Content Marketing – B2B Content Marketing for 2016

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Content Marketing Institute’s annual study was recently released and as usual it brings more interesting insights for marketing and sales profession. Here are notable lessons for 2016 edition. This will be very helpful for your business this upcoming year.

Goal setting

In 2016 be very clear about your goals, a well-documented content marketing strategy and crystal clear mission are critical to a successful B2B content marketing  in 2016 according to the study.

Measure your content marketing effectiveness

Only 30% of the marketers that completed the survey, agreed that their marketing efforts are successful, this study already shows that there are still lots of marketers who are struggling with their content marketing.

When content marketers are asked how they measure their success in content marketing, the marketers measure their sales lead quality, revenue and conversion rate.

It is great to see marketer’s looks at the hard metrics, however the real measure is how you produce contents that are engaging, which also drives revenue.

Effective but underutilized types of content

Social media contents are the most popular types of contents today, but it is not the most effective. In fact the most popular contents are, webinar, case studies and whitepapers bring the most ROI, according to the survey’s respondents.

For this upcoming year companies need to consider more epic contents and use effective but underutilized content types. To determine the company’s effectiveness in content marketing, you must measure web and PDF analytics as well as engagement metrics.







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