Small Business seasonal marketing tips

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For many retailers sales fun starts around Thanksgiving, following with the events Black Friday and Small Business Friday, next comes Cyber Monday, and there comes the Holidays marketing campaign. For some it is a season of fun sales and increasing revenue, some small business struggle competing with their competitors. The most successful businesses during Holidays are the ones who have prepared their marketing plan as early as October and November, but there is still time to get your holiday marketing running now. Here are some few tips to achieve the success your business needs.

Top 3 holiday marketing tips


  • Do you have a retail business? Then you need to promote your products and services on Black Friday, if you own a small business grab the opportunity to present your brand during the Small Biz Saturday. It will also a good reason to have a sale on Cyber Monday, special sale is to entice customers to purchase their items early. Advertise your products on social media and most of all on your website.
  • If your 30 to 40% off does not seem to be successful try to invent more interesting sales that will attract your consumers such as : half off, free gift, buy one take one. The trick is to be creative and make it limited time offer to give your consumers sense of urgency.
  • Take advantage of email marketing this season as people are more approachable with promotional emails this season. Do not put all your marketing campaign in one basket, try to mix media marketing, social media marketing and content marketing together along with a creative email promotional marketing campaign.

Do not forget Mobile marketing


This is a very important part of your marketing campaign for Holidays, lots of people love to shop using their mobile phones, because they can shop anytime and anywhere they may be. View here ShopGate great mobile marketing infographic especially for the Holidays season.

Video marketing

Video is highly expected part of shopping experience, see big brands invest on TV commercials, as a small business owners like you, you can simply create promotional videos on Animoto or any software alike.

Other ideas to market your business during Holidays


  • Social media marketing

If you already have social media presence, contest and promo or even give aways on facebook and twitter is often a popular tactic to engage with your consumers. Create contests with a very few simple rules and simple hashtags and incentive such as prizes or discounts, you can attract into your business.


  • Rewards

This is the best time to reward your loyal customers, to make them extra special this Christmas. The reward may bounce back to you as return customers and referrals.


  • Special events

Create simple events, such as charity events, or buy and support a certain charity or hosting an open-house and showcase Christmas gift ideas, Christmas recipes and merchandise so consumers can get a glimpse of your seasonal goods. Do not forget to invest on buffet or snack for your event and present a simple show such as local band to play on your event or whatever that you think can fit into your budget.


  • Holidays helpful tips

As you are going around looking for marketing ideas and tips online, you could also create content which is relevant for your consumers, such as helpful tips or products for Christmas or Must have items for your loved ones etc. Blog about Christmas topics as the Christmas is a few days away.


buy 1 take 1

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