Unconventional Marketing: YouTube

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Nowadays, people go to YouTube to watch something that interests them; either to learn from homemade tutorials and product reviews or to just kill time.  This media is one of the hundred ways to promote products especially that people deem to learn more with visuals.


However, for entrepreneurs how does this social media helping them stretch their reach and broaden their market?  Well, here are some tips to penetrate the market and promote the company better using this media.


1. Content: More means good


Tutorials and how-to’s videos featuring your new product is definitely on your list but you should also think outside the box to attract more subscribers. You must also explore uploading variety of interesting topics and other video categories that would attract more subscribers; such as but not limited to, short and funny advertisements, seasonal/holiday videos that could go viral and reach hundreds and thousands of                       subscribers.   Remember: subscribers are prospect buyers.


2. Quality: Clearer the better


Video in high quality is necessary; its audio and visuals must be clear and crisp. This

will give you the edge to be visited more often and be most likely watched and even subscribed over the others channels.  It is always pleasant to watch in high quality video.  Remember: Video quality showcase your product and company image.


3. Consistency: top-of-mind channel


Another major factor to make you top-of-mind/ go-to-channel is being consistent.

There are two things that you need to be consistent about: (1) your content and (2) your schedule of upload. You must have a scheduled day to upload new videos; regardless if this aims product promotion or merely an entertainment to your subscribers.  Consistency will entice your viewers to visit your channel and would give them something to look forward to every day or every week.   Furthermore, you must also be consistent with the videos you record and upload; make a category or a playlist and this will be your guide along the way.  Remember: Consistency will put you to the mainstream.


4. Catchy Titles: tap viewer’s curiosity


Your videos would most likely be chosen above all others if your titles would be tap the viewer’s curiosity. It wold make them click on your video to learn more about it.  Make your video opening as interesting as your title to keep your viewer    sit back and finish the entire video.  Remember:  First impressions last.



5. Proper Tags: searching made easy


The simplest and smartest way to ensure that your videos could be viewed more often is by using proper tags.  It is important that you include relevant tags so the person in need for reference could easily find your video and that even the search engines would pop your video as a recommendation.  Remember: Use tags known by all, refrain using jargon.



These are just the fundamentals of using You tube for your business. Needless to say, this is a perfect media to use whether you are an established company or new to the line of business you are in. This platform is very ideal for creating company exposure, showcasing new product, announcing events, product releases and even providing your product reviews.


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