Social Media – How to use social media to care for your customers

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Most businesses tend to care for their customers through social media channels such as Facebook, Facebook group and page, twitter or other social media channels, where their customers are found. This is one of the most effective and efficient way to connect with your customers.

Social Care – Social media Customer Care


Social care is the new concept, where you are providing care for your customer through your social media account. Social media can present real challenges for B2B and B2C companies large and small – as well as opportunities to positive impact sales and customer loyalty.

The reality is that customer care through social media is rising every year and consumers look for brand to look for seamless experience that spans the showroom floor to the Facebook Timeline.  However the social media presence is sometimes not enough, you need to be a social media rock star.

Social media rock star- Be where your customers are


One of the most challenging in running a business, is providing great customer service over social media. Social media is determining where to focus, time and resources. While marketing efforts may drive traffic to targeted social sites, customer services teams must meet their customers where they’re already socializing. For most companies, Facebook and Twitter are the primary focus for social media care, however some brands may find their customers on Google+, LinkedIn or Instagram or other social media sites.

To figure out where your customers are, search for mentions of your brand within popular social sites, whether this is something your marketing has already done, or your first step towards social media presence, it is a mistake to leave a dialogue about your brand solely to Google algorithm.

Listen to your customers – Social media monitoring


Lots of marketers are already familiar with social media monitoring tools that automate the process of searching for mentions of a brand name, or combing social media pages for specific keywords. Most costumers believe that you are already monitoring your social media mentions and expect a company to respond immediately or short period of time on their inquiries and questions.

Time is of the essence

Time is of the essence when it comes to social media customer care, you will need a team to handle your social care if you do not have time to do it for yourself. The faster you answer your consumer’s inquiries, the better your communication and the more they will trust your brand.

Social care is care for customers

The success for your social care efforts will depend, as ever, on the quality of care you provide, however providing great customer care over social media can require extra handling. Agent’s response must be timely, accurate, sensitive, brief and friendly. Agents must respond quickly but not so fast that issues are not resolved properly.

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