Social media marketing – Tips and tricks for 2016

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Data driven data marketing means constantly testing channels, audiences, ad units, creative and discover the combination which attracts the best customers and return the investment. While you may think you have the winning configuration, it does not stop there. Here is a short insight on what is going to happen for social media marketing in the year 2016.

Creativity is mandatory

Everyone knows creative refresh is mandatory for keeping social media and mobile audience of interest. However coming up with new ideas isn’t easy as it seems.

Kickstart your new year social media marketing with these tips

Video marketing on social media seems to have grown over the 2015, which have also shown an increase in sales for most companies.  However there are few lessons to learn from 2015.

  • Retargeting doesn’t always mean to be confined to “Hey, did you leave something in your cart?”
  • Although attention span on social media is short, there is pain in contributing long-form video.
  • You ads do not appear in a vacuum, your ads has to be a long term on-going relationship with customers.

Effective sale strategy

While we have seen a share of “BUY THIS”, “Click here” and “Shop now” ads on social media channels, this may be an effective tactic. However when people seeing too much of these type of advertising they tend to look at different direction, knowing what will come next if they click the ad.

Therefore being creative is the ley to your social media marketing. If you have an online store, being creative would sometimes come easy, especially when it comes to big holidays such as just what we have celebrated. Having a count down on your items such as shown belong would be a great idea, it will not only let your customers know how many of your items left, it will give them a sense of urgency to buy your products.

Product sell


The new trend : 3D Image

A company has packed up a very powerful visual punch, New Balance has taken their Instagram image into a new level, 3D image of their new products.

When you look at this on a mobile device or tablet, it will seem as if the shoe is covering up the description or caption of the photo, however the text is simply part of the image. Nevertheless it is very eye catching to Instagram users. They got the attention they needed, they got more followers and everybody wants a 3D effect on their Instagram photos.


Carousel ad by Facebook has been popular lately

Facebook’s Carousel Ads has been a favorite among retailers with multiple products to sell, they have also been adopted by business looking to promote one thing but in many angles, whether the thing a car, financial service app, adventure kit etc.

At first glance Carousel Ad may look like ordinary visual ad, which other may see in the Facebook Newsfeed, however if you look closely the image from Carousel Ads are stills from a video.



Creativity and choosing your ads wisely still plays a major role for your business. When you have got the attention from your audience, their interest and their curiosity on your products, you have a successful social media marketing.



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