Social media marketing – Brand awareness and social media visibility

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Having a small business is tough enough, along with marketing plan that will lead to your business success. Social media marketing has been one of the most used marketing strategy by small and big businesses. Big sites such as SEO moz, tech crunch and Mashable, has been living by their ads and affiliate marketing. And you wonder how can you manage to compete with such sites as these. The secret is you can’t, and there aren’t enough time to do so. What you must focus on when planning your social media marketing is that you need to know your target audience and the message you want to send out.



How is your social media strategy?



Social media marketing differs from the type of business you are running. As this blog is about small business tips and ideas, I would not go deeper with how the bigger companies do their social media marketing.

So the question is how is your social media strategy? Do you feel like you are not visible enough on your social media accounts? Then perhaps it is time to change your strategies.

Tip 1 – Special mentions – There is no need to over promote your website on social media sites. What I rather suggest is that you follow interesting people on your social media accounts, and share their blogs as well. Never forget to name tag them so they are aware that you just shared their precious blog post. I can promise you a follow back for each name tag you make on your posts.

Tip 2 – Why all the blog share? – well the secret to social media is that you can easily share your blog posts, but I would highly suggest that you have a business blog with interesting contents that might be helpful for your audience.

Tip 3 – Plan ahead of time – what are your goals when it comes to social media marketing? What type of messages do you want to send out? Take time to plan your social media strategies, start making a week plan what are your intentions this week, as for example this week I like to share more about social media marketing, strategies and tips. Find then blogs about these certain topics and share them. Again do not forget to follow the blog owner, hash tags and name tag.


Are you social media visible?


Let me explain further how you can gain visibility through social media

Here are some social media sites that needs to be on your top priority list when it comes to marketing plan

Twitter – Write interesting tweets, support your tweets by adding links that is related to your topic or otherwise add your own blog post.  Second is send tweets that are interesting, informative and relevant to your business

Facebook – we all know what facebook can do. But not everyone knows that facebook can generate leads and get more readers to your blog. Again post something interesting, the best part of facebook is that you can add image along with your posts, facebook users like that. So share photos, blogs and interesting facts on your facebook wall.

Linkedin – Linkedin is where you have your professional background recorded,  your business success and where you can reach out to other small business owners. Linkedin can be more like facebook. But here you need to be more caution when posting topics from different blogs. You need to be consistent on what you post on linkedin as not to confuse your community.

Google+ – all 3 in 1. What I love about google+ is that you can easily share whatever you are doing now on your research, on facebook, on youtube, any sites that is associated with Google.

The secret to gain visibility ton social media sites is to be there, be on time, spend the time and most of all be active at all times.

There are people who would love to know what you are doing beside your small business venture. Most people do have their social apps on their smart phones, just to connect with their followers as much as possible. By all means, answering tweets, comments and posts is one way to gain the visibility you want.


Earning links through social media marketing



Earning links through social media can be tough task sometimes. If you just simply follow the tips above mentioned you won’t have problem with your back links. People will have to check your posts and your business website, when they find you interesting. So be interesting.



How to generate more clients through social media


The most common question, that small business owners ask themselves when they are planning their social media marketing.

The best way to answer that is you need to give your audience something they lack, like information, sites, services, products. Take a look at your competitors marketing strategies and learn from them, you do not need to copy the strategy; you can improvise your own. Lots of people visit the social media sites for different reason, the point is do you get their pattern.

Online freebies are great way to catch people’s attention, who doesn’t like free stuff right?  Offering free items are common ways to bring more costumers to your business.


Social media marketing and content marketing must go hand in hand


The magic is here – Content marketing or business blog with interesting posts. These 2 go hand in hand through marketing, you can never have a social media account with a blog, and you cannot have a blog without social media accounts to share it to.



Without fresh and valuable contents on your blog, you cannot share anything to your social media accounts. The secret is you need to share, interesting, unique, well written and most of all non-promotional contents.

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