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Businesses are running their promotions during this year like never before, the internet is filled with lots of promos and discounts. Product sharing has been popular online most especially on social media sites, this is the best time for small business to get their piece of sales pie. Social media has become a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness and sales. Christmas is the best time to increase your revenue and it is the best to push you campaign while the internet or consumers are hungry for more discounted products.

Prepare your Social profiles

You might think that business are going slow during Christmas season, because employees are taking their Holiday vacations or preparing their own Holiday events. Therefore it is important to let your social media work while you have employees taking their Holiday freedom. Prepare your profiles with Christmas backgrounds, coverphoto and profile pictures. To let your target audience know that you are also marketing for Christmas season.

  1. Use Social media scheduler – hootsuite are great for scheduling your promotions and product sales. Post atleast few times a day with different sales pitch and photos on Facebook, several posts on Twitter or connect your Facebook to your Twitter account.
  2. Engage with your audience – this is the best time to ask questions to your target audience, for your own benefit, you will learn about their interested, their daily needs and the products that they need the most in special occasions such as Christmas
  3. Create special offer – Do not forget the special features that each social media platforms offer, such as Facebook, you can create contests, promo codes etc. take advantage of these free features.

How you celebrate offline


If you also own a local store, show your customers, that you are really into Christmas season, by decorating your store and giving away small gifts for the walk-in consumers. Do not forget to share your store photos and location on social media, create a Foursquare account if you do not have that already, the best way to create contests from Foursquare is to ask the shoppers to check in whenever they are in the store and then you can offer them discount card when they do so.

Share your Holiday preparations with your followers, take photos of the store before and after you have decorated, or before and after photo of products on sale etc. Whatever you can think of creatively, do not forget to share every business venture you take to your social accounts.

Keep the interactions going


Through your social media interactions, the most important part is that you take into a personal level occasions like this, such as contacting old costumers for discount offers or free gifts or even loyalty rewards. You may also want to offer referral discounts, this is also great way to enlarge your network and to get new clients in.




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