Content Marketing – How to write with clarity

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Are you not getting enough attention with your content Do you miss out on the shares from your blog to social media channels Perhaps your content creation need a little boost and some make-overs.

There is something missing from a lot of content, sometimes it is CLARITY. Clarity makes a content easy to read and understand, if people can’t understand what you are trying to say, then your content is not useful.


Here are 9 methods for writing with absolute clarity

Know what you want to say:

Perhaps it is about changing you whole perspective or your way of thinking, it means thinking before you start writing on your blog.

Before you start with your blog here are 3 important facts you need to list down.

  1. Your Subject – What your topic will be for this blog post
  2. Your point – What is your point in writing this topic
  3. Your Outline – This is the basic structure of your article. For this article for example there are 9 outlines.

Know your topic and audience:


First and foremost, knowing your audience is the key to good writing. The better you know your audience the better content you can create. You will have your readers interest in mind all the time such as: Interest. It is the key to communicate better with your audience if you know their interest.

To improve communication with your readers, write the way you would speak to a 5 year old child. It won’t offend them or insult their intelligence. Instead it will allow to process your information easily. Adults process new information as a 5 year old, with graphics more than text and perhaps less text and more images.

Unfortunately when explaining advanced topics, you will need to use big words and advanced concepts. However you should know the concept and topics your audience is familiar with and discuss such topic. You could include a link to a great blog familiarizing the topic, if you would not include a short explanation of the words you use.

Here are some few facts from customers themselves, when they are being informed with new concepts and brand.

  1. Speak slowly and clearly
  2. Ask one question at a time
  3. Only have one idea at a time
  4. Use easy words and sentences
  5. Give the customer time to think before you push for an answer.


Define unfamiliar words:


As mentioned above there can be times where you would need to use big words, however there is a simple technique. In the beginning the title even tells you that this is about how you can make a blog post with clarity. We assumed that you know, content creation, content marketing and the word clarity in writing.

If you choose a topic that focuses on particular concept or subject, be sure that you explain that subject or concept. That way the readers know exactly what you are talking about. You can then proceed to your next sentence.

Create outline:


What is a sentence outline anyway?

A sentence outline is an outline of your article using complete sentences. When your article consists of phrases or single word, it is not clear or helpful. Writing in full sentence makes you think through what you are saying. And also, full sentences helps the reader understand what each point is about.


Create one- sentenced paragraphs

Creating one- sentenced paragraphs are great, they make the content scannable. Most readers do not read each word your write, therefore it is important that the most important words or information is separated. One-sentenced paragraphs cause the eye to



And understand

It is simply a technique and it also increase clarity.

Make your sentences short:

Short sentences makes it easier to read and understand, if you pack sentences in one paragraph you lose clarity.


What kind of words tend to creep into sentences?

Adverbs : Actually, currently, really, literally

Adjectives: very, real, simple

Other words : perhaps, pretty, now, that, in order to, just, maybe

Here is an awesome video “10 words to cut from your writing”


Do not use long words :

Why would you use words like these?

Is it to impress people?

To flaunt your knowledge?

These words mean nothing to your readers, it will result to irritation and misinformation

Leverage your writing tool:

One of the most used app is the Hemmingway app when it comes to writing with clarification.

The benefits?

  1. Hemmingway editors cut the dead weight of your article
  2. Helps you write with power and clarity
  3. Highlighting adverbs, passive voice and dull complicated words

You can get the desktop version for only $9.99

Another great tool is Grammarly

Grammarly has both paid and free version, if you write article daily the paid version would be better and you won’t regret it.

Be consistent and unique

It is great to be predictable, it is one of the reasons people go back to your site. To get more information about your expertise. They know what to expect, great content, informative content and easy to understand content.

Once a reader find your content valuable, people appreciate same experience every time, so focus on delivering steady and consistent style.

Mastering clarity

Clarity is a lost art today, people think the more complicated the better. No! Nowadays there are too many business which offer complication in their marketing style, customer services, their expensive yet time consuming online stores.

Clear message turn heads, change minds and encourages action.




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