How to update your competitive analysis

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Learn ways to update your competitive analysis, to know your business position with your competitors. In this way you can possibly have handful of good ideas you can use to either combat challenge or improve your business status. The thought of doing this is sure exciting that we might lose track if we cannot come up with a thoroughly studied plan. Written below are some good ways you can make use of if you need to update your competitive analysis.

Lesson # 1: Be the market! To know what you might probably need.

This is the most typical way on how you can assess competitive analysis. You surely would want to avail and be served with what is best for you. This is under strategic marketing wherein you ask yourself what are the things you need for the moment and what are the things you need for long term processes. Of course such way is depending on the niche you are in.

Lesson # 2: Research on trends and know how will this be applicable to your business

In today’s modern world studying the trends are not as difficult as it was before. There are various mediums you can be updated with trends such as movies, fashion and events. For instance there is a very popular movie about to be shown worldwide; some businesses make use of this as theme for their marketing campaign. Furthermore, trends could give big marketing impact such that some food chains have freebies of things with prints of the movie as theme. Make sure though that these new trends are applicable to your business, there should be a smart way to execute this so as it will be relevant to your business and to your prospective customers as well.

Lesson # 3: What to put in your marketing plan for competitive purposes?

Every good idea that pops in your mind should be documented; this is to primarily avoid such from being forgotten. What are the things you should include in your marketing plan?

  • Ways to promote your products and services using social media sites.
  • What are the things you should do to get an edge against online competitors – SEO tools to use?
  • Where to find your prospective clients. Depending on your offers whether you would sell it locally or globally. Be specific with locations to target not only your clients but as well as competitors.


The above mentioned are just the common competitive analysis you should live by as an aspiring business owners. Remember the rule of the thumb, do not just settle on the basics but go beyond it by constantly updating.

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