Marketing trend for the Holidays

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Marketing campaigns are running wild this Month and it will continue until the Christmas and New Year is over. There is lots of Holiday marketing campaign that is out in public as early as September, to target the early Christmas shopper. Have you started your Christmas marketing campaign yet? If not here are some few Christmas marketing trends that you should not ignore.

Smart Christmas Social media marketing campaign


There is no secret in marketing campaign for the holidays have changed over the years, this is due to the technology we are presented and staying current with the trends is often frustrating. To make it all easier for you this article will divide the different marketing campaign that you can attain this Holidays.

  • Hot Social Brand – There are lots of competition on social media, everyone wants to gain the audience they am for as their followers and to do that you need to interact with your followers, invite target customers to follow your brand online. Nevertheless you need to give your target audience what they need and collaborate with their interests. For instance this Holidays, you need to be specific with your target audience by gender and age. You can create packages or gift ideas accordingly to the gender and age.
  • Campaign begins in 3 2 1 – when starting to market on social media with your products, you need to be creative first such as, redesigning your product image that will give it a merrier look and invite Christmas shoppers into your products. Next is begin to create bulk orders or Package deals, next is prepare your products can be in the discounted category. All your products need to be relevant to the Christmas theme as you are about to attract Christmas shoppers. You do not have to worry about your specific products to be sold out, but you need to prepare to be able to ship your products on time. Therefore it is important that you inform the customers about the shipping period and also now that it is time for giving you can add free shipping as a Christmas limited offer.
  • Redesigning your Social accounts – Before you do all of the above you need to redesign your social media cover photo, profile etc, to make sure that your target audience understand you have started your Christmas promos.

Simplicity reigns forever


There is no need to overhaul your product image, website and social media accounts with graphic, simple extra Santa hat on your logo will do the trick, background redesign on your website and some Christmas bells on the sidebar are simple yet attractive. If you check out big brands on how they market their products, take note of the things that are really effective and the ones that are discouraging for the customers. Notice all the small details and list them down as you might get some ideas from their marketing tactics.

Take a break

Now that you have launched your Christmas marketing campaign, take a little break and do the usual marketing campaign, you need to alternate your tactics as not to bore or overwhelm your audience. As you come close to Christmas add extra campaign such as 12 days before Christmas sale. Remember to save some products promotions till after Christmas and close to New Year.

Mobile gets all the good products


There is an advantage in shopping through mobile devices, you get to catch the latest promotions and get discount cards too through QR codes etc, this is the newest trend from Large companies to small businesses like yours. Make sure to learn the mobile shopping way to extend your products to your mobile audiences.

Mobile should be integrated with your overall marketing campaign, this means that you need to create images, messages, contents, product views, mobile payment option for your mobile audiences.




Christmas is a part of the tradition wherever you are in the world, therefore there are lots of people who are willing to invest in gifts, presents, gift cards and greeting cards. Christmas also means big sales for businesses, but without the proper marketing plan to start with, there will be no sales to your company. Planning your marketing campaign is very important, therefore Socratic SBC offers 10% on marketing and business plan package this Holidays, 50% on short term marketing plan which means marketing plan for Holidays and up to New Year.

If you have not started redesigning your website into Christmas theme yet, Socratic SBC offer Website Design Package with free mobile website with 10% discount up to Dec 31, 2013. Other Graphics, image, logo and product image presentation is also offered. All you need to do is email us at or contact us through our social media accounts. You will also find out promos there as we are already marketing our services for the Holidays.

May you have a merry Christmas sale!

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