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With the enormous number facebook page being created every year for different purposes; I sometimes wonder how are these pages being noticed and get traffic? A facebook user could like a facebook page upto 500 pages hence this article is written with the intention to help you get a share from that 500 pages and get traffic!


Let’s drill down what does the facebook page offers in order to help you widen your reach:


1. Promote your page

Facebook now has a paid feature to promote your page for a desired number of days in a daily budget that you could choose from with a corresponding number of estimated likes.


$10.00 for an estimated reach of 90-358 likes per day

$15.00 for an estimated reach of 134-537 likes per day and so on…

This feature basically gives you the chance to advertise your page based on your liking such as:

– customize layout for desktop’s, mobile application’s view.

– choose photo to use and text to include.

– choose desired target audience based on age bracket, location and interest

This will be definitely helpful as this will represent the image of your page.


2. Add Call-to-Action button

This is a new feature that Facebook page offers is very helpful for business who offers products online. This button will entice users to go directly to your website since you will link your website and moble website (if there’s any). Again, this is customizable based on your needs; Call-to-action buttons available are Shop now, Book now, Contact Us, Watch video or even sign up. Good news about this button is it is for free!


3. Link Applications

It is important that your page is linked to different applications as not all subscribers              use same applications. Furthermore, linking this to other platforms such as Youtube,               Instagram, Twitter and the like will broaden your reach.


4. Use Insights

Insights gives you the overview on your page’s transactions on how many likers you gained in a day or week, if there’s a strong engagement with users. This is a helpful tool for you to be able to analyze on how you could improve your page; whether there is a need to add more applications, posts in order to gather more likes and later on followers.


6. Enable like, tag and share buttons

Needless to say, when these buttons are enabled it is easier to get traffic on your facebook page but remember that these feature should be matched with a good post. Post status and photos of something that could catch your followers’ attention or something that they could relate about. By doin so, it would trigger them comment and tag a friend and share it just so there is something they could discuss about.


Facebook page itself could reach hundreds of your target audience but could help you more when used properly. It will be a breeze for you and your team to manage your page if you make yourselves familiar with its features and functions.   Learning to navigate your page and play around it will make it easier for you get into the mainstream.


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