Website design – Why your Small Business needs a website

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When was the last time that you looked at the yellow pages? Did you know lots of businesses are on Yellow Pages? Yes the online Yellow pages ( Even the traditional yellow pages has put together a website where Small businesses like yours can be listed for FREE.  The ease of web search means that there are less people who use printed books when searching for products or services. And for this Small Business owners has invested to get a professional website design to be found both offline and online.


Does my local business need a website?


Every business Big or Small deserve to be found online to gain visibility and get more clients in the long run. It will not cause tens of thousands to purchase a professional website design and to promote your new website online. However the more pages you will need for your website, the more it will cost. So planning your website design, pages and templates is also important factors.

Here are some few tips on what to include on your website:

  1. 1.       Clear description of who are and what your business is all about. (About us Page)

If someone stumbles upon your website, for example looking for a plumber in your area (or whatever business you are running), should not have to investigate who are and your services, they should be easily found on your home page or about you section.

  1. 2.       Choosing your domain name.

This should not be complicated, your domain name should be your business name, for example, avoid domain names with dashes or dots, this will confuse or frustrate your customers or SEO.

  1. 3.       Easy navigation

Avoid too much graphic makes the page load slower and avoid too many pages or too many contents. Simple services description, about us page and contact details if you run a business such as plumbing which does not need check out carts or payment options these simple pages can be enough.


How can I promote my website online?


You should know basic SEO to get your corporate website on Search Engines. You do not have know the Black Hat SEO, NINJA or other mysterious SEO softwares/techniques. All you need to make sure is that your website is filled with related keywords to your services and products. Put plenty of links, naming your pages and URL correctly, creatively using images and videos to get more attraction to your website.

What more to include to your website to let your readers promote your website:

  1. 1.       Social media buttons

Let your readers have the action to share your website through social media buttons.

  1. 2.       Call to action button

Install a call for inquiry button or email for more info buttons would give the visitors a chance to instantly communicate with you, whether they are on mobile or PC.

  1. 3.       Availability calendar

IF you have a type of business where you will need a calendar to for meetings or bookings such as plumbers, dentists or doctors, a calendar where visitors can view when you are available for a meeting, discussion and inquiries.


Bear in mind that having a website and utilizing SEO methods will push this kind of website further down the page results. Which means there are more to just having a website, promotion and local listings are also one of the methods to have your website rank on Search engines. These types of services will not cost as much as you imagine. In all types of businesses we need to invest in able to gain more. So the question is, are you willing to grow your business? Then if the answer yes, you need to jump onboard with the latest trends offline and online.


To get a Professional website design, we offer you the lowest rate online because we understand the needs of Small Businesses. With a purchase of website we also offer free mobile website for your Small Business because we know 91% of your potential clients are looking for across different platforms.


Let us know if we can help you, we are ready to discuss your new website or update your website for instance.

Email us today for more info:

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