Why do business owners fail to update their social media accounts

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There are various reports from online business communities stating that there is an overwhelming response to sales in this yea r

Locally, it starts from small business owners turning up on social media sites for their marketing strategy. However, even with this advantage there will still be failures no matter how much time you invest on this.



  The broad social media marketing does not guarantee return on investment such that there are important factors to consider


Social media sites are widely known as “trending” and it is no big surprise why business owners use it.  

Aside from affordability, it mainly offers wide media outlets with which advertising is made easier not like before. A good fact is that more and more individuals spend most of their time in a day for going about these sites large platforms go to Facebook and Twitter. But aside from these sales leads why some business owners fail to update their social media accounts?

The hope for a Promising Online Marketing

It is not a shock nowadays that established businesses are engaged in social media networking as it sounds really promising. With overwhelming thoughts of getting potential customers easier but little do they know that more than half of these business owners who use social media accounts actually fail. The best known cause of this failure is that it is hard for them to update on time for getting potential customers.



Too much Expectation leads to Nothing

Social media experts explain this as surprising one bit because these business owners expect too much than what really is right. They do not see the many potentials of using social media accounts; hence they simply see this as an open door to increase profits. Smart using of social media will therefore generate leads. They tend to rely on technology that they find it very hard for them to accomplish it for themselves. In short, business owners thought that having multiple social media accounts is enough to execute sales and marketing strategies. It has to be updated in a normal basis!

The Lack of Social Interaction

Social interaction as supposedly the purpose why internet gurus create social media accounts for people to enjoy. Business owners fail on this and instead they post about formal business discussion which everyone is not interested about. Think human and not as robot. Therefore, it is likable to tell something that is low-level because this is more likable to social media account users. 

Posts that may sound pitchy and promotional are no longer given attention to by people and that is how business owners fail on updates. 











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