Top Christmas Promotion Ideas for small business

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Christmas is a big event all over the world, and it means big business for business owners, on the top of that consumers are willing to spend on special events such as Christmas. Businesses around the world have already started their marketing campaign for Christmas and so should you to increase your revenue before the year ends.

Ideas to increase your Christmas sales


Before you consider diving into marketing campaign for Christmas, considering first the things you need to prepare for your marketing campaign. Do not alienate customers therefore it is essential that you pay attention to how you are recognized this Christmas. Make your marketing plan comprehensive? Holidays is not permanent so make sure your marketing plan is for the given event and not for the rest of the upcoming year, besides you can always rewrite your marketing plan into another event that is coming up such as New Year, Valentines, Easter etc. Here are some few tips about Christmas marketing campaign and what it is all about:

  1. Christmas is not the only event – therefore make sure that you are making a marketing plan that is for every event, name your marketing plan as it is you can then later on revise it
  2. Spread the joy give and give – during Christmas season people are more willing to give donations and charity funds, therefore it is important that you sponsor one to get your brand out there in the public and also get new customers in at the same time you help out the needy
  3. Decorate your online and offline store – make sure that you are in the Christmas spirit as well, decorate your online store with Christmas image or theme, as well as your offline store invest in give-away like Christmas candies for your walk in customers. For your online customers you can offer free e-cards or whatever you can think of but make sure it is personalized and has your business name and logo.
  4. Offer Holiday items – choose your products and make a package out of them, people love to buy in bulk, and it makes them feel they have save a huge amount rather than buying individual items.
  5. Offer free gift wrap – do you have the type of online store that offers products, free shipping or delivery? Then you customers will truly appreciate if you offer free gift wrap, the more convenient for your customer the better.

Online holiday promos on social media


Social media is one way to get your marketing campaign out in the public, include social media marketing on your Holiday marketing plan. Here are some few tips on how you can market this holiday season on social media:

  1. Online store – most online store owners has forgotten that social media can be the most effective Holiday marketing tool for their Christmas promos. Whatever you are offering offline, offer online as well. Here you need to be a little more creative and unique with what you share.
  2. Facebook promotions – advertise on facebook, create a personalized image with your business name and logo and products for Christmas. Create an album for your products for the Christmas sale.
  3. Twiter – Twitter has limited characters, therefore this is the place where you post your direct and short message about your Christmas sale, you can also create hashtag coupons for your followers, people usually use popular hashtag these days to search for deals, sales and items. Create therefore unique hashtag for your products such as @rwhunni #SBCwebsite to get a chance to get 10%on website create package and Graphic design package.
  4. Pinterest – you can create pinterest Holiday contest, the more repins from your Holiday sale photo wins.
  5. Prizes – you can attract more customers with prizes or gifts or even free item with a purchase of X amount on your online store. You can be creative when it comes to marketing this Christmas; people are more attractive to sales and with fun and personal touch with it.



Whatever marketing campaign you have thought of make sure to track your keywords and products, be creative with your keywords, especially when you are blogging or creating content marketing for Christmas, make sure to add keywords such as Christmas + product, it would also be great if you could invest in PPC advertising, this form of promotion may cost you more but it will surely get your promotions online and paid advertising on events such as Christmas is truly necessary.



Before you get started on you Christmas marketing campaign you need to redesign your website to have a Christmas theme, and Socratic SBC | Small Business Consulting can take care of that for you, while you market your products and services, let us know if you need to redesign your website, logo and company letter head. We offer great discounts on Holidays we also give away free mobile Christmas website.



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