Social media – Ways to engage with your customers

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Have you ever considered your social media marketing stagnate? Perhaps you are doing something wrong along the way and losing your customers interest. There is a proper way to make your followers engage on your social media accounts.  Part of the issue is knowing how to walk the line between maintaining your professionalism while engaging with your followers. Here we have combined some social media strategies that might be helpful for building your online visibility.


The art of Contests


Some companies are really creative when it comes to creating contests online, making it personalized, unique and interesting. This is a great way to establish lay back relationship with your followers, also this is a great way companies develop personality.

Provide tips

Everybody need a little hint or tips once in a while, provide related tips or video tutorials on your products and services. For instances a car manufacturer may give tips on how to stay safe on the road during Winter Seasons, while a clothing designers may give out hints on what is trending this upcoming season.

Get personal

It is evident that personalization on your posts on social media can attract more followers, getting personal such as diverting your products and services as daily routine or a daily need for your audience. As for instance, Coca Cola takes their advertisements to a personal level, as well as KitKat with a slogan “take a break” lots of people will remember a brand with a slogan and an interesting image onto it.

Be a part of the community


Join communities or create one yourself and be a part of it as an expert but open for conversation and discussion. Engaging customers directly on social media allows you to throw off the professionalism a tad more. Think of mirroring techniques on sales.

Nurture free bloggers

There are people out there who absolutely love your brand, then grab the opportunity to let them write you a little something on your blog, perhaps a review or if they are opt for it a whole blog. Or you can ask your followers to be your “Product Testers”, and allow them to spread their experience to their network, this will even give you new followers without much effort.

Relevant hashtags

Facebook may not have gotten the feature yet with hashtags, but twitter, Instagram and youtube has. So scour your social media with relevant hashtags.

Use multimedia


Videos and links are highly shareable, often retweeted and consumed at a staggered rate. Research says tweets are engaged twice as often when it contains an image link versus just plain text. Hashtags also double the amount, but research shows that using less and proper hashtags are better. Facebook posts with photos definitely get more attention than those with just link and text.


Stay consistent

The key to social media is to stay consistent personally across your accounts. Nothing will destroy the illusion of personality than shifting attitudes, wording and tone of voice. There are demographic considerations at play when choosing your social media personality, you can use these pointers to find the proper personality for your business on social media:

  • Does your language portray your products and demographic?
  • If your brand was a person who would you be?
  • Does your brand strongly identified as gender or neutral
  • Does your account speak a certain dialect, jargon or certain jokes?


When starting your social media marketing you need to be aware the things that you need to plan before jumping onto the wagon, for social media you meet real people, engage in real time and the slightest misconception of your brand can lead to negative feedbacks. For more info about Social Media Marketing for Small Business, you can contact us for free consultation. We would gladly help you out with your marketing tasks with the most affordable Marketing Plan for small businesses.

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