SEO – What type of Websites DOES Google loves

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SEO has been a battle through online marketing for years, on how to properly place ones website on the Google search engine or other major Search engines. Since Google has been unhappy with automated Link building techniques, it has reversed or changed its way to recognize a good website/content and link building. Let us get to know what a good website is according to Google.

Penguin is on the look and Panda is using it s kung fu power to kick out bad contents and bad link building techniques.

Google are constantly updating their Algorithm to make sure readers get reliable contents and relevant websites. The introduction of Penguin has made SEO experts change the way they build link and Panda has penalized over optimized and adsensed sites, has proved that SEO is a less practiced techniques to gain online visibility.

Google now have high demands and standards

Google is basically tired of OLD friend SEO and now wants businesses to come up with unique way to promote their businesses, mostly through high quality contents and PR. Panda and Penguin are not the bad guys, they simply ensure that you consumers/readers get the best contents/news and posts online. Google have a special love for Content marketing, which is a total break up moment for traditional SEO and online media. Google loves brands, after all brands are what Google eat and a source of revenue. So this means when owning a blog, you must own up to your niche and come up with great, reliable and fresh contents for your blog posts. Secondly rich contents and proper use of URL are heavily favored by Google.

The death of SEO

seo death

Google has always been a smart operator, if it wants to put one brand or content on a pedestal then be it. These scenarios does not mean the death of SEO, Your Business success lies in collaboration of relationship between content marketing and SEO, it will only reach its potential if it is all designed to be symbiotic. This means you need more just content marketing tools and management to gain the online visibility you want for your business. You need to combine all marketing techniques all together, from content marketing, social media marketing, media marketing and SEO to truly get yourself on the first page of google and maintaining that position is a challenge itself.

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