Great idea for Christmas marketing campaign

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There are some good reasons why you should make Christmas merrier around your brand, believe it or not we are just a few weeks away from Christmas. Businesses are already out with their marketing campaign for Christmas and you should too. Christmas is a great event to get your brand awareness.

Quick ways to make your Christmas merrier for your small business


Christmas is the time of the year where shoppers are the busiest; it is also a time for small businesses to market their products heavily without being too promotional. Christmas is the best time to make huge profit because people are shopping with or without limit; it is a need they have to attain.

Few things you need to do before you start your Christmas marketing campaign:

  1. Send gifts and E-cards to your loyal customers – always treat your loyal customers extra special when occasions like this occur, make them feel special through e-cards, coupons and gifts. Your loyal customers might refer your products to a friend
  2. Be generous – The holiday spirit is about giving to less fortunate people, while you market your business you can be generous at the same time, through donations or create a charitable event and invite a lot of people to join the event
  3. Special services are expected – People are willing to spend when it is Holidays, they have already planned for a year or months before this event comes, therefore you need to have planned your Christmas marketing as early as possible. But anyways in times like this you can create special Christmas packages or services that you can offer your consumers. You may also want to add a little more to your product offers

Advertising for a profitable Christmas season


Do not lose too much money during Christmas with too many generous offers and sales, you can just pick out the products that are less purchased and make it into package that will allow your products to be visible for your target audience.  Here are some tips and tricks on Holiday marketing campaign.

  1. Promotional offers attract consumers – When you sell products over Holidays make sure to get your consumers name, email and phone number and off course the permission to contact them for promotional ads. Read more about Consumer and User registration examples here.
  2. Know the key dates for Holiday promotions – Black Friday falls on November 23, make sure you have some package promos or service deals on that day, Cyber Monday is November 26, which means that you need to update your website and online store for Cyber Monday where users will certainly look for deals and sales this day.  Last minute marketing and promos could be around December 20 for nationwide shipping only.
  3. Holiday season – Holiday season does end on December 25, more Christmas sales are coming after December 25, If you should have holiday limited offers make sure it is up to Jan 1 or Dec 31 latest. This way you can give your consumers reasons to come back for more products, especially if you offer coupons for the first purchase.



According to a research referrals from Social media sites are more likely to get higher profits for the Holiday marketing sales than other marketing strategies; therefore you need to update your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ with images of your Christmas promos.


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