Content creation – How to generate blog ideas

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One of the biggest challenges when doing content marketing is to find or come up with ideas for your next topic to cover. When it comes to topics you should regularly brainstorm for new contents to create and the best way to do so is to find the trendiest topic online. Here are few ideas where to look for relevant contents.


Social media news feed


People are constantly sharing new articles or relevant articles on their social media status; here you can find the newest blogs, news and articles. Similarly you can also find new articles on twitter, facebook news feed, and LinkedIn and Google pages. You might also want to take a closer look on Twitters mentions and trend features to find which topic are most trending for the week. As for Google+ or pages you can look articles under discussions or trending topics under discussions.

Major Blog sites


There are constantly new articles and new topics from major blog sites such as Search Engine Land, Quora, Yahoo Business, Marketing Land and exploreB2B. You can also search your competitor’s website or blog to find out what they are writing about. This website is worth it when it comes to content creation Bottlenose.

From your customer’s inquiries

One of the best ways to cover up topics which will surely be of interest to your audiences, is to take one of your customers question and turn them into a detailed articles about the issue.



Tweetchats are regularly scheduled events, where people from all over the world get together to have a conversation on one of the major social media platform Twitter.


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