Social media marketing: Improve your social skills

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Since Panda 4.0 has exploded more people have been thorough with their marketing strategies, not to get panelized and have to do the entire back job. 70% of business owners have been warned to take down their links from sites like content maps, and so on. What Google has advice them is to keep your content social and promote your brand through manual or natural link building. It seems that marketers have to re-think their content sharing and promotions online and SEO strategies for the future.

Transform your marketing campaign into social data


Social media marketing can be precisely be your marketing tool, social media can give you precise data about, who views, who responds and who is sharing. You can use social data such as Facebook insights, Facebook Insights can tell you:

  1. How old your reader or followers are
  2. How often these potential clients interact with your shares/content
  3. What their interests, hobby and other pages they like
  4. You can view demographically where these likes, interactions and engagement are from
  5. How you can view how many mentions and tags you have and from where

Social media marketing tools to track and monitor your readers


Why use analytic tools to monitor your target clients? Analytic tool allows you to fine-tune your marketing strategies based on interests of your clients and you can use your social media data to spearhead a new marketing plan.

For social media to work you need you need a core group that will engage with your content regularly, what happens if you do not have those people? Facebook API might just be your new best friend, Facebook API allows you to get new and fresh information of people who have to engage with your pages and see exactly what they are interested in.

Not everyone has Facebook API, you can attain Facebook API through Facebook Power Editor, you can discover plenty of information about your audience and your competitors.

Build up customer base by communicating more


Increasing your visibility on social media platform can promote more responses, like and shares. Here are some ways to help you get started communicating with your potential clients.

  1. Use offer and promotions – If you want to encourage your fans to promote your content, promotions and offers can help you showcase your products. You can even offer a promotion or prize based on the likes and shares of your readers by using Facebook API or Power Editor.
  2. Share visually – We cannot say enough images are imperative as people become increasingly visual. Images can brighten up your posts and provoke an emotional response from your fans.
  3. Social media tools – use tools to schedule your updates/posts ahead of time. You can tailor posts for upcoming events or offers such as discounts. Schedule your updates ahead of time, share some relevant and useful information or blog posts which can help drive traffic to your website and drum up interest.

Mix up your marketing strategy with paid SEO and Natural link building, you can even create 2 campaigns 1 paid and the other Organic promotions, we suggest you use Google URL builder and see which works best for you.


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