Brainstorm for Christmas Promotion ideas

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What are you doing to promote your business this Christmas? Have you started your Christmas marketing campaign yet? Did you plan that right to have Christmas sale success? Christmas is coming and shoppers are scanning, this is the best time of the year to increase your Business sales. Here are some Christmas marketing tips for your marketing campaign for the holidays.

Brainstorming for Christmas


Consumers are scanning offline and online stores to get some ideas on Christmas gifts, so how do you make the consumers see your products as great gift ideas?

  1. 1.       Reposition products

Gather products that can be promoted as package deals, consumers like to order/purchase in bulk and getting more one item for a reasonable price is great deal for both you and your consumer. You can create a new image for your Holiday sales that you can reposition on your website as part of the homepage. So what are you most popular products?

  1. 2.       Offer limited time specials

One way to make consumers act right away is the word LIMITED OFFER, choose about 3 to 5 products that you can carry on with special offers without losing your revenue.

  1. 3.       Offer extra on Christmas

While people are going about their shopping list, consumers love to get some extra specials while shopping, it can be free keychain with your company logo and name or a simple discount card for the next purchase they make. Or you can give out gift cards if your consumer has a hard time deciding which of your products that is best as a gift.

  1. 4.       Keep your clients close to your brand

Small thank you cards  along with your invoice is such a nice way to tell your consumers how much you appreciate their visit and purchase on your online store. You may also offer free gift wrapping, with your logo and business name on the gift wrap. Encourage to spend a certain amount to get a free gift or discount on your high end products. Keep your consumers close by asking for their email, name and phone number for promotional purposes if they decline give them a e-business card so they can email you for deals and promotions instead. Never leave a customer without giving away your Business information or getting their information.

  1. 5.       Return Policies

If you own an online store, offer longer return policies over Christmas, think about the consumers that will be shopping over the period of Christmas.

Captivate shoppers with extra specials


To achieve maximum impact on Holiday season, you need to have marketing mix, since you have gathered all your needed product promotions for the Christmas Holidays, you can begin to create and share your marketing campaign online and on social media sites.

  1. Create image

Create personalized image of your products with different Christmas theme, to attract consumers, make sure to add your short description of your promo: “Get 10% off on x item with a x amount purchased” or :”Free with a x purchase” image should be relevant to Christmas and your products.

  1. Keywords and description

You can always use your current description; just add the word Christmas, Holidays, Sale, Gift Ideas etc

  1. Promos through email

Email marketing on Christmas holidays is very effective as people are acceptable on email promotions, therefore it is important to create an attractive email proposal or email brochure with images of your products, do not forget to include link directly to shopping cart or check out page.

  1. 12 days of Christmas sales

Do not forget this very important 12 days before Christmas shopping, there are consumers who do their last minute shopping hoping for more discounts as the Christmas is arriving. Make sure to leave some of your products until 12 days of Christmas, you offer here the products that are less popular.

  1. Consumer offers

Do not forget to let your consumers make their own package with an x amount total of x amount discount, shoppers love to choose their own package too, which means that they can be able to be more personalized with their gifts.


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