Local SEO guide for Small Businesses

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When people are in unfamiliar place and looking for restaurants, café, store or some other local businesses, most people tend to turn to their smart phones. Open up a search engine and search for a particular local business, that is called local search and it is for customers in particular area, who use local online searchto find a business in that area.

According to Google’s own research 50%of consumers who conducted local search on their smart phones visited a store within the day and the 34 % search are from Desktop or Tablet.

How to optimize your website accordingly

With local businesses competing for the top spots in those searches, knowing how to optimize your website accordingly is the key. Here is a check list for your small business SEO

  1. What is Local SEO?

Local SEO helps you improve your ranking and increase exposure on Search Engine geographically like cities or states.

64% Local consumers who use online search engines and directories as their main way to find local businesses.


  1. The anatomy of a Local Google Search Results

Most search engines will display Local results with a combination of the following:

  • Keywords based search box
  • Paid ads
  • Organic results
  • Map pins for results
  • Feature top results
  • New results
  • Image results
  • Related Searches
  • Additional pages


  1. How to optimize your website for Local search
  • Meta Title Tag – Every page of your website should have a title tag. Be descriptive, brief use keywords and most importantly use city, postal code and state
  • URL or web address – Create easy to remember or type URL or web address, the URL should describe the page.
  • Header – H1 header, H2 Header, it is important that you treat your Header 1 or H1 like a newspaper headline.


  • Write for users not for Search engines

It is important to keep your professionalism even through your content, your content should be unique, helpful and informative. Introduce your products and services in a short and direct description, use keywords naturally without abusing them.


  • Contact information

It is important that your area code match the city, where you want to rank. The phone number must be solely for your business and a permanent number. Use a true physical address.


  • Social media links

Make your website shareable to your readers social media, by providing social media links.

Quality image and graphic are very important

It is important that your image are unique and made especially for your small business, copy right images are important for businesses. When using image on your website it is important that you use image description, for search engines to pick up the location of the image which is your website.


Help optimize your webpages for search engines to help your customers find your website without any trouble.






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