ideal businesses for young professional.


·         See through the probable returns on your business, this is yet another crucial factor to take note especially if you are a beginner. The comparisons between the overall cost invested and the overall returns; how these two could come up with the percentage rate that you seek about. The percentage of the profitable returns will be then carried on and whatever results you have in each investment day should be sum up for at least in a weekly done inventory. Here is when you can determine if the investment is ideal or else should you come up with some better ideas to make it profitable to the market.


·         Next thing you have to take notice with is the period or the time ranges; here you will assess the moment you have started on the venture till up to what extent and see through if you have set good deals. One can as well jot on the time planner if how the general trend responded to your investment venture. Whatever industry you are in target some particular groups of market and that’s how you’ll know if the venture is well supported or not. Some investors would go for shorter investment period while others systematically planned for prolonged working on ideal businesses purposely as stable income.


·         Of course in any business there will be the possibility of risk factors but then again there are as well safe investments types with which you can go over as venture. Try to assess if there will be enough security funds left for you if by chance you fail on your first try. But when it comes to safe and ideal course gold investing is a top choice by young professionals.