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It isn’t enough to write and publish blog post, you simply need to share it to your social media network so that your content can be seen. Making a digital noise is one of the best way to promote your new content. Writers or blogger simply think that sharing it on Facebook and Twitter would be enough, but there are numerous websites which offer a content sharing. Here are some of the few below:

LinkedIn Groups

Sharing your content with your LinkedIn groups, exposes your visual list of connections. Make a group on your LinkedIn and encourage content sharing, make sure that they welcome shared contents as well. Being perceived as spammer won’t do you good on such sites like these.


A visual social media website, therefore make sure that your content has great and interesting images you can pin. Pinterest is an active community makes this a great place to build traffic, by posting attractive relevant pictures with a link to your blog post can help bring readers to your blog.


Instagram is another visual social media site, similar to the one above, you can earn traffic by adding relevant hashtags to your image. Keep in mind to have the link to your blog along with your description.


Make a slide show presentation of your blog post, get the most interesting paragraph or lines and make it interesting with relevant images. You don’t have to post the whole article, a 5 page slideshow will get the readers attention. is dedicated to helping company create infographics and other types of visual content, it also provides a community for sharing these files.


If you blog about small business, consider sharing your content on BIzSugar, this website is designed to help bloggers share news and tips about a small business.

Scoop it

Scoop it is one of the places readers check in to when they need new content, which makes a great place to publish your interesting content. You can start using the program for free but premium account are best way to get the attention of your target audience.


There are many other website where you can share your content, like reddit, blog engage and many more. The more places you share your content the better place it has on google search, which results to more visitors.

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