Proper Usage of Twitter for Online Marketing

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Proper Usage of Twitter for Online Marketing


Twitter is a social media where you can explore a lot of things, may it be about fashion, current affairs and celebrity updates. However, Twitter nowadays has also emerged as a medium for online marketing. How? Then read on.


Twitter is a unique platform and very easy to use. It is basically a freedom wall where you can share whatever you want. This is an interesting venue for advertising and marketing because it only highlights the important details about your post; whether it be a simple update or a certain product you are selling. Each post or commonly known as tweet is limited to 140 characters hence each post will be direct to the point. These tweets will publicly seen by users when posted. People may even interact on the post you have posted through posting a comment and tagging another user. Other social media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube and other google sites could be linked to Twitter hence your reach will be doubled.


This platform also popularize the feature “hashtag”. Hashtag is the pound or number sign followed by any word. The beauty of the hashtag is that your posts; whether a photo, plain text tweet, or a video or blog link could easily be searched and followed. Thus it is ideal to promote your company with a unique and retain-able hashtag; in this way it will make a mark with the users on what they need search on to get updated with the latest information about your products and services. Note that hashtags is viewable worldwide and that the more people use a certain hashtag the more chances your company be noticed, remembered and the next day you know you are in the trend and you would get remarkable marketing results. You may also follow or view other hashtags that could help you improve your products and service and even use it to search for another supplier and the like.  To make you more familiar with hashtag; here’s some examples and short guideline on the do’s and dont’s of making one:


– it has to be unique but poses high memory retention

-no special characters must be used apart from the pound/number sign

-no spaces







Moreover, another useful feature of twitter is that you may answer query straight to the person concern without the need to log- on to your e-mail since Twitter has the private messaging feature called direct message or DM.  Just like other social media platforms, twitter direct messaging could be used in sending plain text message and even with pictures. However, it is again limited to 140 characters and does not have group chat.


These are just a few of what Twitter offers. It is in general a very helpful tool in communicating, learning and promoting either for personal and business use, current event updates, entertainment of other tons of useful information.



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