How giveaways can create a wide social media network and business branding

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Whether you are a business starter or a current owner that seeks growth and potentials, promotional inclusions are essential in getting your brand in front and attractive to prospects. Regardless of what specific business you are offering – be it for a  product or for services there should be good amount of strategies to be utilized for both online and offline transactions. You may be surprise to find out that some strategies are pretty traditional and there are of course the contemporary approaches. To whatever you pick on the effectiveness is what you aim for. Let us tackle on a more specific method through promotional or giveaways used to create a wide social media network and business branding.


Giveaways are plus points to turn a business into a Personal Level


The dynamic world we are living today is a combined result of internet availability and active updates by individuals. Moreover, it resulted to changing face of giving away in return to business consumers. Significantly, giveaways increase audiences by making them feel valued and loved.

  • Company marketing plans often list down ideas to return the favor to its loyal consumers. If your business already has a company website then it must be posted to your social media accounts. Visiting the said website or referring it to someone will give someone a slot for the upcoming deals or promotions.
  • The reward and punishment is fairly important even to the modernized online marketing method. Getting personal to your audiences will allow them to refer your business to someone they know who might need your products and services.


Generosity makes Customers do check back in to your Profile


This is once again a part of online marketing and brand awareness wherein your objective is to have regular customers checking in your online and offline profile from time to time. This is very effective although some owners would fear this method thinking it’ll be an added cost.

  • Before posting giveaways and offers, plan ahead to how much should you invest on this. Give a sum of the total giveaways where your consumers can avail to and then weigh in if you can still expect return of investment after.
  • Constant deals will increase your audience who are in thirst for your next great offers. Giveaways must be related to your business niche such as giving away few products you are selling. In this way they would have to try your products and they might like it.


Give and Take Method

customer feed back

Last but not the least; this is perhaps the most practical and most efficient online marketing and brand awareness. This can be done for example asking the public to like your official online page and then they are automatically a subject for a contest. Next, announce the draw date and how many lucky followers will be picked and to whom shall the respective prize be given. Of course the contest will ask to gain more likes for your customer’s entry so they will find a way how they can contribute to increasing your followers.


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