Social Media Marketing – Creating an effective social media plan

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Creating an effective social media plan that suits your business and serves your clients the best way possible is one of the most common marketing strategy of small businesses these days.

Do you struggle in creating your social media marketing plan, that both fits in your schedule and still provide massive information to your target clients on a daily or consistent basis?

Are you just starting out your socialmedia marketing and you feel overwhelmed with the endless possibilities and strategies, but you just cant figure out where to start?


Well do not worry, you are not alone in this ride, on this post we will share how top advice for creating a highly effective marketing plan that works no matter which social media channel you primarily choose for your business.

Step 1 Determind your vision and goals



You should not approach your social media blindly. Without knowing where you want to go or what you want to accomplish and how you will get there. You need to set your aside time to determine what is your goal, visualize on how you can reach out to your potential clients in the most effective way, by looking at the their interest and the time they spend on social media or how you can you fulfill their needs.

One of the best things you can do before you get started on your social media marketing, is to sit down and really map out exactly what it is you want to accomplish on socialmedia.

Are you looking to generate more leads?

Do you plan to use social media for customer outreach?

Or do you want to increase your brand awareness?


The thing you have to keep in mind is, is the goal measurable in some way?  If you want to generate more leads, what is your daily or Weekly or even monthly goal?

If you plan to use your social media for customer outreach, will you use feedback or rating system to measure your results?

Or if you plan to grow your audience and brand, you might want to measure your results through the amount of new fans, followers or clicks to your website.


Step 2 – Define your audience and the solution to their problem


Defining your audience is a great way to truly understand who you are creating your content for will help determine where you should be promoting, create more engagement and increase conversion.

Some of the questions you want to ask yourself about your target audience are:

* How old are they

* What are their occupation

* What are their income level

* What are their interests or personal business

* What are their struggle points

* What are their objections

* What motives them

The more clear you get with the answers, the more you can fine-tune a marketing plan that perfectly suits your potential clients needs. This helps determine the perfect type of messaging to put in front of your customers, as well as gives you great information about where these people tends to hang out online.


Step 3 – Choose the right social media channel for your business and target audience

One important thing to think about when choosing your social media channel, is where you target audience likes to hang out. If they spend a lot of time on Facebook, it would be a great idea to start there. If your target market is young adults, you might want to choose SnapChat as an effective marketing channel.

You want to factor in both your personal preferences and the preferences of your target audience, to find a winning social media channel. If it is something you enjoy doing you are more likely to stick with it.


Step 4 – Create social media content strategy



Now that you have researched and brainstormed, it is time to map out a social media content strategy. Creating content without purpose is a lost cause for any business. You might get likes and shares, but if you want to get measurable results it is crucial to create content or post with purpose.


Same on Step 3 with which social media channel you choose and want to master? Now choose some leaders in your industry who rock the social media content strategy effectively and start to follow and engage with what they do on their channel.

* How often do they post?

* What kinds of posts do their audience like?

* What kind of image and videos do they like?

Take note of everything that stands out and use them ass inspiration for choosing and creating your own unique content.


Step 5 – Set up work flow to get things done


This is the area where most people fail or struggle simply because we often feel like we need to do what everybody else is doing, where in fact we all have different life styles, schedules, and responsibilities. It is most important to figure out a workflow that suits you and your family, even if it does not fit the mold of everyone around you.

Do you have a job that keeps a good part of your day? Or do you have children at home to keep you busy in a certain time? Do you find your work best where you are uninterrupted long stretches of time?

You need to find or set a time where you can work best on your content, with full focus and attention, you will find it easier to create fresh and creative content daily if you work within your best time. It is easier if you create a plan for the week of which content or topic you want to work about so you already have planned on what you should research about instead of browsing on the internet for house looking for topic

Here is an idea on how you can create a content plan.



For example if you plan to post on Facebook 6 times a day, you know that you need 42 Facebook posts a week. You can separate those posts into different types such as quotes, image, promotions, videos, blog posts, or depending on the niche and then you can create the posts all in one sitting.

Last but not the least – Measure and Track your results

Remember Step 1, where you need to create a measurable goals? Well the last part is about measuring and tracking  and optimizing those metrics. If your goal is to get new fans, lets say your goal is 50 fans a week, you can easily use Facebook Data to ensure you are reaching your goal. Same thing with all other Social media platforms, they provide data for your business. For example social media channels such as Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram, make it all simple to see your growth and analytics.


However for things like website clicks,  new leads, and sales conversions you want to make sure  you have a proper tracking in place before you go into full blown promotion mode. For Socratic SBC Website design, those are already included in the package, whether you use custom links or system campaigns, you are able to track your impressions, leads, clicks and sales.

If you are using your own sites you can use link trackers such as BitLy, in order to track your dates.

Most importantly – Engage, Convert and Grow

Remember that creating content and posts in advance is not meant to replace real human interaction. You need to engage with your followers, encourage them through link sharing, question and answer, or encourage them to give out a feed back about your services and products, as well as giving them something to look forward to such as contests or give aways. This way they get to share your content and you also get to be noticed on their set of friends. Your audience will grow in no time if you keep being socially active during the day or set out a time where you really spend time with your audience, this means picking out the best time of the day where most of your followers are online and ready to interact.

Remember there is no plan which is permanent, flexible marketing plan for your social media is very important. Therefore it is very important you notice what are the trends online and which unique way you can use them for your customers.


We would love to hear from you comment below or if you need help creating a social media marketing plan we offer that service for a very affordable rate. Let us know what you think.


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