Social media marketing – The complete list of twitter marketing

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Twitter marketing



Whatever your goals are in your social media marketing, twitter or Facebook this will help you analyze your audience in a more specific way. Whether it is to increase your sale, have more followers or just increase your website traffic.

Tips on how to tweet effectively

Asking the right questions is the key to engagement, relevant questions to entice people to engage with your tweet or post. You can end your tweet with “Any thoughts?” or “What do you think?”. This way more people will be tempted to answer your questions.

Reframe your blog posts

Blog titles are very important, instead of writing “20 more ways to get traffic” you can be more creative and interesting by writing “Do you want more traffic? These 20 techniques will blow your mind”.  Using the right headline can get you further than you think.



Do not overuse Hashtags #

Do not overuse hashtags to get attention, here are some facts which will be useful the next time you try to use too much hashtags.

  1. Tweets with hashtags receive 2x more engagement
  2. Tweets with 2 or more Hashtags have 21 % higher engagement
  3. Tweets that use more than 2 hashtags actually drops 17% in engagement

Recent study shows that tweets with hashtags get 2 times more engagement than tweets without. Whenever you use more than 2 hashtags your engagement can decrease to 17% therefore do not over use hashtags.


Use some humor in your tweets


To make you brand more memorable use humor, in fact 80 out 100 people remember ads that make them laugh, according to some sources. Do not be afraid to be funny, or use funny images. Your brand won’t lose its credibility by adding humor into your marketing techniques.


However before you start making jokes, you need to see these facts:


Avoid controversial topics – what maybe funny to other people, may seem rude to others.


Don’t force humor – people can easily detect when you force humor into your tweets, let it come naturally.


Don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself – When you naturally make a fun of yourself and use humor naturally people will perceive your brand is human.




Stand out from the crowd, be unique use emoticon


You won’t believe that emoticon can be a part of your tweets or posts as well. When people sees emoticon on social media, the same parts of the brain is activated as if he or she is seeing a real human face. It is also proven that human face is an effective attention-grabbing mechanism.






Link location


Have you ever wondered what is the best location to include a link in a tweet to get the higher amount of clicks?


Dan Zarella, made an experiment a few years ago and found the best locations for click is 25% of the way through the Tweet. However it is always best to perform your own testing since results may vary.



Use the right image dimension


There is nothing worse than a blurred image in a cloudy day, so making sure using the right image is as important as using the right title or headline for your posts. Here are the optimal image sizes:


  • Tweets: 1024×512 px
  • Summary Cards 120×120 px
  • Summary Cards with large image : 280×150 px


Use this data to reach more people


It is highly encouraged you to find you optimal tweet, but in the mean time you can start sharing you content based on this criteria:


  • Monday to Friday 12:00 to 5:00 PM
  • Wednesdays at 5:00 PM
  • On weekends experiment with 2:00 to 3:00 am, 6:00 t0 7:00 am and 9:00 – 10:00 PM



Use the right words


The words that you use in your tweets have a big impact  in your audience. For instance, words are like great, please, retweet, and you can actually increase you engagement. On the other hands words like work, home, bored and sleep can decrease it. Below is the complete guide to which words to use.




Use shorten links


As you all probably know twitter has a limited 140 character to writing your tweet, therefore it is best to shorten your link to save more space.

By shortening your link, you do not only have more space for tweeting, but you can actually track how many people clicked your link. However that depends on the tool that you use to shorten your link.






Marketing is about simplifying your core message so people can actually understand it, and when it comes to Twitter Marketing, you can apply the same technique.



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