SEO Package : Simple steps to integrate Social media Marketing and Content Marketing

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SEO package still remains to be top of online marketing methods, but the question is how can you avoid common failures? Base on studies four seconds are enough for common surfers to be connected in content unless otherwise you have make them stay longer. This is basically the target of most content writers by which they really do what it takes to increase audience. This is why SEO package is considered so as to fully maximize resources in the smartest ways. Here are some simple steps to integrate social media marketing and content marketing.


Step 1: Create Marketing Plan that will work.


look at blogs or business blogs from your competitors, note down the basics as well as the improvements needed and take idea from others blog. This will help you get what you need to write about and what are the contents that are not necessary these days. Relating to the top and freshest topics will give you ideas what your potential customers might want to read about.



Step 2:Create audience list



, who do you want to read your contents, who do you want to follow you on your social media, how do you engage, how can you make time for your social media updates. These lists should be a point of notion in your social media marketing since that you have the need to interact well with these through content marketing. Social media accounts are of course shareable so when you do follow up writings it is best to constantly post it on sites like Facebook,Linked and possibly in Twitter and Pinterest. These sites are known to be the best medium in order to assure your content marketing is efficient.


Step 3: Have reliable access to whereabouts in social media marketing.


In order to integrate this, you have to at least be socially involved in online industries –specifically those that are within your niche. SEO package includes joining forums that will make this task easier to accomplish. Forum sites will open opportunity for you in a way that you will see how other active online marketers share their insights. Furthermore, you will have the chance to share yours too, be heard and more importantly gain respect in the industry. Content marketing is a broad concept and it is not just simply writing with random topics but to touch one’s interest with it.





This concludes us that social media marketing and content marketing is a working progress and these do not end. In order to become effective, you have to constantly relate and share to the business environment you are in. Knowing and outperforming competitors is not the best way to stay up but to be able to INFLUENCE!

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