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When you have a small business, it’s not much of a surprise that you have a social media account or maybe even more. Social media is where small business engage with their clients and potential clients. It is the perfect free customer service tool. But there are too many businesses, who puts too much effort that they become more advertisers rather than a useful allegiance to the consumers. So how do you simplify your social media marketing?

Marketing analytics – the digging part

It is not such a surprise that most small business owners want their business to be known, amongst their competitors and potential client. If you want to prioritize your social media, it is best that you create a work sheet with key details for each account.

  1. Make a list of your social media accounts.
  2. Write down the number of followers on each accounts.
  3. Dig into marketing analytics to figure out how many visitors you have or get throughout a month.
  4. Work sheet should include; Platform, reach, monthly visits, monthly contact, monthly customers.

This is a great way to identify which social media platform work best for your niche.

Important – engagement signals


It is important that you as a business owners or small business marketer, that you know how to identify social media engagement signals within each platform.  Social media is made out of multiple platforms, which also share the same analytics. Some social media signals carry more weight than others.

Social media engagement signal

Facebook – shares are most important in Facebook world, this is the heaviest engagement and should be prioritized the most. This is knows as network engagement, they are passing along your information to their network. So it is commonly given that shares is the most prioritize in this social media platform.

Twitter – a reply is a social media marketers dream, DIRECT MENTIONS are one on one engagement, and this is also one of the reason why small businesses see good attractions. Retweet is not as much important as facebook share, this is merely sharing information or passing forward information, unlike facebook shares, retweets are likely to be overseen. However “Favorite” is a signal of health in twitter world.

LinkedIn – every social media platform has a like option, it is a signal of your audience engagement, however a share is much more taken credit for, as it means that your audience has taken the time to click on the link given and re-share this with their set of network. Which means it is an opportunity to further engage with your potential customers. However in LinkedIn, share are taken much more credit than other platforms. LinkedIn is known as a professional social media platform and therefore shares are taken much more credit here rather on other social media sites.

Create a Social media plan, a TO DO list

If you are after certain types of interactions, you should choose your social media platform carefully. Where you focus says a lot more about your small business niche. It is better to do a priority list or TO DO list such as;

  1. Linkedin – Share, Comment, like
  2. Twiter – Reply ( not auto reply), retweet and favorite
  3. Facebook – Share, like and comment

Stick to the schedule

Even though you run a global business, it is important that you have specific schedule, which will allow your consumers to know when you are available online. Now that you know which social media platform serves your business the most, it easier to set a specific schedule when you can entertain your consumers and when you can share your expertise with them.

Are you ready to take your social media marketing to its highest potential

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