What you should know about Social Media

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There is no surprise that there are more and more businesses, who wants their brand on top of social media. But not all companies crack the code for effective marketing on social media just yet, as it is relatively new there are lots of businesses who still hesitate with strategies to use and what not to use for their brand. So here are some truth and lie factors about social media marketing for Small business.

Social media marketing is free and easy


It is not FREE – In short NO social media is not free, while it is free to create an account on top social media site such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, Tumblr, Linkedin etc. In order to succeed on social media marketing you need to invest TIME and MONEY. Whether you choose to outsource your social media or you want to handle your adverts yourself, social media requires creating ads and spending money to expand your target market.

It is definitely not EASY – nothing is worth having comes easy! That is true! It is not easy to solidify brand and create brand image and logo. All these small process before you really begin your social media marketing are very time consuming and money is always involved. Social media requires hard work and dedication in order to find success.

Everyone is on social media


This is false, social media is a great way to promote your business and build brand awareness, not all company find social media to be a great way to reach out to their target clients. Social media is a great place to personalize your brand, but it is important to identify your goals and what you want to achieve on social media. It is vital that you have a strategic plan, creating twitter account and sending tweets 20 times a day is not gonna do it. It is also important to identify which social media platform that works best for your company, there are so many to choose from because not every social media platform fits any type of business.

Building relationship on social media


Facebook is one of the most suited social media platform for most business, because of its focus on promoting brands and features that allow you to choose your target client through Facebook adverts. Facebook is also a great place to personalize your brand and connect and engage with your audience. Facebook also now has a new feature, where you can view the most trending topic from your news feed, making Facebook a great place to connect with your followers and promote more community focus and personal things.



Business must create identity and position its brand on social media with clear communication. Consistency is also the key to succeed on social media, as not to confuse your followers.



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